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Children and chocolate: how to turn hobby into business. History of success

All read Joan Harris`s book “Chocolate“ - and who did not read, that surely watched the movie with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. And precisely all dreamed to appear in the same cozy little shop with the most tasty candies. The Muscovite Alla Komissarova, having worked more than ten years in bank, turned the life by 180 degrees, having become the present to a shokolatya - she does and sells candies under the name of La Princesse Choco. We discuss how to construct own business and to combine it with education of children - and them at our heroine three.

- Alla that happened: why you decided to change everything sharply? And why candies?

- I have two higher educations, and one of them - financially - economic. Years worked hard in one of the largest banks of St. Petersburg, then moved to Moscow where was the finance director from where went to the decree - and then and to the second: a difference at my younger 3 years. And thanks to children I understood that I am engaged at all not in the fact that it is necessary for me. Understanding of value of life came.

For some reason with the first child, in first marriage when I was absolutely young, such understanding was not. Then this understanding, probably, more to grandmothers comes (laughs). But with age values change if you already achieved everything: you have both a car, and the apartment, and a fur coat, and one more fur coat. And you understand that important absolutely another - what you give to the world when from you there is an advantage. When you can leave a mark - and it is necessary for people.

my younger son had an allergic reaction to many sweets, and I tried to find it alternative all the time. Once got on the master - a class to the French confectioner who taught to cook fruit jelly from natural fruit juice and mashed potatoes. And I began to create... Process of preparation of candies captured me completely. I conjured in own kitchen day and night. The master - classes on preparation of candies visited in Moscow everything, graduated from the international school Ecole Chocolat, wrote letters European to a shokolatya with a request to invite me to practice in the chocolate workshops - and almost all agreed to accept me. It was the great fortune! I studied in France, in Italy, was in Belgium last summer, communicated with a shokolatya, looked for suppliers of forms for chocolate and beautiful packing for our products, concluded contracts for their delivery.

We everything do


of natural ingredients: the French chocolate, cream, fruit juice, honey, nuts therefore at us and so small expiration date - it is impossible to store candies more than a month. And our clients feel this difference, and appreciate it.


Now in our chocolate studio 3 persons, and for the summer work for me big plans - training, visit of factories, establishing new contacts. But it is not business for the sake of business, it is sincere history: at last I found, than there is a wish to be engaged round the clock, the fact what wants to be done by the hands and that the pleasure brings. I want to be not the intermediary, but the creator.

Of course, cares there is a lot of - and to anybody you will not shift it, because “if not I, then who“. Several hours a day are not enough. With a shokolatya, factories and I try to communicate with clients. Especially, clients like history - that all this such sincere, family: the fact that I began to do house candies, for the children, here they in photos at office: this is Masha, she is 8 years old, this is Vova, to him - five. It has people.

still the senior Nastya Is, she is 16 years old. She sometimes at exhibitions in an image of the princess helps me to hold the presentations - while our children do not need anything, I did not think in any way that 1000 rubles for the working day somehow will attract it. But she likes to earn own money, but not to ask them from mother with the father. And I am glad that she already understands how it is difficult to receive one thousand rubles.

- some secrets of education that children who have everything did not grow lazy and spoiled Are?

- I try that they were independent. That made decisions independently, feeling a family support and responsibility the friend for the friend. I constantly say that the family is a fist. As soon as the finger one “fell off“ somewhere, it will be easily broken. And when the family together is force, all heat each other. And children somehow quickly experienced it: even seniors when bring up younger, I hear, give to them similar examples.

Still children always wanted animals. At first I was categorically against: I in the childhood had all this, and I know what is a burden and responsibility. But after long discussions decided to get a chinchilla. And then in some way it for half a year turned into the whole zoo: now at our place, apart from a chinchilla, 4 turtles and 3 huge aquariums with small fishes. You will not believe, but I for 2 years never anywhere cleaned anything - all children do.

Ya as all mothers, very much I love and often I indulge the children and, of course, would be to make much quicker everything, than to repeat, show and remind several times as it is necessary. But my strong belief that have to reign in a family the world, love and mutual respect - and still all surely have to work. Children should have no free time when they, without knowing what to be engaged, pining with boredom, grow to computers or phones which we with such speed to them bought. Since the most young years my children went to classes: music, dances, swimming, figure skating, chess, painting. Children to everything have to learn and have an opportunity to choose that is pleasant to them more. And, above all, they begin to understand that nothing will turn out without effort that in any activity results appear only after regular and laborious trainings.

We, adults, of course, work hard and we are tired. There are moments when and there is no time to potter with children, and there is no wish, you think: “Well where my personal space?!“ . But I am all the same sure: I am good mother.

- As far as the husband takes part in education of children?

- our Father is very busy as most of fathers in our world - it only brings since morning to school of children and rushes in office. But the father - a final authority for all. And if at it it turns out to return from work when children do not sleep yet, then he surely reads them books for the night. In general I am sure that results of education depend not on amount of the spent time, and on quality of communication with children.

- And where daughters study?

- At public school, it very big and modern. For younger I at first looked for private school: thought if I pay a lot of money, there will be a garden city, there will be remarkable fairies - teachers. Probably, schools seven - eight I visited - and was very strongly surprised. Old rooms, any tasteless repair and the atmosphere not so magic - generally, at all there do not correspond to the price 50 - 60 thousand a month.

B English - the American school near the house where children of diplomats study, we did not go: there is neither Russian, nor the Russian literature, there is nothing about us there at all. And I am not sure that I want that children lived abroad - I do not want to squander the gene pool! (laughs).

the generation which can buy itself everything - on parental money grew Now. But, having graduated from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS abroad for father`s - mother`s money and without having found for itself applications, they are lost. It is not important when you find yourself - though in 40 though in 50 years - the main thing to look for, aspire, not to stop. Parents by the opportunities have to educate, to the maximum - good. And then the child has to go the own way and dispose of the life independently. Of course, it on a call can take the eighth vice-the president in some company - but it already dissociation of personality when you in 25 years at top - and at the same time nobody respects you, you have neither experience, nor knowledge. And all your employees, subordinates know that you are just father`s sonny. I do not want that my children grew according to such scenario. I want that they earned the authority, but did not live in a fine garden, without knowing, than to entertain itself. Only through own work it is possible to understand something about life.

All in chocolate

- Where you want to move further?

- I plan to open own chocolate boutique - nearby, by production where it will be possible to conduct small tours and the master - classes for all comers. It is remarkable when it is possible to spend time with a family and everything together to learn something. And chocolate is a magic. I when got on the first master - a class, I look: the teacher drives to and fro this liquid chocolate on a table. I think: “Oh, well as it is lovely, how in a sandbox!“ Then he asks: “Who wants to try?“ At us, as usual, nobody wants anything. I am a girl active - I not just like that came, I study! - I speak: “It is possible I?“ Also I understand that nothing is impossible that chocolate in the eyes stiffens, now I will spoil everything! And at the end, when from a form of candy it is necessary to shake out, the teacher of a table a form a bale - and they got enough sleep. I try too - and all candies fall on a floor! Why? I am adult, with hands - legs. Riddle! But, nevertheless, having put a large number of efforts, I learned everything. And itself sometimes from morning to the night I do candies in studio when there are not enough hands. And at home I lay down at daybreak, happens: so far I will experiment with new recipes until in kitchen I tidy up - already dawn.

I Remember

, the husband initially not really understood me. It was not against that I worked, but would be even more not against if I did not work. But it is boring for me to stay at home. Others did not understand: why two higher educations, career - then to begin to do candies? Probably, for this purpose two higher educations were also necessary to have opportunities and forces to begin business to dare to be engaged in what you thought up and fell in love.