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School uniform: pros and cons. How to observe an official style of

Around a school uniform now there is a lot of noise. But if many adults only pro because it removes a problem “in what to go to school?“ children and especially teenagers are more often contra. How to reconcile your school student with a school uniform?

we Will address history. In imperial Russia at lyceum students the form was obligatory. The form demonstrated that the person studies in good educational institution and is proud of it. After revolution this “a bourgeois remnant“ was cancelled, and only in 1948 the form returned to schools. And in 1992, during an era of changes it was abolished again.

Now the school uniform actively comes back, and each school has a freedom of choice. Dressing pupils in specially developed school sets, the educational institution finds the individuality. But how to explain to the son or the daughter “pluses“ of a school uniform? It is possible to talk, for example, that the school uniform belongs to business clothes and as adults, putting on for work, adhere defined dress - a code, and the matured children have to observe it too. It - too a maturity sign.

Well and if such reasonings seem too theoretical, become

for the child his own image maker and tell about the modern principles of selection of clothes. They are based on concept of “capsular clothes“ and were developed in the middle of the last century. Since then these simple receptions allow people to look stylishly and pertinently in those places where they work or have a rest.

is considered to be that capsular clothes is a set of of 5 - 8 things, and also footwear and accessories which are easily combined among themselves, giving the chance to diversify the clothes and at the same time to look worthy. This idea was so deeply included into modern fashion that in magazines we see not single things, but sets which are picked up for work or rest. In company shops suitable on color and style of a thing hang together, facilitating selection of dresses (or as now speak “onions“).

Of what process of formation of own capsular clothes how it is presented by image makers and psychologists consists?

Step 1.

First of all wants to remind definition of the tsvetotip that any color can have a cold or warm shade. For example, yellow color can have warm (fried eggs peephole) or a cold (lemon) shade.

of Human tsvetotip only four: fall, spring, winter and summer. It is possible to determine the tsvetotip by a skin shade, by whites of the eyes, by a hair color. If are present at tone of skin warm zheltovato - brown shades, so you can safely carry yourself to fall or spring, and autumn type, as a rule, brighter, and spring more gentle, pastel. Cold, rozovato - blue shades of skin advantageously emphasize people winter, more contrast, and summer - more gentle type.

can Also put a scarf or a scarf of cold or warm shades to the person at bright day lighting and to define with what type you look good (but color not in itself “is pleasant“).

Step 2. Definition of the silhouette

can Conditionally allocate to

three options of a female silhouette:

  1. a triangle with top above - narrow shoulders and wide hips;
  2. a triangle with top below - big shoulders and narrow hips;
  3. so-called “hourglasses“ - when shoulders and hips are approximately equal to
  4. on width + a narrow waist.
Having determined by

the silhouette, it is possible to pick up those styles of clothes which it is favourably emphasized advantages and will hide shortcomings of your figure.

can Even make changes which will suit your daughter to the form chosen by your school - to cut out a skirt of the necessary style from the same fabric, to pick up strict blouses “under eyes“, with a coat hanger or without, with the correct cut etc.

the Step 3.

we Will begin drawing up clothes with

with school , or business, parts of clothes. The basic rules here - restraint and moderation.

the Business clothes for the girl are 1 - 2 skirts of the style going to you, trousers, a jacket, a vest and a tie. (The accepted length of skirts in business clothes - is one palm higher or below a knee.) For the young man - a suit, a vest and a tie. With taste having picked up reserved accessories, it is possible to look actually that so important for the maturing person.

So, the famous designer Victoria Andrianova developed a school uniform for our pupils. She offered gray and green colors and fabric in a cage of the same shades. Children needed to pick up blouses, shirts, polo-necks, and also footwear which will well make ensemble (“onions“).

For business clothes of a blouse, a shirt, a sweater, jumpers are recommended monophonic, soft colors. Belts, scarfs, scarfs and bags are urged to emphasize identity and style (if they are not too bright shades, massive, with pastes, skulls and other defiant details). Shoes or barefoot persons are recommended with the closed sock on a low heel. In an official style there is a ban on sports shoes, footwear on a massive platform, a high heel.

the Same principle of a combination of basic things suits

and for of casual clothes (kezhuat) are those things in which the child does not go to school, clothes for life. It can consist of jeans and trousers of different styles, pair of skirts, of 2 - 3 tops, a short jacket, a sweater and several scarfs. Here the convenient footwear, for example, flats and boots on a flat sole and suitable accessories enters: bags, belts, scarfs, scarfs, costume jewelry.

we Will consider part of clothes for of rest and parties . Here two dresses of different styles and length, a bolero, an elegant jacket, a top with pastes or application, an interesting skirt, a trouser suit, a romantic blouse, a clutch, beautiful costume jewelry can enter. The things suiting one another can easily be combined among themselves, creating a large number of ensembles at small financial expenses. The main thing that girls - teenagers did not confuse these clothes with school and accurately understood a difference between official and romantic style.

I finally one more argument in favor of a school uniform - essential economy of the family budget. Without business part of clothes for a week it is required to 4 - 5 clothes sets: children want to look every day in a new way. And having a basic set of business clothes, it will only be necessary to change shirts or blouses. Capsular clothes - an excellent exit for teenagers and their parents. We wish good luck!