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To change the life: to leave off smoking, find work... When to begin?

you want changes in the life, but all the time distracts something, does not allow to concentrate on a main goal? Ideal time will never be, considers the American business - the trainer. What “not that time“ can be useful to find or change a job, to leave off smoking, play sports?

“Not that time“ - the most wonderful time to start changes

Tryna sat without work five years. It could not concentrate on searches because, according to her, “too many other things occurred in life“. During this time her cat died, the boyfriend left to another, six times there came on a visit mother, the water pipe in the apartment burst... The list can be continued. Whatever occurred, Tryna always had one excuse:“ not that time“ for this purpose that she wanted to receive above all - the work filled with sense.

But is one thing which Tryna cannot understand in any way, - for action there is no “the correct time“. Life takes its course, with rises and recessions. And therefore one of secrets of successful changes is ability to find golden mean. Doctor Pamela Pik, the fitness expert, claims that if you, for example, want to be in the best form, and your mother is in hospital, then you should go more on foot on hospital.

In other words, it is necessary to find balance between what is a priority for you personally, and what needs to be made for others. That is why it is so important to be convinced that your purpose is very significant. Usually nobody forces us to change. We have to establish for ourselves priorities. Otherwise fulfillment of desires will be always postponed from - for the increasing quantity of duties and imperfect a time - management.

Recently I began to work as

with the woman - a top - the manager which wants to change a job. She is married, she has children, and work demands considerable tension. The daughter of this woman passed into high school recently and needs special attention. The corporation in which my client works reduces the number of personnel, - and on shoulders of this woman heavy responsibility for a lot of things lies that there occurs. Not the best time for changes? And really, she was so busy that change of work was not reached by hands.

my client actually wants to change - and persistently goes towards the aim. What did she make for the sake of it? She set to herself a specific objective - to leave work by November 1 for what concentrated only on this task, but not on the global purpose. Now this woman prepares for the program of the certification necessary new to its work, she found reliable support (weekly meeting at dinner the girlfriend who has approximately same circumstances, and in the same schedule - me) and considers all delays as a possibility of training. But never it would start active actions if told herself that sometime there will come other, more suitable times.

Of course, exceptions happen. If you broke a leg, then obviously not to begin time to run. And by the way, I read recently about what it is much easier for women to leave off smoking within ten days since the day before yesterday menstrual cycle, than in any other days. Only 25 percent of women who left off smoking thus came back to this habit unlike 75 percent of other trying to leave off smoking in other days again (it proves interrelation between desire to smoke and a hormonal background).

time frames do not mean To the majority of us nothing. In college I had a friend who spoke:

- I will begin to do a task in nine.

Then he looked at the watch (which already showed 09:10):

- Oh, well, I will begin in an hour. In ten.

And so on. We laughed at it, but actually he just played for time. And no magic would force it to begin work in hour

But! The same occurs when you want to begin something to do since the January first, after departure staying with you the cousin or after you well have a rest during days off. My friend Mollie Fumia could write already three books, bringing up at the same time six children. She made it, having judged that it will have no best opportunity to embody the dream to become the writer. Whether she began to write more when the youngest of her children went to school for full day? Of course. But it began to do it long before received almost “ideal“ working conditions, and at the same time it had and to play a ball, and to go to kindergarten, and for sick children to look after...

It is quite probable

that for you still “time“ something did not come to change in the life. Hindrances to it will always be, believe. I often advise all who address me, to consider this fact as test of their own readiness for changes. In other words, whether you are ready to play seriously sports, to find true love, to stop spending money for senseless purchases? And to make all this despite obstacles.

Listen to the heart. If it tells “yes“, then at you everything will turn out! As they say in an old proverb, “there would be a desire, and an opportunity will be“.

“Not that week to leave off smoking“

Almost all remember a ridiculous fragment from the movie of the eightieth “Airplane“ where Lloyd Bridges`s hero, the head of dispatching management of the Chicago airport complaining about difficult, almost catastrophic situation told: “I chose obviously not that week to leave off smoking“. Further, in process of increase of danger during the movie, it declared that it was “not that week to stop smelling glue and to accept stimulators“.

on August 29, 2005 I became same as Lloyd Bridges`s hero. While on radio spoke about awful consequences of the hurricane “Katrina“, I lay in a bed with an anti-nicotinic plaster on a hand, with the shrunk stomach, drowned in tears. Three days before it I finally decided to tear with the thirty-year habit. And the only thing that I could tell myself, was:“ Not that week to leave off smoking“.

the evacuation Picture from the congress - the center in New Orleans with shouts of victims about the help forced me to go down to the husband in a garden near the house to make several inhalings it a cigar in hope to weaken tortures. Cramped lungs from pain, but I quickly understood that torments you should not have done it. Nicotinic starvation did not come within miles of feelings which I had after scary messages on victims during a hurricane.

I then I resolved

that I will never afford “one more“. You can imagine it? My habit was so strong that at the time of a stress I instantly would return to it. Instead I left to myself upward again and laid down in a bed, sobbing and praying for the victims of a hurricane and for itself too.

Creating these lines, I thought what passed the whole 340 days since that moment as I left off smoking. Absolutely precisely, the worst time was already behind. Earlier, beginning fight against smoking, I periodically felt anger or pity to myself, but I was rescued by paper with the slogan “Live with It!“, reminding that it was the decision concerning life or death.

I would Prefer to smoke

to calm the nerves and feelings during those terrible events with “Katrina“? Naturally! But I understood one - “that time“ was that moment when the decision began to leave off smoking final therefore I kept, knowing that it was possible to expect approach of suitable week still very long.

From the book “This Year I …
How to Change Habits, to Keep the Promise or to Make That,
of What You Dreamed Long Ago“