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Basil, rosemary, thyme: cultivation from shanks of

is not obligatory to be spent for purchase of seedling of some spicy or aromatic plants At all. Especially it is not necessary to buy seeds, to sow and to long wait when tiny shoots turn into small bushes. Constantly to have near at hand fresh spicy herbs, pots, a free window sill, usual greens from a supermarket - and our instructions will be necessary for you.

Can get, for example, packing of branches of rosemary or a thyme. Both of these long-term cultures represent small low shrubs therefore quite just breed shanks.

of the House unpack packages of greens, select the freshest branches, make a slanting cut, tear off the lower leaves and put in water on of 5 - 6 hours. For the best rooting add a little honey to thawed snow of room temperature (a half-teaspoon on 500 ml of water) or the preparation “Epin - Extra“ (2 drops on 250 ml of water).

Prepare for

pots, scald them boiled water, fill on a bottom expanded clay, then on a third - a fertile soil and almost up to the top - the calcinated coarse-grained sand. Spill pink solution of margantsovokisly potassium. Put the prepared shanks in pots on 3 - 4, spray water and cover with a one-liter glass jar and regularly air. Through 2 - 3 weeks at shanks are formed roots - then it is possible to remove banks. Later a few weeks more they should be seated in separate pots with fertile soil, and then to land in a garden or to leave in pots.

If fresh greens are acquired by

, and soil or sand near at hand did not appear, then it is possible to put shanks to take roots in glasses from dark glass. Throw half-tablets of absorbent carbon and several granules of hydrogel into water of room temperature. If on a window sill it is dry and warm, then it is better to place a glass with shanks in a plastic bag and to stick. Through 12 - 20 days small backs will appear. It will be necessary only to land shanks in pots with an easy fertile soil, trying not to shake the inflated hydrogel granules.

the basil Is even simpler to multiply

. Pots from a supermarket with a basil which was grown up by a hydroponic method will approach. From plants take shanks of 6 - 8 cm long, the lower leaves tear off and do below a slanting cut. If to put them in banks with water and to cover with a plastic bag that moisture from leaves evaporated less, they quickly (for of 5 - 10 days) will give roots.

As a rule, seedling of a basil is landed to the greenhouse or under a film in the spring. But grades with a compact form of a bush perfectly grow in containers and pots on a window sill or an open terrace. Plants from shanks increase the green material suitable for cut quicker, and the regular hairstyle helps to create beautiful bushes. As they say, and for an eye pleasantly, and on a table always spicy greens.

the Thyme is also landed in an open ground, and it is not obligatory on a bed in a kitchen garden - it perfectly grows in flower borders, on stony dumping and between a garden tile. Regular cut of greens only improves appearance of plants. Couple of bushes of a thyme should be grown up in pots - fragrant greens will always be near at hand, even when in a garden snow already lies.

Care of a thyme is simple

. The main thing, put it in a wide, but not deep pot with a good drainage. Pave the way easy, fertile. Regularly water by the principle to pour in too little better, than to pour because a thyme - a plant drought-resistant. After strong cutting a plant surely feed up. You watch that the soil was neutral or even alkalescent reaction. I recommend to use water in which eggs cooked for watering.

the Bush expands quicker if to allow escapes to nestle on the soil and to take roots. As a result in a wide pot real dense “hummock“ is formed of fragrant branches.

At cultivation of rosemary in room conditions needs to be considered that at a plant powerful root system. It needs a pot wide too, but not deep, with a good drainage. The soil for rosemary has to be moisture-permeable, dry, neutral or alkalescent. In the summer pots take out in a garden on South side of the house or plant plants on sublime solar sites with a small slope in South side. Of course, the adult plant of rosemary can sustain short-term frosts not below − 4, but it is better not to put it on such trials. In our climate this plant nevertheless room.

Basic care consists in maintenance of the soil in a friable state, fight against weeds, very moderate watering and regular fertilizer. All the year round it is necessary to feed up rosemary calcium which very well affects development of a plant.

my experiments on cultivation of fragrant greens on a window were crowned with success. As a result the collection of houseplants was replenished with new very useful copies.