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How to accustom to a pot of the boy and the girl. When to begin?

the Small child grow very quickly and constantly studies the most different things, gradually comprehending knowledge of the adult world. One of difficult and even sign moments of a growing of the kid - mastering a pot.

Optimum age

Now when the vast majority of parents since the birth put on disposable diapers the baby, the question of schooling of the child to a pot fades into the background. But sometime it is all the same it is necessary to do. How many absolutely polar opinions it is possible to hear about at what age and what way it is necessary to acquaint the child with this subject! And this debate both among parents, and among experts - pediatricians, psychologists, teachers is actual.

three points of view are Most extended by

. Supporters of so-called of a natural roditelstvo who urge “to land“ the kid over any capacity literally from first weeks and even days of his life adhere to one of them.

Second it is usually propagandized by representatives of the senior generation: the child needs to begin to be imprisoned on a pot after he learns to fit well (that is approximately in of 7 - 8 months). In that case, in their opinion, by one and a half years at the baby will already created resistant skill of use of a pot to destination.

the Third point of view is expressed by most of modern pediatricians, and it is reduced to the fact that it is necessary to begin process at that age when at the baby full-fledged conscious control over secretory function is formed (in of 1,5 - 2). Practically all experts agree in opinion that you should not try to accustom the child to a pot about one year. Most likely, parents in vain will spend forces and nerves and if to be overzealous, then at the kid the aversion for a pot can be developed, and subsequently he will be even more difficult to be disaccustomed to soil panties.

Should not forget

that the child has to grow to ability to control the physiological desires. One it works well by one and a half years, and others - only to three. In a question of schooling to a pot (as well as in other questions of development of the kid) it is necessary to be guided not by figures, and by behavior of the child . At approach of a propitious moment mother with the father can begin to accustom to use slowly the child a pot. However, this process can and be accelerated, only not violently, and it is soft and natural. The main rule to which it is necessary to adhere surely: not to abuse the baby at all for the fact that to it meanwhile - that is impossible and not to try to force events.


a pot to choose

So, with age more and more - it is less clear - it is an interval approximately from a year to 3 years. And with what to begin this difficult both for parents, and for the kid business? For a start it is necessary to buy, actually, a pot . The choice of such subject necessary for each child - business quite responsible: the lion`s share of success depends on it.

First of all the children`s pot has to be convenient . If the baby feels uncomfortably and uncomfortablly, the desire to master all knowledge of a toilet at it will not arise. Besides, the pot has to be functional . Now it is possible to find the most various models which differ in a form, color, design in shops. There are even musical pots. Also it seems what among this variety very not easy to choose what will suit the specific child.

Actually for the first acquaintance the usual plastic pot is the best of all to get . For the girl it can be a round form. That which has ahead a special partition, the towering ledge is preferable to the boy: it will allow to avoid troubles and will relieve of wet spots on a floor.

the pot has to be in visibility limits and reach, that is on a floor in a nursery. Let the child will get acquainted with him, will sit if wants. It is necessary to offer the kid a pot with the words explaining for what it is necessary.

we Begin to act with

If the kid did not know earlier what is a disposable diaper, then to learn goes to a pot to it much easier. With children whose parents used pampers the situation is slightly more difficult. For some time it is necessary to wipe constantly a floor as incidents in the course of training are inevitable. Here several of councils :

act with

of the Reason of failures when schooling to a pot

of Failure can arise in several cases. If at the child teeth are cut , he feels discomfort, then it is very difficult to concentrate on other feelings. Also do not forget about crisis of one year when the little man violently protests against almost any actions of adults. Besides, the kid can be keen too on game and not notice that his bladder is crowded. Therefore there is “accident“. It is impossible to abuse for it as the baby it is not capable to control the body completely yet.

Each child is individual

, and development of skills in all happens in own way and in due time. Therefore and one are accustomed to a pot earlier, others - later. It does not mean at all that the children who mastered this subject at more advanced age are less bright, assidious or it is worse than others. Moreover, often happens that children, quicker than others accustomed to a pot, suddenly begin to protest and flatly refuse to sit down on it.


It is obvious that process of schooling to a pot depends on several factors. of the Girl by the nature are more compliant, than boys, and, as a rule, it is easier to persuade and seat them on a pot. At of boys process of training happens slightly longer. A considerable role is played also by character . The quiet child will quicker be accustomed to a pot, it can be enticed conversation, a toy and thus to hold on the place. The bright kid can refuse to sit down a long time on a pot for one reason - he has no time! He should be in time everywhere, everywhere to play and there is no wish to spend time for boring sitting on one place at all. Such children often “play“, do not reach a toilet and go in wet panties, even having learned to use a pot.

When to see a doctor

It is extremely difficult to p to determine by

that thin side when repeated “popisa“ turn into an illness. However if parents noticed too frequent urination of the child in the afternoon, or the night involuntary urination remains after 3 years, it can speak about of pathology . Behind a mask of enuresis many urological problems disappear : congenital anomalies of development of urinogenital ways, inflammatory diseases of urinary tract, functional violations of an urination. Therefore if at the child, despite all attempts to accustom him to a pot, the uncontrollable urination (in the afternoon after 3 - summer age, at night - after remains 5 - summer), it is desirable for nobr to see a doctor.

the Problem of violation of an urination is on a joint of urology and neurology, and many parents do not know what expert needs to show the kid. Inspection needs to be begun with of the urologist which dropsy of covers of a small egg, not omission of a small egg will perform the direct inspection of genitalia at boys allowing to exclude such diseases as fimoz, balanopostit (kriptorkhizm). At girls the urologist can also perform primary external inspection. If it has suspicions on pathology of development of an urinary system, the baby will be directed to reception to to the children`s gynecologist .

Also the urologist will appoint by

standard inspections: the general analysis of urine, ultrasonography of kidneys and a bladder with definition of amount of residual urine. If as a result urological pathology is not found, it will be necessary to show the child to the children`s neurologist .

to Use a toilet - the same skill as ability to creep, hold a subject in hand, to go or talk. And sooner or later all children study it. The main thing for parents - to behave competently and surely. Depends on it, it is how smooth and for all this process will be painless.