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Urine incontience at women: Kegel`s exercises or operation?

an urine Incontience at women - a widespread problem. Especially the fair sex suffers from a so-called stressful incontience: statistically, about 60% of cases of an illness are the share of it. Whether it is possible to get rid of this problem?

What is it?

the Stressful incontience of urine arises at physical activity, cough, sneezing, laughter and any other action which is followed by increase of intra belly pressure. Urine loss in the small portions, literally on drops is characteristic of a stressful incontience. Loss of liquid happens involuntarily and with a desire to an urination of communication has no. it is simple to p to Present to

the mechanism of pathological process. Increase of intra belly pressure at cough, sneezing or laughter involves “pushing out“ of urine from a bladder in an urethra. Urethra sphincters at a stressful incontience are injured and cannot carry out the function - to constrain urine current thanks to what it is freely allocated outside.

many diseases and pathological states which form a basis for formation of a stressful incontience of urine Exist. Here the main of them:

Diagnostics and treatment

As a rule, diagnosis of this pathology does not cause in the doctor of special difficulties. For this purpose there are quite enough data of poll and survey of the patient. However, to make sure of the assumption, the doctor is obliged to appoint by it full inspection.

the Plan laboratory - tool methods of research at suspicion on a stressful incontience of urine can include




needs This inspection for an exception of a pathological, organic basis for an urine incontience. After the doctor finally decides on the diagnosis, the course of treatment is selected. It can be carried out in two directions: conservative and quick.

Conservative treatment of a stressful incontience is shown to

in mild cases. It has to be complex and include:

  1. prevention of excess weight and fight against extra kilos;
  2. normalization of a hormonal background;
  3. treatment of chronic diseases of internals (the bronchitis which is followed by cough, a lock etc.) ;
  4. to
  5. training of muscles of a pelvic bottom - for this purpose well is suitable Kegel`s exercise;
  6. physiotherapeutic treatment.
However conservative treatment not always gives to

the expressed effect if structural violation of an urogenital diaphragm is the cornerstone of a stressful incontience of urine. Therefore the only way to cope with a problem - to solve it in the surgical way.

Surgical treatment

is developed by

Now several correcting operations which purpose is elimination of a stressful incontience of urine.

the Forward kolporafiya includes plasticity of a vagina during which the “support“ of an urethra allowing to hold urine is created. However, unfortunately, such operation is only a temporary measure. In a year efficiency of a forward kolporafiya makes no more of 50 - 60%, and 3 years of later - only 25%.

Introduction of objemobrazuyushchy preparations leads

to education under a mucous membrane of an urethra of peculiar “pillows“. As the drug is injected in several places, there is a narrowing of an urethra that creates a peculiar base for the best deduction of urine. Operation is simple, it is carried out under local anesthesia and only 10 minutes last. However efficiency of treatment is also low: in a year the positive effect is fixed only at of 40 - 60% patients.

Implantation of a synthetic sredneuretralny baby sling is at the moment one of the most effective techniques of treatment of a stressful incontience of urine. Long-term efficiency is observed in of 85 - 90% cases. Good results of treatment are caused by the fact that prosthetics of the damaged urogenital diaphragm is carried out by means of a synthetic bioinert tape. After a while it sprouts tissues of the patient and becomes “part of a body of the woman“. Operation is carried out under regionarny anesthesia, and the patient is written out home the next days after manipulation. It is remarkable that in a month the woman can already return to full-fledged life including intimate.