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Farewell, free elements!

of Roditelstvo, undoubtedly, the way of life changes: slowly but truly “klaba“, “pubs“, fitness - clubs, cinema, theaters - at least for one or two years - three disappear. And if do not disappear, then become rare pleasures. But the young parents who are especially expecting the firstborn are more often, refuse everything and at once. As if Pushkin speak to the sea “farewell, free elements! Last time before me you roll waves blue and shine with proud beauty...“ vegetating at the dacha or becoming impregnated with exhaust gases in the cities. By the way, and the kids torment.


Me who every summer was floundering about in the sea - Black, Baltic, Azov and even White, was uncomfortable to refuse a habitual way of life with the advent of a cub. All family we long thought, weighing everything “pros and cons“, and all - went to the South to relatives, having chosen the smallest and blue Sea of Azov with sandy beaches. Despite some difficulties, absolutely we are not sorry about it.


Sea water is useful to

of Pro et contra before childbirth, mountain air - the real healer, and for city children there is nothing better. And if you teach the kid to swim earlier, than to go, then it is logical to assume: the sea - the elements which are most suitable for this purpose. By the way, think also of the father needing rest.

the Main argument of opponents of Krymsk - the Sochi sit-round gathering - acclimatization. Therefore on the South we go, at least, for a month, and even to two, depending on “financial romances“. From hot climate you will not get to anywhere: the sun now dangerous, biting and harmful, direct beams cause irreversible changes in cages. How here not to be frightened? On it parental experience proposes two solutions: to choose the velvet season for holiday or to hide in the afternoon in a lodge, park or the apartment, sleeping off.

of the Infection - a separate subject, in the south - both in Astrakhan, and in Krasnodar, unfortunately, epidemics of cholera and other troubles happen. It is a reality, but it is possible to reduce risk of diseases, buying drinking water in bottles (to take it with itself in canisters, if you on the car), on this water to prepare, to wash fruit and hands. But danger of contact with sick children or the infected sea water remains. Therefore it is necessary to be ready to take urgent measures - to take phone, the policy, to think over ways of “retreat“ and urgent evacuation. On my memory of the organizer of youth forums in the Crimea in five years there was no poisoning.

we decided “to Muffle“ acclimatization consequences travel not by plane, and on the car, with small stops (this year I will go by train - to a compartment because the child grew up also in a car seat or on hands will not sit out).

the Father bought

the car

If all of you decided to visit solar edges and to pamper the body in blue waves, be thoroughly prepared for travel.


to the Cub will like a trip if is not too hot (a lot of water, the conditioner in the car, reliable protection against the sun and a dream in the afternoon) if its environment does not strongly change (you remember that children are attached to sequence of events, continue to adhere to system of rituals). The trip to SV or on a back seat of the car is most comfortable for the baby. It is very simple to arrange a convenient rookery in the car, having put a skin on a big mattress, having hammered completely space under a seat. It is the best of all to go “dashes“ - in the afternoon during a heat to stop at small rivers or to sleep, and early in the morning and to overcome distances at night.

the Assistant will not be superfluous, otherwise travel will turn in the Torment of Tantalus - the sea nearby, and it is impossible to bathe. We took the grandfather, and his presence completely was repaid - he drove the car of 1400 kilometers, and when we bathed or went to restaurant, was engaged with the grandson.

not to do Without carriage - it will serve as a bed, a vehicle and a cradle. We tied her to a luggage carrier on a roof of the car.

If you did not give to drink still to the kid water, then in the south it is necessary to meet this lack. I long could not understand why the son poor-mouths, it appeared, he just wanted to drink.

the Meeting place

If to choose such towns as Koreiz, Simeiz, Foros, Frunze, then rest will be rather comfortable. There are no dominations of naked bodies of an unknown origin, price for apartments which are quite accepted there are no so many temptations for a purse of unfortunate parents, as in Yalta and Sevastopol, for example. All pleasures of pleasant relaxation, as it is required with babies, remain: the sea with 7 to 11 and with 16 to 21.

In cafe can order complex food (from 5 c.u. on the person in day) or to prepare houses on a plate in the most dangerous hours of the maximum solar activity. At us in a diet potato, fish, porridges on water, vegetables, rice, cheese and dairy products prevailed.

Savage or so...

Earlier differently as savages, my family did not travel - from Kerch to the peninsula of Biryuchyego it is possible to try the sea in any weather: you want - pebble and “depth“ with dolphins, you want - “the sea knee-deep“, the real splash pool on the purest yellow sand.

Today “lafa“ ended and crafty uncles put barriers. So, where not boarding house - the “equipped“ beach, the only difference from not equipped which is it is red - a white barrier and the semi-broken toilet. The entrance for a married couple on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea costs about 10 - 14 rubles for two. Quite often there are boats, umbrellas, chaise lounges, scooters and catamarans, cafes and a canopy.

With a cub and furthermore with two, savages without due experience you should not go - just inconveniently, parents will quickly be exhausted also the purpose - to have a rest - will not be reached.

the good alternative Is - to go in “is pregnant - parental“ camp which will be organized annually at schools “Dragotsennost“, “zhizni Chudo“, Spaso - Perovsky courses. Location of these havens - the Russian coast of the Black Sea (Utrish near Anapa “Jewelry“, Tuapse “A rozheniye miracle“).

Advantages of collective rest are - the good kitchen calculated on pregnant women and peanuts, mutual aid, the cheerful company with the songs following from here at a fire, exercises, volleyball, clever occupations for children and parents (usually all instructor structure goes to camp).

In camps it is a lot of nurses! And this most abrupt that there is. Because differently you should frolic in the south in turn. Besides, the mad number of children nullifies your nervous spasms at gripes and crying, the state becomes quiet and joyful, weakened and otdykhatelny. Camp is a community same as you parents, maybe, more skilled, but different! Is to what to learn.

So, in “Jewelry“ it is possible to communicate to dolphins, to learn “to twist“ dynamic gymnastics, to put “vocal“ on zanyaty Dmitry Fokin, to communicate to the children`s psychologist and the specialist in folklore, to teach the child to float and much - a lot of things still...

A here program of one of cycles of the parental center “Life Miracle“: the kinderfizkultura for the smallest, the developing gymnastics for babies, “to float earlier, than to go“, the organizations of leaving and physical activity of the child, creation and immersion of the kid on the developing Wednesday training occupations with children after 3 - x years from positions of natural (“nonviolent“) pedagogics., development of hearing, learning of lullabies, children`s poteshka, family playing music. Besides, theatrical performances, learning of foreign languages, corporally - the focused trainings - a rebefing.

the trip not more expensive, than “under the own steam“ - 100 - 200 c.u. Is of

. on mother with the child, depending on stay term.

the Only thing that frightens off - life - life in tents (the, certainly).

Here websites and coordinates of schools:

  1. Parental school “Dragotsennost“: ph.: 354 - 32 - 83 with 9 - 00 to 18 - 00, camp in several changes on the Black Sea in Utrishe.
  2. Life Miracle Center: ph.: 961 - 66 - 09, Oryol Elena Viktorovna: ph.: 8 (86167) 93579 (Tuapse), Loginova Svetlana Sergeyevna: ph.: 8 (095) 7017933 (Moscow), Gribkova Olga Vladimirovna: ph.: 8 (8612) 689772 (Krasnodar).

What to take?

Ideal time of a trip for the South with the baby - the breastfeeding period - should not sterilize a container, to boil and so forth. In total near at hand and everything is checked, hygienically and tasty. If means allow, buy a cooler bag and stock up with can food in the nearest market, and also soluble porridges, muesli and other fast - feet for kids. Very conveniently also reduces risk of emergence of intestinal infections. Wet hypoallergenic towel wipes, a set of drugs will be useful (a smekta, febrifugal, cologne with a clove smell for scaring away of insects, cold and cough medicine on an acclimatization case). On such travel babies sleep usually with mother. Fully it is possible to swim for a while in its lunch dream if you all day in tent. If houses, then after ten in the evening.

Ya I go on the South in July because it is attached to the companies. But most of acquaintances prefer fall - the end of August, the beginning of September. Soft climate, low prices, abundance of fruit. The sea is still warm, the sun which is not burning. Beauty!

So, we take:

  1. Tent or an awning as children and adults from open sunshine should hide. Skills of installation develop easily.
  2. Sun-protection equipment. Creams for children with a high factor of protection from 30 - depending on term - one 100 ml of packing are enough for two weeks. Cream was applied by us constantly since morning in 15 minutes prior to an exit. It is better for sun not to show toddlers and absolutely babies at all. Panamanians on zavyazochka, caps, dressing gowns and suits from white cotton, the simplest points. All this is better to try on houses, before a trip - will cost cheaper.
  3. by
  4. Two - three tourist skins - wash easily, dry and transported.
  5. Pool inflatable. It is difficult to take in the train - buy on the place, costs 100 rubles, but occupies children madly. It is possible to swim in such pool on a back, to flounder about, filling it with the same sea water.
  6. the Marching backpack, a carriage - a cane. The trifle big-bellied manages a rug and a usual carriage - where spends all the time (as option, on hands at mother or the father, on a laying). The carriage - a cane will be suitable both for the car and for the train if a hilly terrain and you are going to go much, then take a children`s backpack or a kengurushka - it is easy to move.
  7. of the Toy. This good it is required much. But, not to hammer a backpack, it is worth giving preference to the “knowledge-intensive“ toys: take not enough place, and are capable of a lot of things. Sand accessories, paints, plasticine, cartridges and the small tape recorder, books, color paper, mobiles - free time - a heap. And it should be borrowed somehow.

of travel Pleasant to you!