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As we bathed in woman`s tears of


Where the ordinary inhabitant goes in the summer? Certainly, to hot regions - to the Black Sea (it is banal, isn`t that so?). Bothered? And it is correct!

For those who want to diversify the holiday with exotic, but it is under strained circumstances, there is a mass of options. For your consideration - one of them.

you something heard

about the Kyrgyz sea? We did not know too earlier what is it.

the First contact with east exotic happens already in the train “Yekaterinburg - Bishkek“. Does not save from importunate Asians even a compartment. At station Kurgan to you breaks (literally!) a certain Kyrgyz - “the brother of the conductor“ and without any constraint begins to load the top luggage compartment boxes with lemons, bananas and electric stoves “Dream“. In fifteen minutes their goods filled even the platform and a toilet.

the Important key point is acquaintance to the fellow travelers who are well knowing life and features of national rest. After conversation with them we precisely knew that we go to Cholpon - Atu (the name of this city is translated as “The father of light of a morning star“).

“AUDI - 100“, white!

Chu`s Station. Well-known Chuy Valley. For an hour before arrival on cars there are already taxi drivers (in, service, huh?) . You do not hurry to agree to the first comer. The first wave - the criminal taxi driver. Typical dialogue:

- How many?
- AUDI - 100
- Hundred rubles?
- AUDI - 100, white! Hundred fifty.

Probably for them this model just top of the steepness. We wait for the one who will offer the minibus. A tariff to Bishkek acceptable - hundred rubles from a nose. At the car will meet, will help to inform of baggage.

Small explanation. Having used car, you will be in Bishkek before the train for 5 - 7 hours.

- Ata too everything is normal

With transport from Bishkek to Cholpon.


the Competition - a great thing. It is optional to agree to the first offer. Always there will be Kyrgyz with smaller claims.

the Choice of housing on the coast huge.

of the Aunt - hostesses tear you to parts, will not manage to go out of the car.

the Dachshund - 2 dollars a day. ($1 = about 50 Kyrgyz som). For comparison boarding house, recreation facility - 8 - 12 dollars. With food and conveniences. But to rise at half past seven to descend to devour?! Sorry.


Cholpon - Ata on a vertical and a horizontal

is farther everything as in the ordinary Black Sea resort. With some amendments, of course. The lake is much purer, than the sea is plus. But is much colder - it is minus. How many we did not extort from local population though some small legendochka about the lake, learned only that some woman, about the died man cried, here and naplakat. Yes, on taste water is slightly saltish, indeed as a tear.


With tourism. We could sweep by motor ship only after the third attempt. Also the travel companies taking people for a campaign to mountains work. Only Akayev has no problems (this is the Kyrgyz Putin). It has a residence in Cholpon - to Atya and giving in the gorge Chong - Joint stock company - Suu (“High white water“). And we that on a pervost thought that cops in white shirts at each intersection so meet us.

In the gorge we descended, more true even on horses went. Then two more days for want of habit the buttocks hurt. Hopped (if it is so possible to tell) on sleepy mares to the Black Sea. The lake mountain at them so is called. Actually - a bog a bog.

Surely visit the museum of rock paintings ancient. Not forgotten impressions! The valley covered with the numbered stones. And all to you museum. All stones obsmotret. Found couple astrakhan fur, the goats reminding horns, and all other inscriptions not really ancient and contents them is familiar to tears:“ There was Vasya“. But the feeling that we are on that place where there passed “the silk way“, overflowed our trembling hearts with puppyish delight.

the same mountains, only in a profile

the People coming from - for mountains, that is from Almaty, swore and swore that their mountains, that is the same mountains only on the other hand, a krasivsha. We did not take them the word … And here only night of the road and we in Almatakh. By the way, at the end of September the direct road through mountains will open, it will occupy you hour three.

Where to visit first of all? Certainly - at the well-known mountain stadium Medeo. At once we will make a reservation that to the person who is a little prepared physically will be with some difficulty. To poorly overcome 830 steps (on 9 - y the floor is conducted, for example, by only 160)? Also do not forget to put on sneakers! Some naive persons in the innocence go there (to mountains!) in shoes on heels. Mountains do not forgive thoughtless. Three stations on the funicular and potryasny beauty a high-rise landscape from 3160 meters, think, will set aside nobody indifferent.

A below too not sickly. The amusement park of “Fantasy“, on pleasure to all, works to two o`clock in the morning in spite of the fact that transport goes only to 23 - x. But a counter not in it. You give 450 tenges for an entrance (90 rubles) and - on all attractions an infinite number of times! Honestly! Though the whole day, will not throw up yet.


On a strange whim of Kazakhs the railway station does not work with

at night, and tickets are sold by well estimated children from - under floors of a decent suit. What too is not deprived of the charm. If a turnip on shoulders, you leave anyway. Conductors willingly fill with hares the third shelves and even concede the compartment. Business first of all. But only to border. On approaches by the southern boundaries of our Homeland begins ches. The Kazakh customs, then - Russian. So without ticket all the same in any way.

Kurgan met

by ragged walls, garbage of a typical Russian remote place. At last, the last test in the form of ugrobishchny “PAZ“ and four-hour jumps by a back forward. Houses.

we plan to spend the Following holidays on the picturesque coast of the Barents Sea. And to you it is weak?

Olya, Dima