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Pregnancy: dizzinesses and faints. How to avoid?

the Beginning of pregnancy often are followed by the general weakness. This results from the fact that the organism begins to change, and it needs time to get used to the new state. But sometimes business is not limited only to one weakness: there are dizzinesses, and in certain cases and faints. Whether it is worth worrying if at future mother the earth begins to leave from - under legs?

of Cause and effect

Exists several of the reasons dizzinesses:

Change of system of blood supply. during pregnancy the vascular network in a small basin increases, blood is redistributed, and the uterus begins to be supplied with blood actively. At the initial stage of pregnancy these adaptive mechanisms are still imperfect and can not manage to provide the increased requirements of an organism. From - for it perhaps periodic deterioration in blood supply and a hypoxia (insufficient intake of oxygen) of a brain.

Decrease in level of glucose in blood. Dizziness can be also connected with insufficient intake of glucose (sugar) to a brain. Decrease in level of glucose in blood can be caused by a long break between meals, the use of a large amount of simple carbohydrates (sugar, candies, pastries).

Sharp change of position of a body. Future mother should rise more carefully from a bed, to try to avoid sharp movements because it leads to decrease in a blood-groove in vessels of a brain and to pressure decline.

Closeness, narrowness. to the Pregnant woman it is desirable for strong not to be at a big congestion of people, in stuffy rooms. In similar situations blood is insufficiently supplied with oxygen.

Toxicosis. during toxicosis organism dehydration therefore blood supply of vessels worsens occurs and food of tissues of brain is broken.

Increase in a uterus. the uterus which Increased in sizes (especially in a prone position) squeezes large venous vessels. Inflow of blood to heart decreases, worsens blood supply of internals.

Decrease in level of hemoglobin. red blood cells erythrocytes contain hemoglobin which delivers oxygen to fabrics and bodies. During pregnancy erythrocytes are not in time behind the increased blood volume, there is a lack of red little bodies that leads to insufficient intake of oxygen.

Physiological problems. also various diseases breaking blood supply of a brain can be the Cause of dizzinesses: osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, vegeto - vascular dystonia, diseases of heart and vessels, brain tumors, anemia.

of the Precautionary measure

For prevention of dizzinesses and a faint should exclude the situations provoking violation of blood supply of a brain. It is recommended to avoid places of a big congestion of people, to air more often the room in which you are to provide inflow of fresh air.

Experts recommend to accept horizontal position at the first symptoms of dizziness, to raise legs up. If to lie down there is no opportunity, incline the head down. When blood flows to a brain, dizziness will pass.

Try to have a rest, walk more on the street. Moderate physical activity, especially specialized occupations in groups is very useful to pregnant women in fitness - the centers or schools for pregnant women. At regular physical activity of average intensity there is a training warmly - vascular system, and vessels react to the changing environment conditions more adequately, supporting a normal blood-groove in any situation.

At long stay in an uncomfortable position is recommended to warm up muscles periodically: to rise, stretch, walk, do simple breathing exercises - on a breath to raise hands through the parties up, to stretch, on an exhalation to lower hands, to relax.

is not recommended to get up sharply. In the beginning it is necessary to sit down, some time to sit, and already then slowly to get on feet. In the second half of pregnancy it is not recommended to lie long on a back. At a sharp rising in this case arterial pressure can quickly decrease and come a faint.

Also for vessels water procedures - a contrast shower or trays are very useful to

to legs. The minimum water temperature - 18 - 20 ° With, maximum 37 - 38 ° C. Alternate influence of heat and cold trains a vascular wall, and it becomes steadier against various influences.

Many are inclined to believe

that dizziness and a faint are nearly main symptom of pregnancy, especially at an early stage. It is not absolutely correct. If you face this problem, do not forget to tell about it to the obstetrician - the gynecologist. Timely definition of the reason of feeling sick will help you to spend nine months of pregnancy easily and carefree!