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Pregnancy, childbirth, first year: the review of mobile applications

If you are an owner of the mobile device on the basis of the Andriod or iOS platforms, and also recently became parents or only prepare for appearance of the kid - for you there are many thematic mobile applications. We made the small review of programs which can be useful to future and young mothers and fathers. By the way, most of their developers offer users free versions!

Pregnancy: we prepare for appearance of the kid

the First pregnancy - very important event in life of each woman. However besides pleasure it raises a set of questions. What feelings are normal at this or that stage? How to eat properly? With what speed weight has to increase? What waits for future mother in each of trimesters and at the time of delivery? The mobile applications created especially for those who prepare for appearance of the kid will help to find answers, and also pregnancies will allow to keep the diary, noting important points of development of the child.


Ya she is pregnant. a Peculiar encyclopedia for women who are going to become mothers. It is possible to monitor change of the body, to keep the diary, to add a note and the photo, and also to learn about stages of development of the child on different terms of pregnancy. Besides, in the appendix a large number of useful information is collected: how to eat properly how to breathe at childbirth and even what tests should be made to future mother.

of Mother Health. the Appendix gives the chance to keep the diary of pregnancy and to note important stages in development of the child in the first years of his life. Young mothers can fix changes of weight, mood, appetite and many other things. Also the appendix offers access to some the Internet - to shops.

Diaries and reference books

I here the kid was born

! All parents are proud of the small miracle and want to record important points: first shout, first step, first word... Special applications will allow you to write down all changes which happen to the child, to trace as he grows and gains weight, to note its progress and mood.

Besides, to young parents will not be prevented by reference information - every day they should face a set of questions of how to raise the child.

my kid. Simple and convenient searcher. The program filters contents of the websites about a family and motherhood, selecting useful information on various tags. The appendix will be useful when it is necessary to find the answer to the interesting question quickly.

Diary of the child. the Appendix will help to remember dates of vaccination, to track dynamics of growth of the kid and to celebrate the most important events in his life.

of Baby Konnekt. Convenience of this appendix is that it is possible to update the account from several different devices. Thus, all can enter data on the child - mother, the father, grandmothers and grandfathers, elder brothers and sisters, the nurse... Thus, you will be able always to be aware of all events from life of the kid and even if you will lose phone, all information will be saved in a network.

my child. the Simple application for data recording about development of the kid: the user can fix key parameters of the child, and also compare them to schedules of growth and weight according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also possible to load photos and to share any data with friends on social networks.

was born

Ya. the Diary with a possibility of creation of schedules and creations of notes. The appendix will tell about what skills of the kid need to be developed at this or that age, and will remind of the planned visit to the doctor. Additional convenience is that in the new version function of import of a calendar to the PDF format appeared - now you will be able to begin to rock it to the computer and to keep all data on the hard drive.

of Baby Care - the diary of the kid! the Appendix helps to monitor feeding, mood and the child`s dream, and also many other aspects of his life. You can establish a reminder on inoculations and hygienic procedures, note a prorezyvaniye of the first teeth, make tables of health, keep photos and even to record a voice of the kid.

Development from first months

In the first year of life the kid acquires a huge number of information and studies a set of things. It begins to open for itself(himself) the world with all its paints, sounds and smells. In order that the child actively developed, the special training applications which help parents to spend time with the kid not only with pleasure, but also with advantage are created. Also they allow to fix important points from life of the child and to share them with friends and relatives.

of Amazing Baby. the Appendix offers a series of fascinating childish sports for various periods of day and is directed to helping the kid to reach the most important stages of motor, cognitive, communicative and social development within the first year of life. By means of the appendix it is possible to share achievements and photos with friends on Facebook.

Lessons for newborns. the Appendix which helps babies to develop sight - to learn to distinguish forms and outlines of objects. Accurate it is black - white pictures are created taking into account features of perception of kids, and quiet background music will help to draw attention of the child and to calm him.

the Quiet kid

Quite often young parents meet the difficulties connected with the child`s dream. Now mothers and fathers can facilitate to themselves life, having installed the corresponding applications.

of Nanny. phone on which it is installed, as the radio nurse allows to use the Application. It is enough to add a phone number - and the appendix will call back to you on it as soon as the child begins to cry. Besides, through the appendix you will be able to communicate with the kid on a public address system.

Lullabies: sound sleep. the Best way to lull the child is to sing to it a lullaby. Modern appendices cope with it not worse than parents: now it is enough to include any of melodies, to install the timer and to leave phone near a bed of the kid. The calming melodies can also be included in the car that the child could fall asleep quietly during a trip, without being distracted by noise of the street.

my happy kid. the developer specifies In the description of the appendix that he created it especially for the son. The program contains a set of opportunities to calm the child - lullabies, the weakening music, amusing games etc. Is suitable as for absolutely small kids, and is more senior than children.