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Work at home for mother having many children: what your option?

the Question to work or not to work married, especially to the woman having many children, not one generation concerns. How to find application for the profession to work at home or with flexible hours?

Main and minor

Ya I think that if the woman has many forces and a lot of energy, then the motherhood can quite be combined with professional activity. If is not present - it is necessary to place priorities.

As for a material aspect of a question, circumstance happen different, but as shows experience, passions around money are quite often exaggerated. It is most of all spent for the firstborn: in some measure it is still game in the daughter - mother, all it is a new experience. And things have to be brand new, very clean, and all the rest, as on advertizing. Then it turns out that kids grow promptly quickly, things do not manage to wear out. And girlfriends are glad to share the stuff overflowing regiments of cases.

are eaten by children to teenage age a little. And if about one year (and even much longer as supporters of breastfeeding advise) to feed the child with maternal milk, as a feeding up and the subsequent feeding to use not expensive jars, and with own hand cooked food, then livelihood of children is not so ruinous.

Certainly, still other expenses are, but also here a lot of things depend not on objective circumstances, and on adult concepts about prestige and “a worthy standard of living“.

Quite many women are not torn to be builders of society at all, and with pleasure are engaged in the house and children. And many men are focused on this, apparently, hopelessly outdated type of a family.

of the Pit due to health of the child?

Quite often you hear

that till the child`s birth mother strenuously did career, worked up to childbirth. And then life was cardinally changed what it was not ready to at all. Someone was depressed. And when came round, saw that the child is started and it is unclear how to correct it. Someone hurried to come to work, having employed the nurse or having arranged the kid in kindergarten. And only then, when at the kid long ORZ and a SARS began and bright neurotic reactions developed, maternal pity overcame female ambitions, the understanding came that any, even the most successful career does not cost children`s tears and health.

of Examples a set, but I will give only one. Four-year-old Pavlik in group of children behaved quietly absolutely not for long, and then rastormazhivatsya, began to run, laugh loudly, be lifted up. No appeals affected it; he saw nothing any more, did not hear, did not think.

But a certain way which its everything - could be appeased existed. For this purpose it was required to attract mother. Having got to it on knees, the kid right there calmed down and attentively watched what occurred around. His eyes became reasonable, the face - is not senseless - excited, and lovely and expressive.


However, mother was not torn it at all to utikhomirivat, and kept detached as though to it what was got up by her son, had no relation. In conversation it became clear that till two and a half years while she stayed at home with the child, Pavlik was absolutely another: quick, but rather obedient and absolutely not aggressive.

the Kindergarten everything changed

considerably. But mother continued to drive there the boy because it was already involved in work which relatives amicably considered perspective. And the husband, angry the restless little son, also insisted on that Pavlik in the garden “it was accustomed to discipline“. Enlightenment came to Victoria only in hospital where the child got because of complication on lungs after the next cold.

- Is not present

, more I in a garden will not lead it! What who told! You represent? He did not want to be discharged from hospital though there to it injections were given! - she exclaimed at our scheduled meeting. - The child is ready for everything if only to be with mother!

it is A lot of

among mothers - the housewives and mature women who “grew wiser“ (so they speak) and begun to enjoy motherhood to the second, and even to the third child. And at all not necessarily they came to the decision to settle houses because of troubles with children. Not kids in gardens are ill all and nevrotizirutsya. Just over the years the fatigue collected, to go every day for work tiresomely. Until recently the invigorating vanity began to irritate, the feeling came that you fuss unclear for whom and for what.

Many women who, being young mothers, were forced to work to thirty five tell

to years: “As I feel sorry for my senior! It so lacked me in the childhood!“

And if there are really not enough means?

Situation, of course, difficult, but not desperate. Its decision depends, in - the first, on the woman`s profession, and in - the second, on her ingenuity. Here too parents of girls can and have to play very important role. Far-sighted people and at the Soviet power focused daughters on choice of profession which would allow to work not full time, and it is even better - to take work on the house. It is clear, that sooner or later the daughter will marry, will give rise, and she will need to find time for the child.

In the last decades questions of earnings and prestigiousness generally began to influence choice of profession. There was a great number of office workers who are receiving decent salaries, but having very rigid operating schedule which almost does not leave time for the house and a family. As a result mother at the deadlock: specifics of its work such is that demands a full load, part time it is not taken. Absolutely it cannot leave work as money just barely enough. And the child of “nesadovskiya“, with the weakened health, rather weak mentality, and the becomes more senior, the it is more than problems.

to change a situation, quite often it is necessary to make certain essentially new, unexpected decisions. Up to change of a profession if it excludes home option of work or at least the schedule, rather flexible, convenient for education of the child. Though often only it seems to people that it is impossible to find such option. Just they badly looked for, showed stagnancy of thinking, clung to stereotypes, were afraid to be let in “free floating“.

, certainly, the more at the person of abilities and knowledge, the his possibilities of employment are wider than

I. One is not demanded now or is badly paid, but something else, than he owns too, brings in the income. At unpredictable life it is dangerous to put eggs in one basket. It is good to have for emergency different options, and provident parents again - considerably facilitate adulthood of the daughters if in the childhood and adolescence actively promote development of their creative abilities, positive and versatile interests, do not allow to idle and “hang“ in front of the TV, encourage teenage desire to work, try the hand, do not discourage children excessive criticism and hyper guardianship.

Where to move?

Now opportunities to find for itself application are rather extensive

because it is full of people who plainly know nothing, are not able and are interested in nothing. And on an absence of fish, as we know, and cancer fish. On the other hand, the Internet fantastically facilitated access to information. Without leaving the house, it is possible to be trained, get materials for work, to advertize a product of the work and to receive orders. Interview for the sake of which the correspondent went through all city recently even more often undertakes by phone. Consultations of experts too quite often are given by phone and the Internet, lectures extend in video.


individual and group occupations with logopedists, neuro - and just psychologists, teachers of foreign languages, services of children`s massage therapists, tutoring by preparation in higher education institution, etc. are Very demanded. Women work in these areas generally. The piecework which is not bad paid often is carried out or at itself at home (most of tutors so works), or at clients who are tried to be picked up not at the other end of the world not to spend a lot of time for the road. Flexible hours and the accountant`s profession which is so extended today allow to have.

Strangely enough - everyone has easy-to-use digital cameras, - many people are still ready to pay and not such cheap (at least, in Moscow) services of the professional photographer. And here you not only the free artist, but can even take children with yourself when them there is nobody to leave. As on various celebrations, conferences, exhibitions and other actions where the people need professional shooting, as a rule, fully, nobody and will turn attention to your “train“ if children are decently raised and you will not be strongly not distracted.

Work of women - skilled workers is demanded in recent years by

too. Times when the things sewed by the hands were not appreciated, and the people chased any import consumer goods, sank into the past. Things exclusive, original, handwork become fashionable. Unlike our grandmothers, it is good to sew, knit, embroider, etc. units are able, and the others will prefer not to strain, and to buy, especially at the similar price. it is much easier for p to find

of Buyers too, than earlier: it is possible to sell the products at exhibitions and fairs of masters, to hand over on realization in little shops and tents. It is possible to find the employer and to become, being expressed on ancient, the member of artel (owners of such business, by the way, quite often complain that it is difficult to find good skilled workers: people forgot how to work). And it is possible to advertize the work on the Internet: to get “LiveJournal“, to enter the Internet - community on interests. Market conditions, of course, are changeable: today in fashion a knitted beads and bags made of cloth with application, and tomorrow something else. But it is even interesting to the person who easily owns these or those skills of manual skills. It is not automatic machine that all the time one to stamp something!

But if the woman similar is not able to do anything, it all the same at desire can find work with incomplete loading and a quite good salary. Now nurses, nurses are very demanded. They are necessary to someone permanently, and to someone (it is only necessary to look) at several o`clock and not every day. It is difficult for many families which have “on pickup“ no grandmothers to find time to drive the child in circles or to meet after classes from school. In such cases often look for some neigbour with whom it would be possible to agree about supervision for the child after school.

In a word if there is a purpose to find work not to the detriment of motherhood, diligence and desire to develop and apply the versatile abilities are, there is no sneering attitude to “not prestigious“ professions, practically any mother having many children can find to herself occupation which will help it both to self-actualize and to bring the contribution in the family budget.