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Trip to Copenhagen through Sweden or as we celebrated the second wedding anniversary of



of that without suspecting, we chose very successful number for a wedding. Of course, it was pleasant to me at once - day of a summer solstice, the white nights, the longest day in a year. But among other things, it turned out that in Finland (where we live now) this day - one of the main holidays of year - Juhannus or approximately the same, as day of Ivan Kupala in Russia, Ligo in Latvia and other similar holidays in other countries. And it is good the fact that every time we receive one more day off by anniversary. Here and this year at us was free whole three days - on June 21, 22 and 23. If it is honest, at first we were not going to go anywhere. After spring trips to Paris and Lapland in the family budget noticeable such hole was formed, besides we wanted all - to go at the sea in the summer. Unexpectedly in an advertizing newspaper I saw the announcement about discounts for tickets for the ferry of Turku - Stockholm and vaguely thought that well to go just in godovshchinny days, to take a walk in Stockholm. We there already were, but the city very much was pleasant to us so the second time (and for me - already the third) it would be all the same quite good to go there. And then I remembered about friends who live in Sweden.

Probably, everything the known saying “it`s a small world“ long ago it is time to remake in “The Internet it is close“. Already several times at me it turned out to meet incidentally in the Network people with whom I was familiar, either lived nearby, or it could be crossed in some way in real life. So left also with Ania and her husband Andrey who live and study in Sweden, in the city of Lund. Having got acquainted (it seems, Ania found my page and wrote to me last year), we learned about each other more and more general details - as we and they from St. Petersburg that Ania with parents lived in one area with me that she with the husband studied on a fizfaka of St.Petersburg State University (and we with the husband at faculty of Applied mathematics and these faculties in the neighboring buildings are located, moreover, at a fizfaka there was my school, and I spent there a lot of time) that we lived in the neighboring hostels of the St. Petersburg University, and for certain went to the same student`s actions of type of Weeks of Faculty and the evenings of a song spent in our PUNKE (the Peterhof Uchebno - the Scientific Complex). Then, having already got acquainted really, Sashka told that he visually remembers our new acquaintances in a face - saw them at University. And at everything at the same time to get acquainted, we needed to go to Finland, and Ania with Andrey to Sweden :) Funny...

And so, there live our acquaintances in the Swedish city of Lund which is located almost on Hugo - the western coast of Sweden from where to Denmark - no distance. The road from Lund to Copenhagen takes less than an hour by train and Ania often told me about Copenhagen where they were many times. And also many times children called us on a visit, to get acquainted with them alive and from them to wave to Copenhagen. The vague thought of a trip per day to Stockholm which flashed in my head like mad began to assume a grandiose scale - to go to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Lund, from there - to Copenhagen. It turned out that three days off have to be enough. The thought was pleasant to me more and more :) I began to finish the husband and to learn that how much is.


the Problem was in what was not enough money. And very much. But there was a wish to go more and more, unknown Copenhagen a wedge sat down at my head and I very much wanted to see it. Judging by the advertisement, tickets for the ferry had to be inexpensive, I wrote to Ania and asked how many there are tickets to Lund. It turned out, however, that tickets for trains in Sweden it is strong more expensively, than in Finland, and student`s are on sale only to students of the Swedish HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, and our ISIC`I do not work. But it is possible to buy so-called youth tickets for youth till 26 years which are bought in advance and which limited quantity. Having aimed at such tickets, I went to learn more precisely about the prices of the ferry. There, however, I was told that in a newspaper the prices (those, which with discounts) on the drive were written (“having crossed“?) on the ferry on weekday, in the afternoon and without cabin. We could not go from in the afternoon - for the fact that the husband worked and to Stockholm to come in the evening to us the sense was not - to spend the night all the same there is nobody, and it is too expensive to pay for hotel so we need night tickets and a cabin. And it turned out already more expensive, and is considerable. We thought and decided that we this time will not be able to go probably, can we will carry out it in the fall, at my birthday for now - no. Fell apart and wrote about it to Ania. It was upset too since on our arrival it was already adjusted. It seemed, on it all also will end. However, in couple of days Ania wrote that she booked to us youth train tickets “just in case“. The matter is that tickets such come to an end long before date therefore it is necessary to buy or reserve them in advance that it also made - that we could think still. It was possible to redeem tickets the latest in 5 days. I was again brought :) Again began to estimate, count, think, persuade the husband, to make economic plans, to remember a grist in one hundred dollars etc. I.e.“ Incurred Ostap“. Eventually, we decided - to spend everything that is, but to Copenhagen everything is to go. Also bought tickets :)


we Left 20 - go June in the evening since Friday 21 - oye was output. Those days we had mad heat, to degrees to 30 - ti, a hint on a rain. Therefore we dressed respectively went and as it appeared subsequently, were mistaken. We departured from Turku since from Tampere to go that to Turku that to Helsinki, on time is identical, and the ticket from Turku is cheaper and time in Stockholm turns out more. Weather was strange, nights - white, sailing, we stood on the main open deck and watched how the huge large object of the ferry accurately fits in between islands. Around yachts, boats, boats floated, from coast even people sometimes waved - the show was beautiful.

in the Morning (the ferry comes to Stockholm in 6. 30 mornings local time) we descended on the Swedish earth and were very surprised with the gray lead sky and heavy rain. It did not include in our plans at all. Umbrellas, of course, were, but to whom hunting to walk on the city during a rain :( And time at us was to 4 evenings. Having sat some time on the terminal, having drunk coffee and having dispatched to all SMS - ki:“ Hurrah, and we in Stockholm“, we waited when the rain decreased a little and went to the railway station.

Last time when we were in Stockholm, we bought Stockholm kortet - a card which gives a free pass on all city transport, free entrance to very many museums, etc. Then it was for us very favorable, but now it did not make sense to buy it and as we had a task to spend as little as possible money, we went on foot everywhere. And it must be said that last time when we went from the end to the end by buses or the subway, Stockholm seemed to me very big, in the same time when we went on foot everywhere, it turned out that distances not such big.

Ania redeemed our tickets in Lund and sent us a confidential code on which it was possible to take away tickets at the station in Stockholm. It appeared very conveniently :) Having received tickets, we began to deliberate, where to move. Last time we visited very many museums and saw many sights so this time we had only one concrete desire - to descend in Astrid Lindgren`s (Junibaken) museum where we were not in time last time. There we also went on desert and damp morning streets of Stockholm. There was a rain, was quite cool, but the city around, though greyish and wet, was very beautiful, embankments, yachts, seagulls...

In Astrid Lindgren`s museum of all is put into the car which goes on the hall, sometimes rises up. In the car - the loudspeaker also sounds a soundtrack, it is possible to ask even in Russian. Cars carry by compositions to Lindgren`s fairy tales - and Emil from Lennebergi, both Pippi Dlinnyychulok, and Carlson`s lodge was, and it is a lot of others. Very amusing, only as always under the law of meanness at this moment in the camera the film came to an end and I photographed only Emil who lifted the sister Ida on a flagstaff. After that we got to the hall where the two-storeyed lodge of Pippi Dlinnyychulok in which it is possible to come, climb on the second floor is constructed, to see the things outlined everywhere hanged on picture walls, etc. Nice construction :) Besides, there were actors in ridiculous suits, began to collect kids, and one of them, “the old grandmother“, read them some fairy tale. On - Swedish, of course, we did not understand anything. But everything was thought up healthily. Besides there is a cafe in national style, with national pastries, ancient ware - teapots, cups, trays. Very comfortably. Well, and, of course, shop of souvenirs and Astrid Lindgren`s books.

the Remained time in Stockholm we just walked, getting sometimes into unknown places. Already on the way to the station, in the center we unexpectedly found very interesting photo exhibition on the street - the different interesting objects removed from air - an unusual form of the lake, the field, the wood, or it is a lot of identical or symmetric details - the fish market with a lot of fish, the nudist beach which is densely laid by bodies, washing of linen somewhere in Africa - is a lot of women, baskets with linen, or the factory of carpets - and the big space carpeted, or the autumn wood, was also the photo of the abandoned city near Chernobyl. Many photos, from different points of the globe, with were different, sometimes very unexpected objects. Which - what I even made a copy the camera :)


From Stockholm to Lund is slightly more than 600 km of

, but trains go high-speed so we passed this distance for only 4 with small hour. The train rushed awfully quickly, sometimes even stuffed up ears. Quite comfortable, but, generally, it is not enough what different from the Finnish trains.

In Lund at the station us were met by Ania with Andrey, so we also got acquainted, at last, really :) On the road to their house they showed us the main sights of Lund - an ancient cathedral, University, the central small streets. The small town, but very nice, very much was pleasant to us. What surprised - separate paths for cyclists even with special traffic lights :) Found out that the food in Finland and Sweden practically does not differ - products all same. Till late evening talked and to sleep went to bed late. In general, at us all a trip the chronic sleep debt turned out - went very to bed late, and got up very early - because the ferry early comes, because there is a wish to see more in Copenhagen, because the train goes to Stockholm at the crack of dawn, again from - for the ferry. Generally, all trip more than 5 hours a day we did not sleep :)


in the Morning we tried to rise a bit earlier to spend in Copenhagen more time. We had a card, children supplied us with a lot of different brochures and that the coolest, gave the video camera, to shoot! We did not get the video camera yet therefore it was the first experience.

of the Through train from Lund to Copenhagen was not therefore we reached to the city of Malmo, and there changed on the train to Copenhagen. Any borders, customs points - just you get on the train and you go to other country :) The train goes along the huge bridge it is necessary water, both the Swedish and Danish coast are perfectly visible, i.e. there everything is really absolutely close. Driving - minutes 50, and here we already in Copenhagen! At the station changed euro for Danish kroner and went to walk on the city.

Directly opposite to the station located the amusement park of Tivoli, but to us advised to go there in the evening when illumination therefore at first we went to walk on the center is included. With weather it was lucky - the rain was not and occasionally even the sun looked out. From the very beginning struck how it is noisy. Many people, around some youth parties, on the center drove about all day some strange trucks covered with posters, decorated with flowers, some garlands, densely filled by young people who deafeningly something shouted waved a hand, whistled in whistles, hit into something iron - generally, noise made deafening. That it was, we did not understand, however, by one of trucks saw some word similar to student and decided that it is some student`s holiday or just students have fun concerning a holiday 22 - go June (there were we in Copenhagen this day, it day of our wedding). On one of central squares we found a monument to Andersen on which it was possible to climb that I also made :) Went further along the central Stroget Street which is as if made of several different small streets, each of which has also own name, and everything together they are called Stroget. The set of cafes, little shops, interesting buildings, and everywhere people are people. It was very interesting to observe.

By the way, from foreigners we met generally British and Russians. Germans, there were very few Swedes. Passed by the museum of records of Ginnes and the museum of a sensuality, but decided to leave them for later since were not sure whether there will be enough at us money. In the late afternoon it became clear that there is not enough money so in any museum we did not descend. Having passed across Stroget and having passed a central square we appeared in New Harbour (Nyhavn) - a picturesque bay, a heap of lodges of unexpectedly cheerful color, pubs, people, and a set of yachts and ancient ships. Various ships with excursions departed from New Harbour. We bought the ticket for a ship which does several stops where it was possible to leave and sit down on our ship following under the same ticket, however, without excursion. The ship floated on narrow city channels with the houses which are almost hanging over water (well than not Venice?!), from windows to us people waved, on both sides majestically floated masts of the ships standing in coast (we did not understand only one - as the ships with it masts managed to get on these places if via channels the set of the low and obviously not getting divorced bridges is thrown. Riddle!) . After that the boat came up to the high sea and accelerated. In the sea on open space there are wind power plants - amusing such revolving objects. Having floated by the sea, the ship stuck to the coast and stopped near a monument to the Little Mermaid and near it we came to the coast since from her ship it was visible badly. Approached the Little Mermaid, shot her on a chamber, then I began to approach it closer, to be photographed :) And there is it not on the coast, approach - on the pebbles semi-hidden by water (speak, during a storm it is almost unreal). I was selected - though and wet legs. Near the Little Mermaid the ancient castle is located, we went it to look. And in the yard of the lock found many people in the national suits dancing and singing national songs :) Took a look, joined. Lock too quite beautiful. On the following boat departured back to the city.

In the city one exotic town - Christiania is. We about it were told in advance therefore? as soon as we saw a stop with such name, left. Christiania is as if the city in the city, the police is not put there, laws of the EU (even at an entrance it is written - You are leaving EC now) do not work there, there legally is on sale different soft drugs and hallucinogenic mushrooms, but it is possible to use all this only in the territory of this Christiania. Yes, it is also impossible to photograph there. We long enough looked for this exotic and could not understand in any way - we already in Christiania or still not. It seems area as area, any suspicious persons and drug dealers not considerably :) Then we found quite strange Statue of Liberty - made of different metal scraps and garbage, but surprisingly similar to the original and decided that we already on a right way. However to photograph it were afraid, thinking what cannot be photographed already. And soon after that noticed an entrance. Generally - exotic. Drugs really sell :) And right there smoke, smell, set fire to something. And still around sellssya lot of exotic clothes, jewelry, some unusual bagatelles. Quite quietly and, strangely enough, there are a lot of adults with children.

we approached

After Christiania very beautiful cathedral with a spiral staircase around a dome. On the top the survey platform where and it is possible to get, a spiral staircase very narrow is located and goes on outer side of a dome. Height - 70 meters. The husband got, captured on the Copenhagen camera from above :)

Further we walked on the center, stared at different cathedrals, buildings and people. In one place saw underwater sculptures - the Neptune and 7 sons. However water was muddy and we made out only 6 figures, but not 8 as had to be. In water of channels jellyfishes, even in the city float!

On the central street we sat down in a street cafe, ordered pizza and beer and when we began to eat, almost before us show of one Englishman began. He juggled, showed different tricks, but not it and as he joked was the most ridiculous and interesting, brought the people from public (he spoke in English so everything was clear to us). We derived a true pleasure, laughed much. And when show ended, there came evening and we went to Tivoli.


- it the amusement park, however, we bought only the entrance ticket there. Generally, did not regret since attractions were not especially interesting and there was no wish to ride them all the same, and here the park was fantastically beautiful! Illumination, parade on paths, some unusual figures - the bobriny lodges which are sticking out over water, dragonflies, butterflies - everything is made very naturally, fountainlets, bridges, a sea of flowers, an orchestra. The park really is worth it there to take a walk. On it our appointment to Copenhagen also ended, having come out Tivoli, we went to the station and went back to Lund. Copenhagen was pleasant very much though, there, of course, it is not enough one day. But to experience the atmosphere, to breathe its air - we were in time. In my personal rating it, perhaps, shares the second place together with Stockholm :) Superiority nevertheless beyond Paris, though it is a little strange to compare these, absolutely different, the cities.

Having spent the night in Lund at friends and having again talked at half of the night, in the morning we went to Stockholm. To the ferry we had about 8 - mi hours, but as almost all this time there was heavy rain, sometimes even with the thunder-storm, we walked some dashes from a roof to a roof, from one little shop to another. However all the same managed to find several places where were not earlier. In the evening the rain stopped and we in front of the ferry managed to take a walk in my favourite Old City where I once again found a figure of the little boy in one of tiny court yard and stroked it on the head, having made a wish - a sign, it seems, such :) Then we went to the ferry where we were waited still by the dinner ordered in advance at restaurant. Generally, celebration of anniversary at us turned out unusual and very interesting.

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