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Work or creativity: what to choose and how to combine. 5 councils of

Creativity occupy the increasing part of your life, and you think whether not to be engaged only in it? Perhaps, you on a threshold of opening of the business connected with your hobby? Not important, you do dolls, drag from wool, write books or are engaged in design - councils for creative self-expression will come in handy.

you Study em

School is one. Study - absolutely another. These two concepts of reality not always coincide. No matter, you go to school or not, your task - constantly to study. It is necessary to show curiosity to the world in which you live. Look for word meanings in dictionaries. You follow the links. Go deep further, than the others, - only this way you will appear ahead.

you Google everything that is possible. Yes, I mean “everything“. You google the dreams, you google the problems. Do not ask others, do not google yet. As a result you or will find the answer, or will better formulate the question.

Constantly read

. You go to library. The person in an environment of books always feels some magic. Get lost among racks. Study the bibliography. Also you remember: not you begin acquaintance to the book - it the book conducts you.

Collect by

books even if you do not plan to read them at once. As the director John Waters told, “there is nothing more important than unread library“.

you do not seek to study

. Just you study.

Keep a stolen property on the future

Buy a notebook and the handle, always you keep them around. Get a habit to bring there the thoughts and supervision. Write out the pleasant fragments from books. Write down incidentally heard talk. Draw something, speaking by phone. Do everything that you want, but paper at you has to be always.

Get the folder for a stolen property. Yes, quite so - the folder for storage of what you pulled together at others. Paper or virtual - it is unimportant; the main thing that it was. Someone glues cuttings in a special album, someone shoots everything with the smartphone.

you See something worthy loans? Send it to the folder for a stolen property. The inspiration is required? Open the folder for a stolen property.

Newspaper reporters call

such folder of “mortuary“ - and I like this name. Your mortuary the folder is a place where you store “dead persons“ whom recover later, in own works.

you Stick to p closer to talented people

you Remember a saying “garbage on an entrance - garbage at the exit“? You can be good so, the people surrounding you are how good. During a digital era it means that it is necessary to communicate on the Internet only with the best people - with those who are much cleverer and more talented than you; with people who do something really very interesting. You watch closely what they say about that do, than are fond.

the Actor and the film director Harold Ramys who is known to people of my generation on Igon`s role in the movie “Ghosts Hunters“ somehow shared

the rule of success:“ Find the most talented person in the room and if it not you, keep near him. Follow it everywhere. Try to be useful to it“. Ramys was lucky: in its “room“ his friend Bill Murray was the most talented.

A if once suddenly it turns out p that the most talented person in the room are you, it is necessary to look for other room.

Collect by

laudatory responses

In life often you feel lonely, disappointed, rejected. Yes, we do not look for approval... but nevertheless it is devilishly pleasant when people well speak about your work. From time to time I am lucky to post online something successful, and then week - another I bathe in the approving messages appearing in e-mail and Twitter.


to These people liked my work that is very pleasant... and slightly disorients... and very much inspires. But I always remember one important thing: euphoria will pass, and several weeks later gloomy times when I want to throw everything will begin, having asked a question, what the hell I in general am engaged in all this.

That is why I store all really good letters in the special folder (unpleasant letters immediately are removed). And when there come those gloomy times and need for support is felt, I open this folder and I re-read couple of letters. Then I come back to work. Try: instead of storing the folder with unpleasant responses, collect laudatory. Use them accurately and moderately, without daring to rest on laurels, but always you hold near at hand in case it is required to lift the fighting spirit.

do not give up the main work

your hobby or hobby has a chance to become the main thing in life, to turn into the business bringing not only satisfaction, but also the income? Not important, you write books or do dolls, but do not hurry to leave sharply what feeds you now - your work.

the Truth is that even if to you will carry and you will begin to earn a living by favourite business, it can happen not at once. And until then you need some work.

the Main work is money, communication with the world and a certain mode. Freedom from financial pressure means freedom of creative expression. As the photographer Bill Cunningham told, “if you have no money, they will not tell you what to do“.

Thanks to the main work you are among people. Use to they are you study at them, steal from them. I tried to find such work which gave new knowledge and skills for my own creative process. For example, working as the librarian, I learned to conduct researches; working as a web - the designer, learned how create the websites; working as the copywriter, understood how to sell by means of words.


In the main work worst of all the fact that it takes away time, but compensates this shortcoming by existence of the schedule in which it is quite real to allocate certain time and for creativity. Existence and observance of the schedule can even be more important, than a large number of free time. The divergence kills creativity. Try not to lose a rhythm. If it occurs, begin to be afraid of work because you are afraid not to cope with it - and will not cope, will not return to a stream yet.

A decision here very simple: define what amount of time you spend for the main work what you can find on yourself, - and adhere to this schedule. Work every day, without exception. Any days off, any sick-lists. Do not stop. And then, most likely, the consequence of one of Parkinson`s laws will be confirmed: work becomes in time allowed for it.

Nobody says that will be easy. Often you will feel that you lead a double life. Cunning consists in finding such main work which is tolerably paid does not make sick and leaves enough forces for creativity in free time. It is hard to find good work of this kind, but it is possible.


From the book as the artist.
of 10 lessons of creative self-expression“