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A, B, C or As to the child to learn a foreign language of

to Learn or it is necessary to learn a foreign language since the childhood - such question now, perhaps, even. Adults understand all value of knowledge of foreign languages, and know how training at mature age hard is given. And the child with an improbable speed absorbs new knowledge and skills. That is why to begin to learn language since the childhood so important.

But very often to children should learn the language “from-under sticks“, old, still the Soviet methods and the same teachers do not give due effect.

Modern techniques allow children easily and with little effort to master the foreign speech. But at first it is worth paying attention to temperament of the child and his hobby - the choice of this or that method will depend on it.

to Kids who since the early childhood love an order should pick up a technique which is based on studying of lexical subjects, and occupation has to have a certain accurate structure. Such children love repetition, is scrupulous and with pleasure perform homeworks.


to the Sociable and courageous children loving public statements - in a garden or before parents, - most likely, will like tasks, on learning of songs and poems. The desire to act will surely push the kid to learn all new and new words.


to Constraining children will not like noisy inventions. And the technique based on active games, the napugayettikhy kid. Here occupations in private with the teacher will approach. Also reading books or watching the animated film in original language, the child quickly will begin to move ahead.


to the Kids perceiving all information visually or taktilno, perfectly will suit amusing games with use of a coloring, cards, cubes and toys.

to Children is more senior than

, the keen computer it is possible to offer the developing computer programs and games in a foreign language.

the Classical technique

the Method, long ago and strongly strengthened as among the Russian, and foreign teachers. Someone will count it as usual cramming (which, by the way, is not so useless as it seems), and someone will tell that it is base, a basis without which far you will not leave. Basing occupations on this technique, it is impossible to exclude a possibility of its combination, for example, with games without which it will be difficult to children to perceive material: small detineusidchiva, their attention - it is defocused. If your child likes written tasks, accurate structure of occupation and uniform delivery of material to it definitely will please.

the Technique of rational reading

the Main difference from the previous technique - visualization. It is more suitable method for children of preschool age. To kids are important both tactile, and visions. It can be cards, cubes, a coloring, - everything on what it is possible to place the image with the explanation (the word - the translation). Being engaged by such technique, the kid can master up to 500 words in a month.

the Communicative technique

This technique was developed by specialists of the Cambridge University still in the late forties of the XX century. Basic rule: occupations are conducted only by teachers - native speakers therefore there is “immersion“ on language Wednesday. All material has a talk with the help of lexicon already known to children, Russian on such occupations is almost excluded.

the Teacher uses all possible methods of the report of material, both verbal, and nonverbal why real-life communication turns out. Children are easily susceptible to new therefore be not afraid if the child does not know language absolutely - once ourselves learned thus the native language.

the Oxford technique Should telling


that this technique is designed for children of an average and the advanced school age. Here - at first to learn to tell the basic rule, then and to think in the learned language, at the same time having minimized communication in the native language.

This method - mix of traditional methods of teaching and game elements. Any cramming and monotonous repetition for the teacher. The teacher works with children, together with them looks for mistakes and solutions of tasks. It forces children to think logically, to analyze.

Efficiency of a technique also consists in its intensity. However if the teacher makes everything correctly, it will not be difficult to child to perceive all volume of information, and occupations will not be excessively overloaded and tiring.

the Game technique

the Method surely will be pleasant to your children, in this case it is possible to study effortlessly.

Universality of a game technique is in what to begin to be engaged on it it is possible of a year. And than the kid is more senior - the game becomes more difficult and more large-scale. Thanks to this method at children skills of the letter and informal conversation develop. the Design technique

to be engaged in

in p by this technique it is possible to begin with five-year age. Its essence is simple: the teacher chooses concrete subject and gives several classes in the chosen subject. The problem chosen by the teacher has to be close and interesting to children to interest and involve all participants.

Of course, this technique perfectly will be suitable for the children who already have basic knowledge of language and which with pleasure will put the knowledge into practice. It is especially important to child to see result of own work at the end of the project: it pleases and stimulates kids.

the Mixed technique

Here everything depends on the teacher. He analyzes character, temperament and knowledge of the child and selects an individual technique, combining various techniques, - talks, starts games, shows informative books animated films, studies songs and rhymes, gives interesting tasks and many other things. Will once miss to kids, every day they are waited by something new and fascinating.

the Main advantage in this technique - personal approach to each child. Parents will not need to puzzle, selecting that technique suitable for their child, - the teacher will make everything. And the result will not keep itself waiting.

you Remember

: inquisitiveness of the kid - a keyhole. It is only necessary to try the correct key, and then - the result will not keep itself waiting. If to choose correct, suitable for yours with the child a technique - it not only will catch up, but also will very quickly overtake you in knowledge of language.

you remember

I, the success will come only when the child begins to derive pleasure from occupations by a foreign language.