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Easter eggs - together with children: the master - Add a class with a photo of

to the tested ways to paint eggs for Easter two more! The result is guaranteed even if children will be engaged in decoration of eggs. Your task - to provide food dye, a figured puncher and wax crayons in their order. Well, and to observe process.

Decoration of Easter eggs by means of figured punchers

One of the fastest and easy ways to decorate with

Easter eggs - to use figured punchers for creation of decorative elements. At the same time the result always turns out impressive!

to you it will be necessary for

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  • the white eggs hard-boiled;
  • food dyes for eggs of two flowers;
  • sheet of self-adhesive paper;
  • figured punchers with different pictures.
  1. Slightly - slightly paint white egg, using the divorced purchased dye. Color of the painted egg has to be soft that silhouettes of pictures were well noticeable.

  1. a puncher make figures of butterflies and flowers Of self-adhesive paper.

  1. Remove protective paper from each figure.

  1. Paste figures on egg, without forgetting to smooth paper properly.

  1. Dip the egg which is pasted over with figures into dye of more dark color. It is important that it was brighter or more dark, than previous. It is necessary to make it very quickly that the paper picture applied on egg, not a razmokl in water.

  1. Dry egg and then remove from it paper figures - under them there will be beautiful light silhouettes of flowers and butterflies.

of Egg, painted with wax pencils

even kids can Decorate eggs in such a way. It is possible to draw anything: flowers, animals, curls, it is possible even to do inscriptions.

to you it will be necessary for

of p:

  1. Paint the white cooked egg with wax pencils.

  1. Make an inscription.

  1. Lower egg in paint, sustain time declared by the producer of paint, and then get and dry.

From the book “Easter Jewelry and Gifts the Hands“