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May holidays: where to go? 3 routes for two in Europe

May holidays this year were given long, and many already planned full-fledged trips for this time. You did not decide yet? It is possible to go for only several days there where everything blossoms, already warmly and still uncrowded.


They say that on this island, third largest in the Mediterranean Sea, the goddess of love Aphrodite was born from foam sea. Probably, therefore Cyprus in general and the town Pathos in particular is so located to romantic days off together.

In April - May Cyprus is good

as the bride before a wedding, - freshened up, blossoming, all in a white haze of an orange blossom. Already rather warmly, to sunbathe, but the sun does not turn any excursion into the act of self-immolation yet, beaches and the main sights are almost desert - the word, the ideal moment to travel over the island and to see at last all its interesnost. Well, or anywhere not to go, and to stay together, enjoying a privacy.


For the last best of all will be suitable Pathos, the most romantic resort of Cyprus. Many local hotels accept only couples. Bays here stony, but fans of barefoot walks in the area of a surf can take the car and pass half an hour to the reserve Akamas - there a set of the most beautiful sandy bays, so silent that in them sea turtles are not afraid to lay eggs.

Pathos is entirely included by

in the list of heritage of UNESCO. Here it is possible to see the mosaics on ruins of country houses which perfectly remained for 16 centuries underground, mystical crypts and caves, gloomy, but impressive Tombs of kings, the ancient Odeum theater where representations and concerts, Saint Solomoniya`s catacombs, a column of the apostle Pavel and many other things are still held.

in the Evening will be what too to be engaged. Ktim`s region around medieval port though small and udalenky: there are more than 500 restaurants, taveren and night clubs where and during not season life boils. By all means you descend in taverns - a bouzouki where dance, drink Ouse and abandon each other flower petals: consider it as rehearsal to a wedding.

In Pathos own airport accepting regular flights of “Transaero“, and during a season - and a set of charter flights from Moscow is. The cost of tickets - from € 250, time in way - 3 hours.

of Occupation for two

of the Swimming bath of Aphrodite. That bay where Aphrodite was born, is absolutely near Pathos. If frankly, then it at all not the most beautiful on the island, but to those who in it will bathe there are different remarkable things. Women find beauty and youth, men - unprecedented courage, and lovers who together will float around Pyotr`s rock which is sticking out of water - that are Romiu, on a belief any more will never leave. Who knows, maybe, legends also lie, but it is worth trying all the same.

Cruise on the yacht. Options of sea walk in Pathos offer a set. These are excursions to the neighboring resorts, dayv - a safari, fishing (including on octopuses). And it is possible just to choose romantic cruise in the twilight of lengthways coast with champagne and the dolphins frolicing behind a board.

Horse walk. Troodos - the biggest massif in Cyprus topped with top under the name the Olympus and overgrown with the most beautiful pinery. Here it is possible to come by the jeep, but it is far more interesting to choose horse walk - so you will be able to glance in the most secluded corners of the reserve. Do not forget to stop at small restaurant at the main entrance and to try extremely fine mountain trout.

Shopping in Ktim. the Picturesque local market is good not only for colourful photos: local craft shops offer the excellent choice of products from skin, ware of handwork, and also gold and silver jewelry - it is possible to gather souvenirs for friends and close and beautiful gifts for memory of romantic vacation.


the Name of this Slovenian city sounds as a fantastic spell. And it is valid, Maribor is able to charm, otherwise why in heart of mountain Slovenia throughout centuries sufferers of rest from other countries would aspire?

It seems that for the last 800 years the current of time stood here as if through a sieve of decades passing in the future only the best. 400 years ago the most ancient grapevine which is still yielding a harvest was put in Maribor. Natural white wines of Mariborya are related to the German rieslings. Here perfectly the Rhine rod got accustomed, in century before last it gave such wines that avstro - the Hungarian imperial house was not ashamed to send the Slovenian riesling to a table of reigning relatives. As a souvenir it is worth buying Rhine in the oldest cellar of Maribor Vinac (near € 8 for a bottle).

200 years ago the old city got the shape which remained to this day. It is possible to glance on Lent Embankment at the Drava River, to feed snow-white swans and bright ducks. It is possible to rise to the market and to buy from the farmer a liter large bottle of dark dense pumpkin oil for € 12. It is possible to indulge himself a zakher - cake which correct recipe remained in inheritance from the Austrian domination and to be warmed by a cup of hot chocolate or strong coffee (from € 1).

50 years ago on Pokhorye ski resorts appeared: even the spoiled Austrians come families here. To estimate a charm of this place the easiest in the spring when in Maribor slopes already turn green, and hrustalno clean air rings from a cool and bird`s songs. Morning jogs, day swimming in thermal water, walks on the wood with a sack of delicacies for squirrels, excursion to Graz or Ljubljana - an excellent occasion to find an opportunity for long May days off.

Flight to Ljubljana, Vienna or Venice. To Vienna - “The Austrian airlines“, “Aeroflot“, from 9000 rub, further by a taxi (from € 200) 2,5 hours to Maribor.

of Occupation for two

the Thermal pool. the Thermal medical center Fontana with a complex of outdoor and indoor pools with warm (from 33 to 37 º C) the thermal water extracted from depth of 1600 m - the best that Slovenia for all who dream to come off vanity can offer and to return itself a sound body and composure.

Energy balance. For restoration of power balance in mountains, among the murmuring streams and evergreen trees, near the elevator to the resort of Bolfenk and to Bellevue hotel, laid a special “power“ track. Boulders noted points of natural “recharge“. They say that hour walk with stops in each power point of the earth restores balance of all vital systems of an organism: hearts, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs and other.

U three Rybnikov. the Restaurant on Ribniska Street, 9, 400 years, is given by only traditional Slovenian dishes here and grow up greens right there on beds. In a cellar accept for appetite a liqueur glass of borovnichevy tincture - black color with the whole bilberry berries. For lunch take dense goulash. Present only where there is a meat of wild animals - a bear or at least a deer is considered. A dessert - it is impossible a tasty karamelizirovanny pear, and in the fall a local kind of a strudel - a curl with bilberry.



of Severo - the West of Majorca strikingly differs from the most part of the island: here centenary trams and trains go on medieval small streets, rocky coast break to the azure sea, and air is given to drink by aromas of needles and the blossoming orange trees. Here it is necessary to go after spring.

the Ancient tiny electric locomotive hardly pulls the wooden cars filled by tourists. Puffing and being answerable, he clambers on the mountains, dives into the tunnel and leaves it in absolutely other country: adust fields are replaced by orange and olive groves. It is difficult to believe that Solyer and Palma - - Majorca divides 30 km which the vintage train overcomes for hour

On station walls in Solyere Juan Miro`s works remained, and in one of halls the collection of ceramics of Pablo Picasso is exposed. Solyer in general very artistic town. Despite the tiny sizes, it contains several museums, uncountable private galleries, jeweler workshops and design shops. Still it makes sense to glance on the market behind local olive oil of which solyerets terribly are proud and consider as the best in the world. Buy also the most tasty orange jam which is easy for absorbing banks.

is farther than

A - you take the tram which recently noted the century. Earlier in these cars transported passengers, oranges and fresh fish, now generally - idle travelers. The tram will bring you straight to the Port - - Solyer - this secluded, perfectly protected bay once was chosen long ago by fishermen, then - creative beau monde, and now the tourists who are sunbathing on the beach, sauntering along the embankment or slowly eating at numerous small restaurants manage here.

At Solyer much in common with France. The reason for that - the French revolution and that Tramuntana, to be exact her part - the mountain chain of Alfabia which was reliably separating Solyer`s valley and a bay from other island. Enterprising French adjusted trade in a citrus and olives with the former homeland thanks to what the city prospered. Descendants of the French who took cover here for horrors of revolution still make considerable part of the population thanks to what in the city it is easily possible to speak both in Spanish, and in French.

Port - - Solyer - an ideal starting point for foot and bicycle walks on Sierra - - Tramuntana. Especially here well in the spring when the head goes around from violence of flowers and aromas.

Direct flights from Moscow to Majorca are only at S7 Airlines: during a season - to six flights to week on the Airbus A320 liners. Time in way - 3,5 hours, cost - from € 366. During a low season of S7 Airlines offers flight through Madrid or Munich.

of Occupation for two

to Admire a decline. To the Port - - Solyere is two beautiful places on the rocks framing an entrance to a bay, - small restaurant of Es Faro (“Beacon“) at Cap Gros beacon (here serve seafood), and on the opposite side - the bar Sunset Lounge Bar in Jumeirah Port Soller hotel (the best cocktails on the island here).

to Battle against Moors. “Moors and Christians“ (Moros y Cristianos) - an annual fancy-dress festival. In the second days off of May citizens get an armor and shoe-polish from closets that cheerful carnival fight to celebrate a victory which on May 11, 1561 Solyer`s inhabitants won over the Arab pirates.

to Walk on the mountains. Tracking and cyclings are still not too popular among Russians so during such active occupations you will appear in the company of Europeans. Excursions can be ordered in the city or directly in hotel. In the latter case you will be given the conductor, will supply to the road with drinks and snack tapas, and still will provide a discount in Spa - the center.

to Listen to live music. At the Ran de Mar restaurant located on Port Embankment - - Solyera, in the evenings not only elegantly feed and mix excellent cocktails, but also fine live music plays. Little tables on a verandah are good, but surely glance inside: interiors of restaurant will be to the taste to admirers of a modern decor.