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Since Monday I go on a diet!

Familiar phrase, isn`t that so? Really, diets now in fashion, more than ever. Restrictive and low-calorie, according to Bragg, Shelton or Montinyak, made according to a lunar calendar and just by councils of the aunt Klava … All want to be harmonous and tightened.

our magazine addressed a subject of vegetarian and separate food in a family more than once. The general conclusions of are as follows: hobby of adults should not concern small children - they are not capable to share belief of mother and the father neither according to physiological indications, nor for ideological reasons. Specialists of scientific research institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science consider that vegetarian or “separate“ food for the healthy child is admissible only as the “unloading“ mode, that is has to be short-term. As for kids who need a medical diet, only the doctor - the expert can appoint it.

Today we will dare to deviate from a children`s subject and to offer adults several useful tips on a problem of healthy food.

Mikhail Gurvich - a star of domestic dietology, the nutritionist - the gastroenterologist, the candidate of medical sciences, the research associate of clinic of medical foods of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. We offer some recommendations from its best-sellers “Diet for Health“ and “In total about a Diet“ .

Hardly you will grow thin, leading an inactive life. At least give 30 minutes a day to physical activity - run, driving the bicycle, swimming, weeding of beds on a site.