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The children`s menu - a picnic set. The best ideas from the Japanese mothers of

with What to feed the child if you not houses at a table? Perhaps you gathered for picnic: in a warm season an opportunity to have dinner on a grass attracts not only children, but also adults. It is sometimes hard to think up, than to the kid to have a bite on the way or on a visit - if he has the, special menu. Unexpected ideas can be spotted at the Japanese mothers famous for the art of unfolding of children`s food in boxes - bento.

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the Duckling from an omelet and a multi-colored garnish

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the Japanese mothers perfect decades an art of decoration bento - traditional boxes for lunches. The matter is that in local gardens of children do not feed - kids eat that they brought from the house. And by tradition the box with a lunch becomes the real means of self-expression for careful mother - the main thing even not that it is necessary in bento and as.

So, in bento surely something meat. Products are put not hot, each “dish“ - in separate molds, sometimes products divide special partitions - that did not mix up.

Full-fledged sketches from fairy tales or just difficult pictures is what each responsible mother of family has to aspire to.

the whole departments in bookstores devoted to volume how to prepare bento - and as to pack it Exist. And the whole departments of different features for effective processing and giving of usual products: graters, molds, boxes, figures, sticks and other jewelry. For example, to make of usual boiled egg of a hare, there is a special press - is on sale for $3 for Amazon. com.

of Mother - foreigners, having appeared in Japan, too join in competition - otherwise will not understand. And we can just look on masterpieces of decoration of nurseries at a lunch - boxes - and to be glad that we can pack to the child sandwiches somehow - the main thing that they were tasty!