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Anniversary: congratulations in verses and toasts - the woman, the man of

anniversary of relatives, acquaintances, colleagues Comes? It is a high time to stock up with a congratulation in verses. In them the number of years of the hero of the anniversary is not accented, and many wishes will suit both to the woman, and the man. With such congratulation you will look during the holiday adequately and originally!

In day of anniversary wants to tell

As much as possible warm, kind words,
Heartily to wish good health,
That surrounded tenderness and love! Start up
the lovely house,
will be cozy the Success and happiness in it live always,
Come true dreams from light dreams
I the best years give pleasure!

Let to fulfillment of desires of the road
is Attracted, call - and the dream will come true,
In a year anniversary will be many victories,
are Waited by prosperity, success in affairs!
of Courage, energy, force,
to go constantly forward!
Let will be conquered the seas and peaks,
With a fair wind always let is lucky!

In day this bright - pleasures, dobra,
of Flowers and congratulations in anniversary!
Let will be better tomorrow, than yesterday,
I becomes brighten every instant!
Let the best regards of the word
Will present to heart a lot of warmth!
of Energy for long years,
Happy executions of dream!
of Health and pleasant, lovely meetings!
Burns start up luck a star,
That cheerfulness and energy to preserve
I to keep hope forever!

Today a wonderful holiday - anniversary!
Is wishing to go, as always, forward
I to believe that each new day
will bring Good luck and luck!
Start up any affairs - are argued
of Success and brilliant victories,
will not be to achievements of number
For much long and happy years!
Let life on pleasure will be generous!
I this century of mad speeds -
of the Cosiness and family heat
From heart in nice, bright anniversary!

With day important, solemn we congratulate!
of Health excellent, good luck we wish,
that life and progress gave Prosperity,
Excellent always mood was!
was succeeded to Reach to this date much,
But anniversary - affairs fine began! Let it give to
many brilliant victories!
of a great fortune and joyful years!

This day - a remarkable occasion,
That in everything to sum up the results of

That expensive new
With optimism on life to go farther!
Let in way wait for success, prosperity,
is A lot of bright, happiest days!
Let good memoirs
Leaves anniversary in soul!

is Become a been lovelier more, cozier by the house
In bright and fine anniversary -
of Pleasure and happiness so much in it,
seems Day today is lighter!
Compliments, toasts and flowers -
Let wonderful will be an instant any,
Will come true magic dreams,
Surround tenderness and love!
inspiration will bring the Holiday, it Surprises with
let again and again,
That memoirs the whole year
Warmed heart kindness!

Toasts let sound also congratulations!
As is fine, bright anniversary: Everything in excellent, kind mood
At heart from it is lighter than
Let wishes are fulfilled,
Gives happiness, pleasure an instant any,
warm-heartedness, attention,
of Relatives understanding, love!
of the good health, prosperity,
of Cheerfulness, energy and forces,
That important and nice
future generously brought Year victories!

With anniversary! With wonderful date!
With bright, light, concerning in the afternoon! today Be especially happy
Let lives pleasure in your house! Vigorous and optimistical
within years,
With all the heart - moods excellent!
to All Dari smiles clear light,
the Kindness, wisdom huge
I be loyal always to dream!
of Protsvetanya, prosperity of immodest
I health, of course, to you!

Anniversary nice date
On heat of words fine is rich with

In surprises, on pleasure, gifts -
Fill glasses yes of a cup!
This toast - for good luck and happiness,
For darlings geniality, participation,
For energy, cheerfulness and forces,
That everything in life only festively was!

Gifts, bright flowers
I of manifestation of kindness,
of Recognition of the family, friends
In wonderful, nice anniversary.
All for you and in your honor!
Thank you that at us you are!
In an hour remarkable such
we Wish to look younger soul!
Let is executed dream
I kindness surrounds,
Bear good luck, happiness days
I will be light they!

From the book “Congratulations in Verses for Family Holidays“

of Anastasius Churay