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Easter: hand-made articles the hands. The decoupage of eggs and ornament - a support of

In those families where celebrate Easter, try to make every year with own hands some new ornament for a holiday table. Fine idea for family creativity - an effective egg cup, children can quite participate in its production. And here decoration of eggs in equipment a decoupage - a task is rather for adults: very delicate work!

Ornament - the Birds of paradise egg cup

These birdies look just magically! Even the simplest table will look with them elegantly. The main material for these original supports - cardboard boxes - cells which for certain will be at home or in the nearest shop.

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birdies and of color cardboard boxes, then you should not paint them.
  1. Draw with a felt-tip pen contours of birdies in two external angular cells as it is shown on a photo.

  1. Cut out birdies on a contour. From one box on ten eggs at you two supports will turn out.

  1. Paint supports acrylic paints or gouache. Let`s them dry completely.

  1. Pick up beautiful feathers in color of “color“ of a birdie and paste them to support inside all-purpose adhesive.

  1. On a head of a birdie paste a cop - a feather piece.

  1. the Place of gluing of a cop close

    a droplet of glue spangles.

  1. Paste eyes. The support is ready!

of Egg in equipment the decoupage

Of course, professionally painted eggs - pisanka is a result of big skill. But there is an alternative - a decoupage! The pictures pasted on eggs in this equipment look as the real drawings! And at the same time such decor is absolutely safe, it is just paper and glue the most natural - egg white.

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Option 1

  1. Take

    crude egg and separate protein from a yolk.

  1. Cut out the pleasant image from a napkin.

  1. Stratify a napkin, having separated the top layer with drawing from two lower white layers.

  1. Put the image on egg and begin it to coat with the flat brush moistened in protein. Iron all folds that the napkin became equal. Completely dry up the picture.

Option 2

  1. Take

    a napkin with a continuous pattern. Separate two lower layers.

  1. From a thin top layer of a napkin dig small pieces uneven from all directions.

  1. Paste over egg with such pieces from all directions. Glue pieces with an overlap that one piece found on another on 1 - 2 mm. Let`s a napkin dry completely.

From the book “Easter Jewelry and Gifts the Hands“