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Congratulations in verses on anniversary: 50, 55, 60 years and other dates of

Congratulating relatives and friends on anniversary, sometimes there is a wish to highlight important date. Well, the congratulations in verses collected by us will help to make it - congratulate on anniversary of men and women from 20 and till 80 years!

of 20 years


does not have

of a date, likely, more happily -
long life ahead!
I everything that in dreams, - every one is able,
Are open to fulfillments of a way! Let all of them will be successful

Will present fine days,
Where waits for affairs of interesting
I much the pleasure of a victory excites! Start up

helps to submit luck
of Height easily!
of Love of inspired moments,
That in 20 on wings to fly!

of 25 years

25 are an age of blossoming:
Experience is, it is a lot of plans and forces,
A lives in soul in the best belief,
That the instant everyone is fine, beautiful!

Let dreams will quickly be embodied,
Inspires delight from victories!
of Prosperity, pleasure, happiness,
Only of successful ideas, light years!

Let friends will be near true, People relatives give to
Will become an award
bright today Warmth of the most sincere words!

of 30 years

the Fine age - 30 years,
B is mute - pleasure of life, gloss of victories,
Blossoming and experience, and force!

is pleasant to remember everything that was, new dreams to meet,
of the Way - the road to plan
Let everything will always be fine!

of Good luck, kindness and happiness,
I only of light, clear days,
of Love of the family, heat of friends,
of Wellbeing, prosperity,
In affairs - success and an order!

of 35 years

of Date young people anniversary -
Among them and age 35:
As is pleasant to hear congratulations,
with pleasure to dream Of the future!

Ahead - happy events:
Days that beauty fills,
New and bright opening,
the Come true light dream!

Let do not cease wishes,
Toasts for victories and success
I will be rewarded all efforts!
Let is to a steep slope, best of all!

of 40 years

are told Let - the bad sign
to celebrate Wonderful this holiday... All prejudices of the Stone Age
on time - it is time to welcome guests! Let this date - nice such -
Bring to

many joyful minutes
I the feeling of happiness generously gives,
Gifts with all the heart, wait for surprises!

of Good luck and hope of the embodiment,
of Ideas fine, new in 40 years,
of Successful affairs, and bright achievements,
I of long-awaited, significant victories!

of 45 years

of Optimism also of energy
B 45 the young soul is full -
the Occasion is to become proud of progress
I to tell everything that life is good!

Let a toast will be given by
To that happiness today that the destiny,
For friends - only true and sincere gives,
For the family that will be supported always!

For all light, for all best
I that else ahead!
Let tops and heights of all will turn out to reach With little effort


of 50 years

B 50 decorated the house with flowers,
Kind smiles of guests,
Sincere, warm words -
Let from them becomes brighten!

Joyful, solar date!
Gold, fine anniversary!
Let for luck life will be rich,
Generosity and attention of friends!

With all the heart - luck, good luck,
of Lovely and pleasant news!
Only in great mood
to be always and in this anniversary!

of 55 years

Two five - as if two tops,
Everyone - victories a bright sign!
is A lot of in life joyful was -
to Remember everyone is glad today to

Solar, light moments, Voploshchenye`s
of plans and ideas,
Infinity of warm impressions,
Series of pleasant, strange days!

Ahead - still is more than progress, waits for
of Achievements and fulfillments,
So start up them will be exactly so much,
That exact count was lost!

of 60 years


Wonderful words and congratulations
Let are given by people dear to heart!
Beautiful, anniversary birthday
Let joyful and the brightest will be!

Come true dreams and wishes,
of Subjects is remembered so significant milestone,
That in 60 all only begins,
waits in everything for great success Much!

Let will be filled each new hour with happiness, the Care and attention surround with

I optimism conducts a direct road
To luck, good luck, prosperity!

Anniversary - a remarkable holiday,
Heart is young

of 70 years in 70 years! it is so pleasant to
to Remember this day
events important in destiny!

Was bright moments much - the hope inspired her with
of when the soul
I blossomed!
Let will be so eternal, always!

it was necessary to Wish only good luck
I of a fulfillment of light dream,
of Prosperity, the world, and happiness,
I of the family of boundless love!

of 80 years

of 80 kind years:
B them - and pleasure from victories,
I from nice achievements,
of Truly made decisions!

Is a wise, serene look,
That is more expensive than all awards,
I a smile that shines brightly, -
Let dream will be achieved,

Will be young soul,
Life - as before, is good!
Let health will be strong!
of Days happy, kind, light!

From the book “Congratulations in Verses for Family Holidays“

of Anastasius Churay