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Dyukan`s diet and Latina - the American dances: minus 17 kg of

As well as all women, I want to eat and not to get fat. But it, unfortunately, happens only in fairy tales. One fine day I approached a mirror and saw something - it something was about - very big, with the second chin, earthy complexion, the falling-out tummy, with huge legs and cellulitis on the most unnecessary place. What was seen threw me in indescribable shock. Though I always was slightly plump - 66 kg in 16 years with a height of 152 cm, but what I saw in a mirror, set me thinking. It not only unattractive appearance, but also problems with health. And that day I iron decided to grow thin and the incentive is excellent - a summer trip to the sea.

Having seen enough advertizing TV, Vibroton decided to order. As a masseur it fine, but hated centimeters also did not think to leave. Then on the Internet ordered Ab Serkl Pro - really, the result is, by means of it 2 cm went to waists. But it in 3 weeks of daily trainings for 1,5 hours - me seemed it is too long.

Then decided to go on a diet. Long looked for under different articles and found. It was Dyukan`s diet. Many girls refuse diets, speak “I cannot resist food“. I thought that years in 60 very few people my figure will be interesting, and I am a minimum of years 15 I will eat everything that I will want. Therefore now, so far young, it is possible to limit a little itself. I got up courage and decided that since Monday I will “attack“ fat.

Before this experiment I weighed 71 kg. 4 days later my weight decreased by 5 kg. Results were stunning, I grew thin in the eyes. When passed to the second stage, weighed already 63 kg. Then decided to play also sports. But as tiresome exercises in the gym brought only wild muscle pain, I decided to register in the Latin American dances. And in few weeks 6 kg left.

And so, there passed about 2 months, I weigh 54 kg now. With 71 to 54 - I also did not expect such result. I became more attractive, I have practically always a good mood. And even it dread to think that some 4 months ago I was such dimensional. And I considered that it is unreal to be harmonous if there is a big thorax, - as I was mistaken.

I Hope that this article inspired someone, there is nothing impossible, it is necessary to make a few efforts only.

of Cyrus