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TV host Irina of Muromtsev: ``Did not want that the husband was on childbirth``

the TV host Irina of Muromtsev, the hostess of the Good morning program on Russia channel, became a mother for the second time recently. 35 - summer Irina carried out all pregnancy in the face of the audience, on air - and wonderfully looked, confirming with the look that expectation of the kid paints the woman. Now the younger daughter is not 2 months old yet, and Irina is already called back for work.

of Irina and Maxim`s Wedding, November, 2012

- Irina, during pregnancy you perfectly looked. You did something especially for preservation of a figure?

- Well, in - the first, work, the continuous movement simply will not allow to be wrapped in free clothes and, referring to whimsicality of a state, to grow lazy and start itself. And in - the second, not specially but because so for a long time it developed: once a week - the cosmetologist, 2 times - occupations by yoga. Very much I lacked a bath, I approximately till fourth month went every week, on Fridays. And now, while I feed the baby, do not recommend a steam room - and I wait I will not wait when it is possible. Ease, inflow of forces is only after a bath!

- whether Much you traveled to pregnancy time?

Cannot tell

that there is a lot of - all - I worked, Lyubasha - the oldest daughter - studies. The last flight was for New Year`s holidays already on big term. Flew to Egypt. Did not decide further though there were plans to fly to Thailand. I think, we correctly made. Long sitting in a chair, sharp change of climate - I though acted to the last, but understood that the organism can not understand such loadings.

- whether your pregnancies Differed? How you gained weight? Whether the figure after the delivery changed?

- By and large the state during pregnancy resembled both then and now. Early, but short toxicosis. A gradual increase in weight. Unfortunately, any more I do not remember how quickly last time returned to norm - all - was nearly 12 years ago. But precisely by the time of as ceased to feed, began to grow thin strongly - on 10 kg in comparison with what was to.

Now Sashenke nearly 2 months, to former weight still it is necessary to throw off kilograms five - six. Though I and on a diet, but at breastfeeding double effect: you can be on a diet, without flour, sweet, fat to avoid rash or kolik at the child, but weight costs - the reason in hormones. Therefore I especially do not worry for a figure. Even moreover, it is sure: will be, as with the first child.

of the Extract from maternity hospital, March, 2013

- you remained at work to the last - it was not heavy? It was not necessary to change something in an operating schedule?

- Air is air - where you will move it! If it is honest, and it seems to me, the baby in it up to the end supported me, I to stay at home and could not! I love the work, means and the child experiences positive emotions. Then, of course, I listened to myself all the time, and still my pregnancy was conducted by remarkable doctors from the Center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology of Kulakov.

- you went to maternity hospital directly from shootings. You can tell in more detail about the significant moment when you understood that it is time?

- Here you will not believe, but it was my last working day. I knew that here - here to give birth and even from the next day already at work wrote the application. But my baby did not remain sitting. And directly on record of the guest I felt: something not that! Waters began to depart. So I called the doctor, the husband, the editor-in-chief and went home. Fights were not. Last time at me waters on the way also departed, and I knew that the main thing - not to panic!

- As far as the first and second labor differed?

- I prepared For the birth of the oldest daughter thoroughly. Went to courses of preparation for childbirth, at me from those even abstracts remained - how to use an aromomasl what means can be applied during pregnancy and feeding if suddenly cold or a stomach ached, etc., etc. To me, by the way, which - that from there it was useful. The instruction, for example, what to take in maternity hospital - it did not become outdated almost. I on these courses got ready for vertical childbirth on a ball, concluded the contract with maternity hospital in the city of Vidnoye - but as a result with a ball so nothing left. Until reached in maternity hospital, strong contractions went. As there that occurred, I also do not remember: everything was, as in fog.

With Sasha was differently. I also home managed to come around, we with the husband took all bags prepared in advance, reached, and fights everything were not. Time - the 10th evenings. My doctor Victor Leonidovich Tyutyunnik is the chief physician of the center on Oparin - I gather after work home, and here. All are brought to a state of full combat readiness. Wait. Fights though strong, but very rare. It is clear, that if so goes further, then there will be everything at daybreak. There is no wish to be izmochalenny long night fights by the morning at all - me first of all therefore made an epiduralka. In 23. The 45th baby was born.

of the Father with the daughter - in a few minutes after the delivery

- your husband (the musical producer Maxim Volkov - an editor`s note) was present at childbirth? For it it is the first child.

- Maxim did not plan to be on childbirth. More precisely, I did not want it. It - nature impressionable. But somehow everything twirled, at the beginning I had low pressure - in eyes circles, fights awfully painful - he tried to distract me jokes. I look, it already and changed clothes... Yes then there was also no wish that he left. Generally, there was it at me behind the back and as the baby was born, photographed continuously. I look at these photos now - and I understand that the person was absolutely in a condition of the changed consciousness! Everything is imprinted. Even figures on scales - 3602.

- And in general, you think that it is important to give birth with the husband? To attend parental courses?

- Men at us, as a rule, consider that all this is not courageous, it is not accepted, nonsense. But I near the husband felt much more surely and more quietly. If nevertheless the man does not venture childbirth, then let at least courses will be - and not only in order that also he experienced what is 9 months to carry the child. It is unlikely the husband himself will ask on courses or childbirth, but if he passes it because you did not want, then you can consider that deprived of him the most unique feelings in life.

- Many women say that absolutely different feelings from motherhood when you give birth in youth and after, say, to thirty. What your opinion?

- Me it is difficult for strong to judge so far, all - Sashenke also two months are not present. But if to speak about nervousness in anticipation of the child`s birth, then yes, really now I felt and I feel more surely. With Lyubasha, I remember, came back from maternity hospital with thought:“ Well, everything now my life will change by 180 degrees“. In general, so it also left, only these changes were exclusively pleasant.

- As you thought out names for daughters?

- This time thought long, chose between Stefanie, Ekaterina. The husband had Nicole in favourites. Eventually we pulled a lot. The decree of fate specified addressed to which was thought up just, in that day when it was impossible to postpone already because in a registry office all terms left. And the baby became Aleksandra.

the Name of Lyubasha too arose not at once. At me not the most pleasant associations are connected with it - the nurse harmful in kindergarten was with such name. But here miracles: in - the first when I so called the daughter, the name completely changed “coloring“, and in - the second, it very much suits it. I look at it: Love as it is!

of Irina with the oldest daughter Lyubasha

- Liouba is 12 years soon. What is she engaged in, than is fond? You said that at it Marilyn Manson`s poster hangs on a wall.

- Yes, to Lyubasha in June it will be executed twelve. Two Snakes at me turn out. Speak, from the Horse - and I was born in a year of the Horse - they walk all over. Let`s look. Lyubasha is interested in a lot of things. Manson - hobby of the last year, before in indisputable favourites there was only Zemfira. The daughter likes to stage: she at school last year put the pass - a performance. Writes verses. Dreams of several professions at once: wants to translate books, to become the actress, to open the of the land - the bar and to be engaged in the interior designer a little more. Nature is creative!

- is not jealous of younger sister?

- Is not present

, with Sasha nurses pleasure. Worried at first: probably, uncertainty frightened while I was in the family way. And now first of all after school runs to wash hands that to tinker with the baby.

- you nurse?

- Yes, I will also feed so much how many it will turn out. I understand that it is important both for health, and for mentality of the child process. Fed Lyubasha half a year how many it will turn out from Sashenkaya, I do not know. The administration insists on my return after May holidays though I would like to sit at home longer: with the senior daughter I was in the decree one and a half years. So it is necessary to use small bottles. After them, I read, children already reluctantly take a breast. But we will look. Here everything is important: both health of the child, and self-realization of mother, and welfare of a family at last!

- Who helps with education of children?

- So far - the husband, but with appearance at work it is necessary to call on help either the nurse, or the grandmother.

- Irina, and the most important question finally: you want more children?

- I Want, even despite a chronic sleep debt, a radical change of vital way, care. Not to compare this happiness to anything. As the daughter looks, moves with handles, sulks, smells, smiles. Miracle! As it is possible not to want to repeat it!.