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What to do with a big harvest of a sloe? To wet!

Got to talking we somehow with the friend, and suddenly it became clear that he “without concept how it - to wet a sloe?“. He also, by the way, remembered that the grandmother once a sloe wetted it, especially when these berries picked much. But process and a compounding of a mocheniye did not know, here and addressed me …

Yes, a lot of things it is possible to do with this fine berry - there is a fresh collecting, to cook jam, compotes, special fruit liqueur to do including to wet, as well as other gifts of the nature - fruits, vegetables, berries. In what “confidential sense“ of this process? And that some part of berry sugar under the influence of lactic bacteria and yeast turns into lactic acid and alcohol. It also preserves our wetted berries. And the more in them collects lactic acid and alcohol, the longer and better they remain. Here also it turns out that this process differs from widespread fermentations and a pickles of vegetables a little.

In the wetted berries already mentioned lactic acid and therefore they become pleasantly collects over time turned sour - sweet. The carbonic acid and alcohol which are formed during process of fermentation impact the relish which is very invigorating with it, refreshing.

Soaked berries of a sloe can obtain also unpleasant nasty taste with a smell of acetic acid or the spoiled silo. It can occur if the ware for a mocheniye was badly processed or if already wetted sloe incorrectly was stored. In the first case there is an acetic fermentation at which alcohol turns into acetic acid, and in another - butyrate fermentation at which sugar and lactic acid turn into oleic acid. It usually occurs when fruits ferment at a temperature from 30 degrees and above.

In our forest-steppe district (Orenburg region), as a rule, at big harvesting wetted a sloe, apples, ranetka, plums. However it is possible to wet also some other “exotic“ gifts of the woods and gardens. About fifty years ago the soaked sloe was available in the majority of rural houses.

Process of receiving a sound product includes continuous supervision and care of soaked berries. It is necessary to remove sometimes foam and a mold, at least once in a week to wash out a napkin, a podgnyotny circle and freight in hot water.

The soaked sloe will surprise you and your guests with original, special taste of both berries, and drink, but drink approaches a holiday table. The variety of a compounding of soaking of a sloe is almost lost. Memories of the grandmother and her self-made collection with prescription records will help us to return a good direction of use of a sloe.

Simplest the way of a mocheniye of a sloe looked approximately so.

To touch berries, to choose ripe and intact. To prepare the glass or enameled ware of suitable volume, and also a napkin, a wooden circle (it is desirable oak) and bends (a weighty pure and prokipyachyonny cobble-stone). To wash out berries cold (it is desirable spring) water. To prepare filling and to add it to ware with berries. To allow to settle mixes week at the room temperature and to be drawn in a cellar or in a basement within a month.

In what proportions what undertakes?

• Sloe berries - 10 kg.

• Brine:

- granulated sugar - 140 g;

- salt - 70 g;

- water - 5 liters.

All. Here so everything is simple and available, wise and not especially thorny that allows to make use of a large number of berries of a sloe.

My friend, if carries, will try to test our recipe this fall, try also you. Experiment! Good luck! In my opinion, time of full revival ancient, centuries of the checked traditional cuisine just also came …