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Kamalong (Camalonga) - a sacred plant of Indians - the Teacher in the Dream of

Through dreams comes wisdom and integrity

Us is reached taught to treat process of a dream in the certain way. The most widespread relation - a dream - a way to save up or fill forces, is rest for a body and mind. Therefore since the childhood we are put to bed that we gained strength quicker and quicker grew, and later, being adults we go to bed to have a rest and be restored after works military. It seems everything is correct, however such installation leads to the fact that, going to bed the person just it is disconnected, he ceases to exist. At many adults it develops into a way to leave from problems at least for a while.

at the same time to wave away from bright or not really bright events which the sleeping person perceives or even participates in them, it is not possible and therefore prepared for us and imposed the next relation to this phenomenon. The dream is a fairy tale, unreality, a lie... it is just a dream. And even for those dreams which communication with human life is traced accurately there was a name - prophetic... they were allocated in separate category and even try to use.

In the last decades on mankind the wave of interest in process of a dream and to dreams swept. Snovidyashchy - kastanedchik“, “surfers of dreams“ and others grew from it “... Most of people still do not understand why specifically they need to change the relation to dreams, and many have a perverse idea and for this reason it is impossible to one anything and they give up this occupation, others get to a trap of feeling of own importance and give the mental insinuations for real dreams, and the third continue the little productive attempts to realize themselves in a dream.

We from the birth have both bodies which in fact is one, but special significance is attached to development of one and therefore we learn to go, tell, use hands and “we know or we remember“ it, i.e. we realize, and value of the second is intentionally belittled, transferring part of our existence (dream) to category of unreality and taking away understanding from there. It leads to the fact that chances at people it is necessary to develop the body of a dream not much. However the person always “feels“ the inferiority and tries to look for “the half“.

In the world there are many plants which help the person to develop the double or a dream body.

Exists as well several ways without the use of any plants for development of a double. However it or is ineffective because takes away in wandering on mind labyrinths, or it is dangerous because the developed dream body without your own control over it, getting under others influence, like the zombie, obedient to foreign will. Fairy tales about the angry sorcerer or the spirit abducting foreign souls or will without mysticism of course and the images directing horror, actually not such and fairy tales. And some diseases of a body, vital problems and situations just are also connected with third-party control over a body of a dream of the person.

It is possible to be afraid of this party of our life, it is possible to aspire to it, without representing where you aspire it is only necessary to understand that the dream is a continuation of your life. And if you develop or developed a dream body, control over it is necessary for you. However no technicians will help without basic, profound change of the relation to a dream and dreams which cannot be reached under pressure of someone from outside or even under the influence of own mind.

So, the dream is a continuation of your life. When you go to bed or fall asleep, sitting in a chair your active life does not come to an end. That part of your being which is called understanding passes from a physical body into a body of a dream or a double which possibilities in knowledge of the world much more widely or better to say, others. With its help it is really possible to find answers to burning questions or a way out of difficult situations, and not only to find information, but also to influence really this or that situation, to change streams of energy of a body and life. All this is possible, but how before to reach?

Indians already several thousands of years keep knowledge of a sacred plant of Kamalonga - the Teacher of dreams.

Is a plant Indians used for training of life in a dream. Naturally, not everyone passed such training. These people, as a rule, became then shamans, healers or leaders of the tribe.

It is not obligatory for modern person to become the shaman, the healer or “the leader of the tribe“ at all. The dream opens ample opportunities because it is a source of the real magic creativity in the broadest sense. Now many particles of this Knowledge are lost, but the plant, a way of its application, a safety rule and ways of protection of the person remained (an amulet - a kamalonga).

If to you is possible to contact with it, it will surely teach you to everything.