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Whether pregnant women can fly by plane? Whether 8 rules for holiday of

Are dangerous flights during pregnancy on what month it is better to organize travel, the rules “transportations“ of a stomach, and other useful answers to disturbing questions.

Pregnancy is shrouded in

a set of different prejudices. The grandmother says that it is impossible to be cut, mother - that the kid cannot buy a dowry in advance; we reject thousands of foolish manuals and we continue to conduct the usual rich life, we continue to work, go to beauty shops and to travel... Whether but everything travel suit pregnant women? Most of all doubts are raised by the plane. Dangers of flights are grandmother`s prejudices or threat really exists? Doctors did not come to a consensus about flights: the majority will accurately be expressed that it for pregnant women “undesirable risk“.

What can frighten?

1. Pressure differences. Premature birth

Knows that pregnant women are extremely sensitive to pressure differences, the inevitable phenomenon during flight, especially notable during take off and landing. With absolute confidence it is impossible to tell how the woman will transfer it. There is an opinion that strong difference of atmospheric pressure is capable to cause premature birth. However scientific proofs to it do not exist. Certainly, premature birth - the phenomenon frequent, they can happen also on the earth. But in air there will be no children`s reanimation, team of doctors and an opportunity to give the qualified help.

can Find out risk of premature birth on ultrasonography, measuring uterus neck length. Many airlines introduce restrictions for flight of women at which chances to learn pleasure of motherhood directly on the plane are high. To them pregnant women on late terms, women treat with polycarpous pregnancy and those who already have in the anamnesis premature birth.

2. Shortage of oxygen

during flight in inside of the plane concentration of oxygen decreases. Many disorders of pregnant women who draw in the head terrible pictures of oxygen starvation of the child in a womb at once are also connected with this fact. The Swiss professor R. Hukh is ready to calm them. He conducted researches, studied influence of a relative hypoxia on an organism of healthy pregnant women and did not find reasons for concern: deviations were not neither in gas composition of blood of mother, nor in reactions of a fruit. So as modern science it is considered to be that small decrease in saturation of blood oxygen does not constitute danger to pregnant women. However, took only healthy pregnant women into account. Heavier shortage of oxygen will be transferred by the women having anemia. Anemia of heavy degree - direct contraindication to flight.

3. Stagnation of blood, venous illness and tromboembolichesky complications

Formation of thrombosis, that is a blood clot in veins of legs is, perhaps, the most serious danger to which pregnant women subject themselves, sitting not movably during long flights. Doctors gloomy report that the risk of development of deep venous thrombosis in pregnant women by 5 times exceeds risk of development it at not pregnant women approximately of the same age.

Pregnancy in itself is risk factor of a venous thrombembolia, and the house-keeper - a class a situation obviously does not improve long sitting in a chair. Therefore it is necessary to observe simple recommendations: to use compression stockings, to drink water in flight more often, to refuse kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks and at least 10 minutes an hour slowly to walk on inside of the plane.

4. Possible influence of radiation

Space radioactive radiation - at all not the myth. However, generally it is studied at such institutes as NASA in connection with danger of radiation of astronauts.

So far we live somewhere around sea level, under a thick layer of the atmosphere (it serves as a natural barrier to radiation), annually we receive radiation dose equal to two x-ray pictures. It is considered safe.

However at height where the modern aircrafts which are not setting as the purpose conquest of space soar, the protective layer of the atmosphere is much lower than

, than on the earth. At the beginning of 90 - x years Federal management of Aircraft of the USA let out paper with recognition that pilots of planes in a year are irradiated practically the same as on objects with the increased radiation hazard.

A to those pregnant women who do not work as pilots of airliners should not panic nevertheless. Researchers believe that infrequent flights do not exert negative impact on a fruit. For example, during transatlantic flight (which lasts not less than 7 hours) the person is irradiated 2,5 times less, than at a thorax X-ray.

As for radiation which is always terrible for receiving, passing through a framework of metal detectors in the airport then at all you should not be nervous. The staff of the airports assures that at the heart of work of a framework - only a weak magnetic field.

pregnancy Terms: when it is the best of all to fly

the Most favorable time for flight the second trimester, from 14 to 28 week of pregnancy is. In the first trimester there is a risk of an abortion, the main bodies of the child were not created yet, and the passenger, most likely, unpleasant symptoms of toxicosis will torment. In the third trimester danger of premature birth is big, besides, from - for the sizes of a stomach of the pregnant woman it can be just inconvenient in a close chair of the plane.

However the main management to making decision on holiday in far-away countries nevertheless, he knows about all complications of your pregnancy and is informed on possible problems. During visit of the doctor it is worth taking the reference with the indication of term of pregnancy, approximate date of childbirth, and also the laconic message “such - that has no contraindications to flight“. Before it the gynecologist can ask to make the additional test or to descend on ultrasonography finally to dispel alarms.

If everything is all right, then, most likely, the doctor is solidary with World Health Organization which does not recommend to get into the plane only in such cases:
  • pregnancy more than 36 weeks (more than 32 weeks at a mnogoplodiya);
  • the complicated pregnancy (pregnancy pathology, threat of an abortion, etc.) ;
  • within seven days after the delivery.

A at Royal Board of obstetricians - gynecologists of Great Britain absolute contraindications for flight consider prelying of a placenta, a preeklampsiya, anemia of heavy degree. Refer risk of premature birth and a premature otsloyka of normally located placenta to relative contraindications; anemia of moderate severity, a low platsentation (since 20 weeks of a gestation), existence of bloody allocations from a genital tract at any term of pregnancy, carrying out invasive procedures, polycarpous pregnancy (after 24 weeks), and the wrong provision of a fruit in the second half of the III trimester).

of the Requirement of airlines

Before travel should be found out what rules the airline chosen by you concerning pregnant women follows. Requirements at them different. For example, on the website of “Aeroflot“ there is such information:“ Pregnant women whose childbirth is assumed within the next four weeks need to submit the written consent of the doctor to flight. Medical examination has to be issued not earlier than before 7 days prior to flight“.


A of “Transaero“:“ Flight of pregnant women is allowed provided that it is carried out no later than four weeks to the term of estimated childbirth and that there is no danger of premature birth. Information on a condition of the pregnant woman confirmed with medical certificate and the prenatal record has to be surely provided to airline.

Flight of pregnant women is possible

provided that before flight the guarantee certificate in which it makes a reservation that the airline does not bear any responsibility for adverse effects which can arise for the pregnant woman and a fruit during flight and owing to flight is signed“.

of AirFrance does not demand any papers at all:“ Pregnant women are allowed on flights of Air France airline without the reference from the doctor. Despite it, we nevertheless recommend to you to consult before a trip to the doctor“.

Anyway, it is better to specify such information just before flight because happens that airlines change the rules.

  1. it is better for p to Buy by

    of the Rule of successful flight the ticket, of course, in business - a class: chairs there wider and in general are more comfortable. In the house-keeper - a class it is possible to ask to take the place in the first row where it is possible to extend legs, without resting knees against a forward chair. Besides the stream of air goes on the plane from a nose to a tail - on a front seat it will be easier to be breathed. You should not choose a window seat, you have to have an opportunity to rise and leave often in pass.

  2. the Clothes for flight have to be convenient, a free cut and from the breathing material. In salon it is possible to take several pillows - under a neck and still where - nibud to ensure a convenience maximum.
  3. to avoid dehydration, drink as much as possible water, and refuse diuretics (coffee, carbonated drinks).
  4. the Seat belt needs to be fastened; it is necessary to pass it under a stomach.
  5. Before flight remove footwear. You should not cross the legs, it complicates blood circulation in legs. From time to time it makes sense to strain gastrocnemius muscles and to walk on salon.
  6. That, take with yourself spray with sea water for washing of a nose and an aerosol with thermal water.
  7. Always you keep around the prenatal record, and also a note with the indication of the blood type and phone of the loved one (if you fly one or only with children).