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The world famous scientist is god or the ordinary person?

Reference: Kusakin Oleg Grigoryevich (1930-2001) is an outstanding Russian zoologist and the hydrobiologist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, professor who made a huge contribution to studying of flora and fauna prilivno - a drain zone of the Far East seas of Russia. I want to tell about by what I for the first time met him and as then communicated for 34 years. studied

Ya as the biologist - soil faculty of the Leningrad State University. In 1967 we began specialization in departments, and I chose for myself department of ichthyology and hydrobiology. Oleg Grigoryevich read us a special course on the general hydrobiology. We in group were only 8 people. During lectures and seminar occupations the situation always was chamber and benevolent. His lecture were sated with such amount of information that it was almost impossible to digest it at once. He understood it and in the middle of each lecture arranged a small break, telling some ridiculous episodes from the life.

After the termination of a special course we had to take examination. There was it as follows. We pulled out tickets, in each of which there were 3 questions, and sat down to prepare. Oleg Grigoryevich left us one in audience, having told that in 40 minutes he will come. We very much were delighted, got the abstracts and began to refresh the gained knowledge. Soon behind a door knock was heard and a high pitched voice O. G. Kusakin announced: “I already go“. We fast hid “primary sources“ and were going to answer in turn under tickets. And here I got in a queue of one of the first and with a smile approached the teacher: “To us the gray wolf is not terrible!“ Oleg Grigoryevich for form`s sake asked me on one of examination questions, and the execution began then: it “banished“ me at all course, unexpectedly asking the trickiest questions. He maliciously commented on all my misses aloud for other students. Minutes through 30 it released me. Other students from our group obviously of “privyala“, seeing such turn of events.

To the big surprise, I found out that I received the five for the answers. The others received also good and excellent marks, but our teacher had such interesting manner to exhaust students at examinations.

Our next meeting with O. G. Kusakin happened in Zoological institute of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (ZIN) where he worked when I came there to postgraduate study. There I heard many interesting stories about it. Here some of them.

In 1954, being the graduate student, Oleg Grigoryevich made an adventurous trip in everyday sense to the Southern Kuriles for year-round supervision of sea invertebrates in prilivno - a drain zone. Fish whom he caught in the sea was the main food product for it during this period. Oleg Grigoryevich thought out any recipes of preparation of fish somehow to diversify the menu. Fish on carrot columns in white sauce became a masterpiece of its culinary art. When upon return from this long expedition it prepared this dish for the friends, they went gaga over. But all their attempts to learn a culinary secret did not lead to anything.

About Kusakin his colleagues told the following story. He was able some to turn off inexplicably ears in tubules, and then one movement of facial muscles returned them into place. Somehow Oleg Grigoryevich together with two friends went by the trolleybus. Talking, they forgot to pay for journey. Here in the trolleybus the controller welcomed. Seeing it, Kusakin put ears tubules and began to wait when checking approaches them. The controller asked to show tickets. Kusakin “put on the person“ a charming smile and told: “Dear companion, today we celebrate very important anniversary, we have no tickets“. What the controller answered: “If there are no tickets, then pay a penalty!“ Kusakin immediately explained that they celebrate the fifth anniversary of an exit from a mental hospital, and put ears into place. As wind blew off the controller.

At Zoological institute told also such baize. Oleg Grigoryevich somehow conducted tour for school students at institute. He led them through the office course where it was necessary to rise from the first by the second floor on the antediluvian elevator. This flight to one floor was equal to height of the five-floor house. The elevator was old and often broke. When Kusakin with school students approached the elevator, that got stuck in the middle, and inside A. N. Golikov - the young scientist sat for a long time. It had a dense head of hear, short moustaches and wore an invariable white dressing gown. Oleg Grigoryevich led school students up a ladder and, having seen Golikov in an imprisonment, told children: “And here at us there lives a yeti. He was not fed for a long time, you see what it is angry!“ Golikov with fists attacked on an elevator grid, but Olezheka already and a trace caught a cold.

At the end of 60 - x years O. G. Kusakin left Leningrad and work and moved to Vladivostok where he took active part in the organization of future Institute of biology of the sea of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Somehow in the middle of 80 - x it arrived once again to institute and brought with itself(himself) couple of graduate students and the young artist to draw collection animal species. All three girls were beauties, as on selection. Once it passed along a long institute corridor accompanied by girls, he was met requirements by the solid zinovsky employee. They stopped, each other, and zinovets greeted it asked: “And from where at you, Oleg Grigoryevich, such flower bed? “ Kusakin with a pleased smile looked at the girls and answered: “Yes, we have a flower bed, and you have a herbarium here!“ He hit exactly. Average age of staff of Zoological institute “read off scale“ far for fifty.

Being the venerable scientist with a world name, the author of a huge number of scientific publications, O. G. Kusakin till last days of the life remained very simple in communication, available, democratic, and at times and very sharp on language. It always enjoyed wide popularity among the venerable colleagues, and especially at students. For many years he gave lectures on different zoological disciplines. Now his pupils work practically in all scientific centers of Russia and abroad.