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Alice in Wonderland: how to plunge into the world of the imagination

Ah, this Alice in Wonderland! The little girl with an angelic face and linen ringlets or the brunette - the madcap with an impudent look? History one, and Alice all the time different. And, probably, in it its biggest riddle. And what Alice is pleasant to you? That which was seen by the classic John Tenniel or the modern artist Rebecca Dotremer? We offer the review of the best editions and interesting illustrations to Lewis Carrol`s book.

Today the choice of editions of “Alice in Wonderland“ is huge

, the image of the little English girl which once is thought up by Lewis Carroll is spread around not only in numerous books, but also in animated films, cinema, and computer games. Modern creators interpret Alice`s image differently, keeping at the same time her invariable attractiveness. Everyone can choose “Alice“: in Nina Demurova`s translation or Vladimir Nabokov and Boris Zakhoder`s retellings, with Artur Rekhema or Gennady Kalinovsky`s illustrations.

Knows that first “Alice in Wonderland“ left in Russia in 1879, in 14 years after the publication in the homeland, under the name “The Sleepyhead in a Miracle Kingdom“. Since then, before revolution and after revolution, all new interpretations of the mysterious English fairy tale appeared. In 60 - x years of the 20th century the translation of work the literary critic Nina Mikhaelovna Demurova was engaged in p in

, its translation of “Alice in Wonderland“ is considered initial. However, ardent admirers of Alice are skeptical about all Russian-language transfers and retellings enough, claiming that outstanding work needs to be read only in the original, otherwise not to comprehend all subtleties of language game of professor Carroll. Illustrators have, at first sight, freedoms much more. But also they are faced by a hard task.

the Very first illustrations belonged to the author, to Lewis Carroll, however, they decorated the manuscript and did not enter the first printing edition just because were not rather professional. On them Carroll tried to give similarity of the heroine with a prototype, little Alice Liddel. As real Alice - not a secret looked, enough her photos are known, but artists by no means not always observe the historical truth, everyone molds the Alice from numerous riddles, meanings and puzzles which the fairy tale is sated.

of the Illustration of John Tenniel to the first edition of “Alice in Wonderland“ are considered classical, but on them the heroine is not similar to the girl Liddel at all.

Blond and big-eyed Alice in a magnificent dress as the doll, meets the White Rabbit, Cheshire Kot, Bolvanshchik and other characters in whose image the talent of the caricaturist John Tenniel completely revealed.

One more English classic, Artur Rekhem, represented Alice long-haired and fair-haired too. In the illustrations Rekhem created more detailed world of the Wonderland, not such comical, as at Tenniel, but phantasmagoric. By the way, Artur Rekhema`s illustrations became the first color illustrations to “Alice“.

the Modern classic Robert Ingpen adheres to realistic school. Not so doll Alice Ingpena, her mouth stubborn contracts and she is similar rather to the teenager, but not to the little girl.

Among the celebrities illustrating Alice, the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali and the Finnish writer Tove Jansson. The extraordinary art look both, certainly, was imposed by the strange and surprising fairy tale which is thought up by Carroll. Dali`s illustrations to “Alice“ are not similar to his widely known cloths at all, in them there is no fotografichnost or naturalism, only bright spots - memoirs as if the dream which is not erased by consciousness yet.“ Alice“ is executed by Tove Jansson in graphics, linear drawings on - yansonovsk are melancholic. Mother Mumy Trolley in them is recognized and for it it is loved by admirers.

Modern French artists do not seek to make “Alice in Wonderland“ the English fairy tale. In 2011 in Russia there was a book with Rebecca`s illustrations Dotremer. The French artist became famous for what is the author of a visual number of the advertizing company of the perfumery Kenzo. Her Alice reminds romantic Amelie Poulain famous for all, Alice Liddel.

Other French “Alice“ left from - under David Shovel`s feather and Pricks Xavier. It is not the classical text of Alice, but free retelling, besides in the form of the comic book. As well as Rebecca Dotremer, Pricks Xavier pays a tribute to a prototype of the heroine and represents Alice the brunette with a short hairstyle. It a little bit animation and infernal - the real heroine of the modern comic book.

the Western world experiments with Alice in every possible way. The domestic publisher needs to choose the suitable translation. A good form - to combine illustrations of foreign artists of Tenniel, Rekhem or Ingpen with initial Demurova. And here Boris Zakhoder`s retelling is associated with a name of Gennady Kalinovsky.

B 1974 appeared the Soviet edition of “Alice in Wonderland“ with illustrations of Gennady Kalinovsky who made to the book 71 is black - white drawing. Later edition of 1988 was added by color.

Kalinovsky`s Drawings are surprising by

, his tremendous graphics, ability to detail and generalize, place right accents, create the special magic world of the book which you will not confuse with anything.

Approximately in the same time the Alice is created by one more classic of the Soviet illustration - Victor Chizhikov. It it is for the first time black - white drawings to the book were published in the Pioner magazine. In 2012 there was an updated edition of “Alice in Wonderland“ for which Chizhikov made illustrations color, and some were even redrawn.

“As each actor dreams to play Hamlet`s role, so each artist dreams to make drawings to Lewis Carroll`s book “Alice in Wonderland“... I would like that the destiny of this edition was happy. I played the Hamlet and whether here you managed to me - to judge this role“, - Victor Chizhikov admits.

Alice all the time throws down a challenge to illustrators, translators, readers and does not leave anybody indifferent. And what it has to be, ideal Alice, a doll in a dress with frills or the angular girl - everyone will solve for themselves. One thing is clear, Alice`s world is full of a charm. This history with which both children, and adults need to get acquainted. In what form in what edition - the choice remains for you. And if immersion to the wonderful and strange world takes place successfully, Alice will never release you any more.