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Milkwoman: treatment and prevention. Why at the newborn?

Young mothers, finding a white raid in a mouth of the kid, sometimes write off its origin for vomiting: the pier, after food at the baby left air together with a quantity of a milk which remained in language and an internal surface of cheeks. Sometimes this is true. However in many cases it is about a disease which in life is called the milkwoman.

the Milkwoman , or on - to scientific candidiasis is an inflammatory disease which development is provoked by drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of the sort Candida . It meets at newborns and children of the first year of life more often though can appear also at more advanced age. At babies the mucous membrane of a mouth and genitals most often are surprised, is more rare - internals. The first symptom of a disease which gave it the name - emergence in the specified places of a white raid , similar to stvorozhenny milk. Under this raid the red centers of an inflammation or the bleeding erosion can settle down.

of the File

What is represented by causative agents of a disease? Candida Mushrooms are present practically everywhere: in air, on a surface of any objects including on food, so, can be transmitted in the air way, through food, at contact. In limited quantity they are available also in a human body. At decrease in immunity, hormonal changes, long reception of antibiotics or dysbacteriosis our organism ceases to constrain their reproduction that causes inflammatory processes on skin and mucous membranes. Candida eat sugar, emitting at the same time the toxins promoting decrease in immune properties of an organism. The main reason for the milkwoman children have Candida albicans strain (white). From all variety of the known kinds of fungi of this sort strains of Candida lusitanlae, Candida glabrata and Candida krusei which are steady against some antifungal drugs are especially dangerous.

As infection with the milkwoman

as a result of physiological features of a structure of skin and mucous occurs, and also imperfections of protective reactions of an organism at babies favorable conditions for growth of mushrooms are created. most often mother of the kid appears main an infection source. Women are carriers of mushrooms, and it is norm option. Mushrooms as conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, live in a vagina, and at decrease in immunity against pregnancy or as a result of an illness, reception of antibacterial preparations, the use of a large number of sweet begin to breed actively.

Therefore at the time of delivery from the infected mothers a fungus about 70% of babies catch p irrespective of, childbirth or by means of Cesarean section was carried out in the natural way.

At defects of leaving the activator can get to the kid at contact with hands of personnel of maternity hospital or the infected mother.

the milkwoman strikes with

At newborns both an umbilical cord, and integuments. However most often the fungus breeds in a mouth where it can get at of insufficient sterilization bottles, pacifiers, spoons.

Also the milkwoman at children can develop if the microflora of an organism is broken or immunity is reduced, at activity violations zheludochno - an intestinal path, changes of a hormonal background or at reception of antibiotics.

the opinion that one of the reasons of emergence of the milkwoman at children - decrease in protective properties of saliva Exists: at dryness mucous a mouth a favorable environment for development of an infection is created. It occurs first of all from - for dust, excessively dry and warm air in the room, and also from - for an overheat of the child and insufficient stay in the fresh air.

the milkwoman`s Signs

Clinical signs of the milkwoman at the newborn can be shown by

on 5 - 14 - y day of life. Most often damage of visible mucous membranes meets . In the beginning on cheeks, language, more seldom in the sky there are small dot raids which gradually merge in big. They are painless, remind stvorozhenny milk, easily act at a poskablivaniye. At the child the concern, a sleep disorder, refusal of food, vomiting is noted.

during chest feeding the kid can injure a nipple at the wrong capture and infect mother therefore at the woman cracks and hyperaemia around nipples which will difficult respond to treatment are formed. Often it is followed by sharp morbidity when sucking. In such cases it is very important to treat mother and the baby at the same time.

candidiasis of mucous membranes is combined by

At most of newborns with the intertrigo expressed to on buttocks and around an anus, so-called diaper dermatitis develops . Defeat zheludochno - an intestinal path is the reason of such combination. On skin there are numerous bubbles which merge, opened and form erosion between buttocks, in inguinal folds, a crotch and the lower part of a stomach. At boys skin of a scrotum and a penis can be surprised. Girls have vulvar lips and a vagina. Development of diaper dermatitis is promoted by moist skin, air-tight diapers and diapers.

Emergence of candidiasis in itself already is a sign of violation of immunity - the general or local. The milkwoman, as well as other infectious diseases, can extend on skin and mucous membranes to other bodies. Oral candidiasis at insufficient treatment can pass into a chronic form which threatens with development of allergic reactions, decrease in immunity of the child.

Prevention of the milkwoman

Considering the reasons of development of the milkwoman in children, it should be noted ways of prevention .

Most important: during pregnancy the woman has to watch carefully over the health, observe the personal hygiene and recommendations of the doctor including concerning food.

At the milkwoman the use in food of sweet, flour, fat is desirable to reduce
, having increased a share of vegetables, fruit, whole-grain bread in a diet.

Early applying to a breast after the delivery promotes formation of the normal intestinal microflora at the child interfering reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. At artificial feeding and use of baby`s dummies, overlays for nipples it is important to sterilize in time these objects. For the newborn it is not enough to drench a small bottle or a pacifier with boiled water: before half a year boiling or use of a sterilizer is required. In the second half of the year the child begins to lead more active lifestyle, there is a so-called household infection, at the same time immunity of the kid increases, and need for sterilization disappears.

Treatment of candidiasis

However if artful mushrooms of the sort Candida all - made the negative impact on an organism of the kid, it is necessary to address surely for consultation the pediatrician . He will be able to estimate extent of distribution of a fungus and to pick up right treatment, will appoint a pediatric dose of medicine. It is usually recommended to process a mouth of the child 2% solution of soda . For this purpose it is necessary to wipe a mouth first of all in those places where the white raid is visible, - on lips, gums, cheeks, language. Processing is made by the gauze which is reeled up on a finger previously moistened in soda solution. One more means of fight against oral candidiasis - a vitamin complex Biovital - gel. 5% solution, popular in the past, drills (tetraborathat sodium) in glycerin is forbidden for reception to children from - for toxicity: it contains boric acid which is poisonous. At treatment of the milkwoman nistatinovy drops, the preparations Diflucan (solution or tablets) and Candide who is issued in the form of solution or cream are also effective. Obligatory inspection and treatment there has to pass also the feeding mother to exclude a possibility of repeated infection with a fungus. It is important to remember: self-treatment with use of strong means can be dangerous.

Candidiasis - a disease rather widespread. But absolutely not obligatory. If to observe all measures of prevention and precaution, then the white raid in a mouth of the kid will appear really only after food, but not as a result of intervention of Candida.

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