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Pregnancy and childbirth in Italy: to give birth to the child - it it is inexpensive

What pregnancy and childbirth in Italy and in Russia differ? What it is necessary to pay for and what services are rendered free of charge? Who observes the newborn after an extract from delivery room where help to adjust breastfeeding - and how to be prepared for visits of the Italian relatives.


If you are pregnant with

and live in Russia, then it is necessary to be registered as soon as possible, and then to go every week to analyses, ultrasonography, to hand over urine, to be weighed and in general to lead intense life in a maternity welfare unit. I the first months of pregnancy was observed at the same time in Italy and in Moscow, and contrast from communication with doctors distinctly was evident. I had no so many visits of medical offices for all the 30 - summer life how many for the first trimester of pregnancy in Russia.

anything does not have

In Italy it. She is pregnant? You go for consultation in hospital to the gynecologist for 60 euros, do you ultrasonography, infinitely congratulate, issue the prenatal record and all action program for 9 months. And it is minimum. The most part of analyses and surveys is carried out free of charge. And here screenings which in Russia are obligatory and become at the expense of the budget, in Italy paid - 120 euros. And only at the request of parents.

Nine months nobody especially worries about you. During this time it is necessary to make three ultrasonography in which you register in one or one and a half months forward. They are free. But if you do not make, there are no problems.

go On a maternity leave of the Italian after the seventh month too, but in two rebenkiny months or it is necessary to write the application for “maternit“ - the paid child care leave for a year, or to come to work. By the way, if the father works in government bodies or at large factory, then he can take such vacation too, “paternita“ is called. Then it is possible to prolong for a year, but already without payment.

After the child`s birth within half a year needs to manage to file documents on the single help from the state. It is a little, about one and a half thousand euros. And on it all.

After the delivery 6 weeks later - obligatory survey at the gynecologist, 17 euros, the price is reduced. All following visits - paid. Though in public health service of ASL there are free gynecologists as a last resort, but they have a schedule very dense. The turn begins for few months, only this way it is possible to get to them.

As I became the Italian mother

on May 6 on 31 - m to year of life I gave birth to Alejandro Robertovich. When overnight we were put to bed, I complained that I absolutely became stupid to drag a huge paunch. The husband stroked it and joked supposedly leave already, the sonny, mother was tired. Small delicately allowed me to have a sleep a little, and then started...

In four mornings weak contractions began

. I turned on a dark night hall and thought that it is training. In seven they already became quite strong, I woke the husband, and we went to hospital.

In Italy everything that is related to medicine, is in one building. The woman in labor, as well as all patients who are put in a hospital gets to delivery room through ambulance.

In a hospital the doctor who observed me all pregnancy at that time was on duty, but its watch came to an end soon. Here you cannot agree, as in Russia that the specific doctor delivered. So the darling and very skilled Anna - Maria were replaced by the young doctor Rozina.

Forty minutes I sat on the device which listens and fixes heartbeat of the child. And then me changed clothes for a disposable long green shirt, put on the same cap the head and sent to go and sigh there where visitors ordinary sit. Not in chamber, not in patrimonial, and in a usual corridor. A bag with things nearby. Right there the alarmed husband and the mother-in-law and a couple of visitors with big eyes. But soon we with the husband appeared in patrimonial.

the Darkened room with blue and turquoise walls, the muffled light from different places. Quietly beautiful gentle music played, and streams somewhere murmured. Here to spend romantic evenings on conception of the child, but not childbirth. In a far corner there was a yellow bathtub for childbirth, but nobody asked me whether I want to give birth in water. I, maybe, also agreed because I still understood at home that the warm shower very much weakens pain. Yes, by the way, from the arrival in a hospital to me inserted a flexible needle into a vein, and the delivery room “fastened“ to a dropper on castors.

I Gave birth, as well as all Soviet people, on a “finishing“ table. And before read that in civilized countries deliver in some more harmonious way for a long time. Roberto held me by a hand and morally very much helped. Presence of the family on childbirth in Italy - it is normal. Either mother, or husband obligatory nearby.

After the delivery

In Russia when the child is born, it is put to mother on a stomach and on a breast at once. In the Italian option of the shouting newborn at first gave in a charge of the pediatrician who incurred it to wash, to measure, wrap up and so on. And only then mine a lapushka was brought to me for several seconds.

- I Know, I know, small, - only and I in a consolation could tell my crying kid - I at this moment was sewn up.

was carried Then to chamber (double free, single - from 200 euros a day), and the kid was taken away to the nursery where about an hour more it lay in an incubator - there after the birth put all children on some time. Then change clothes for beautiful clothes which we brought in advance - full-fledged panties, a jacket, and put in a bed. Any diapers, baby`s undershirts - to the person fashionable trousers are put even if to him all a couple of hours from a sort.

Several thousands of nervous cages died when it was found out how it is difficult to teach the child to eat. He at you on hands, hungry, small, cries, and cannot join in any way. The delivery room was constantly hung around by specially trained signori who helped mummies and kids to merge with feeding ecstasy. But as these specialists on breastfeeding finished me!

was Sent by third day, and I did not sleep plainly by then. In general service in free state clinics remarkable. (So, in the evening you choose from the menu that you want to eat next day. The food is brought in beautiful ware on trays directly to a bed.) But this service too persuasive! Since two nights till six in the morning with you there is a kid. And these four hours through everyone half an hour approaches the next aunt - the expert and controls progress, your with the kid: whether you could prososatsya to each other or still not.

the kid should be brought Then to the nursery - it would seem, it is possible slightly - to have a sleep slightly. But not here - that was. At seven in the morning awake: “Now we will quickly take the analysis, and you sleep farther“. In half an hour: “Get up for five minutes, we now fast will change sheets, and sleep farther“. In half an hour bring a breakfast:“ Fast eat and again you sleep“. But right after already bring the kid. And the svezheotdokhnuvshy aunt in a white dressing gown hangs over you. Directs mother, there is enough kid for a head. I am nervous, the child shouts! We learned as a result. When we were left by miracle alone, we quietly slept in an embrace for half an hour, and then to us our father came, and joining happened easily and by itself.

was Given rise by me on Friday morning, and on Monday we were already written out. And by the way, it in Russia an extract from maternity hospital - separate festive action for which specially prepare. In Italy the father routinely takes away mother with the kid by car and it is lucky home without special pomp.


Test by relatives

In Russia the newborn is shown the first month to nobody. They say that are afraid of a malefice. But behind it there are, most likely, reasons of common sense. Italy does not trust in malefices. And common sense - too not the strongest property of Italians. Family after the delivery arranges to mother one of the most serious tests.

Relatives of all levels begin to go herds already to hospital in the first day. With beautifully packed boxes of cookies, candies, clothes for the kid and flowers. After arrival home they come to visit the kid and mother. And all should be met according to traditions of the Italian hospitality. You have on hands a week kid and a heap of affairs. And unanimously guests begin to give advice.

- do not accustom to hands! - endlessly the mother-in-law Fufi went on. - He has to get used to a cradle at once, otherwise namuchatsya. Ate, luggage in a bed at once! It is impossible to sleep with him! It is not necessary to nurse! So what if cries?

- should Feed on the mode, time at three o`clock! - the neigbour who brought up the children mix not to spoil a breast climbs. - Even if asks, let suffers!

- Something I did not see that children so long ate! - the young grand cousin who at all never saw nursing mothers inserts five kopeks.

- Should be muffled up more warmly! - the signora on the street worries, having seen that the kid in 30 degrees of a heat in one diaper and a T-shirt.

- it seems to me, you incorrectly hold the child! - the cousin childless aunt screws up the face. - In my opinion, children in a different way should be held.

to Hold the fort, without being an Italian, it was easier. Always it is possible to pretend to be that you do not understand language. It, in fact, was the only exit.

Where the Italian doctor Aybolit

Right after an extract from delivery room sits the child is attributed to a certain pediatrician. He, as well as the family doctor of the general profile, receives in an office, and there is a schedule of obligatory visits. All this is free, logs in the state insurance and is paid from taxes. The pediatrician, if it is necessary, gives the directions on inspection or analyses which do in office of pediatrics of the nearest hospital, writes out recipes and helps councils. The first visit with the kid when to it week from a sort, then it is necessary to go at first every week, then every month, then time in three months, and gradually time between visits increases, after 15 months following even in 2 years. If something happens, an illness or concern, then it is possible to come without record to the pediatrician. In hard cases of children carry in pronto sokkorso at once.

of the Inoculation begins to be done with two-month age and too according to the schedule. They are done free of charge in public health service of ASL and noted in the book of inoculations issued earlier.

A at public health service the room “mother and the kid“ where also free pediatrician and the obstetrician accept mummies with newborns of times a week in a certain day is - help to adjust breastfeeding, give advice on all nuances of care of the child, weigh children. So in principle after an extract from delivery room mother with the child does not remain alone.

But needs to be known about it because nobody seeks to report about it once again, and Italians know about this system, only at all if personally face it. The my friend who gave rise in Italy several years prior to me complained that it absolutely could not be helped. There were difficulties with a lactation at the beginning, she read the Russian Internet in search of answers to the questions and went for paid consultation to the pediatrician in hospital. Therefore she proved to me that to give birth to the child in Italy costs huge money and nerves. But, it appears, not Italy, and elementary ignorance of reality is guilty.

From the book “Italy: love, shopping and dolce vita!“