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Online - lessons for children and adults: to whom it is convenient when it is effective

We already so much do online: we work, we have a good time, “we go“ shopping, we communicate with friends and the family. No wonder, as online - training - when it is possible to comprehend any knowledge without leaving the house - becomes more popular. Especially, when the speech comes about tutors for children. How effectively and conveniently distance learning, than differs from internal, how much is and where goes - about all this we asked experts.

Svetlana Pavlova, the CEO of LLC Distantsionny repetitor, by training - the teacher of Russian and literature

“Online - training still new phenomenon, but its popularity grows at

in Russia. When we began in 2008 - 2010, demand was almost zero. People did not represent at all how it is possible to study remotely or on Skype, now, according to our poll to “VKontakte“, 63% of consumers are ready to try to be engaged about online - the tutor.

B 2008, having learned about opportunities of remote platforms, I saw that I will be able to make what is not enough for me in CD and electronic grants. So there was an idea to create a remote course, to include in it necessary materials that together with my pupils to prepare for examinations. I made the course literally in a month, it was not business - idea more likely a teacher`s hobby. Then the teacher of chemistry Vladimir Kuzmin (nowadays the cofounder of our company) suggested to combine efforts and to create a portal of distance learning. It is especially convenient to p to work with

thus to mothers - the teachers who are staying at home with the small child. It is an opportunity to use the received free time most effectively, to have additional earnings, and, above all - a possibility of continuous self-improvement and acquaintance with new“.

That Svetlana successfully showed, combining the project with education of three daughters: senior now 15 years, average - nearly seven, and younger - 1 year and 5 months.

When to younger Vera was 3 months old, mother with the daughter for the first time left on the real business meeting: “Verunya slept in a baby sling, people around were noticed that I not one, only when she woke up on feeding. I fed all the girls itself therefore it was necessary only to find a secluded corner to feed her“. Gradually there was a tradition: while Svetlana speaks at conference, the oldest daughter, the grandmother or the husband walk with younger, and then Vera already in a kangaroo or a baby sling listens to performances together with mother.“ Sometimes I am asked by girlfriends: really you cannot throw everything and just be at home? I can, but I do not want. Such active life is interesting to me, I involve the family in this process.

Dream of any person - to turn work into favourite business, to find occupation, thoughts of which will load with enthusiasm. Therefore I give to work so much time how many I am able to afford: sometimes it is 4 hours a day, and sometimes and 21 hour (and 3 hours on a dream)“.

Starting distance learning, it is necessary to pay attention to a lot of things. If it is higher education institution, then it has to have a license. If it is the organization which works only on - line, then it is necessary to read responses, to look for the pupils who completed courses, to communicate to the teacher at whom you are going to study. If there is no such opportunity, be attentive - you can be deceived.
the Average price of lessons at demanded, professional online - tutors makes 500 - 600 rubles in 60 minutes.

Valery Solovyov, founder of the TutorOnline project. ru

amount of inquiries in the searchers connected about online - tutoring doubles Every year. Now still prejudice meets: that the “living“ tutor works better, more effectively, more qualitatively, but is more often at parents - and only until they do not try to work together with the child and online - the tutor. And, on the contrary, to study children at the computer much more quietly and more habitually.


Ya it is convinced that in several years most of people will study online and remotely. Always admires me that thousands of kilometers can divide the pupil and the teacher, during a lesson at one - morning, at another - evening, at one heat, and at another - polar night. The desire to study destroys borders!

it is the best of all for p to be engaged in

where it is habitual and convenient to do it, the only requirement - existence of the computer connected to the Internet. I think that the majority is engaged from the house. When quality of the mobile Internet becomes stable everywhere, it will be possible to be engaged from the train, the car and, I hope, the plane. In general, for children who travel with parents much it is a fine way not to lag behind the school program during rest.

the Price of classes in any subject and with any tutor at us on the website is uniform

- 290 rubles for class period. At payment at once 30 hours the price will be 270 rubles.

For selection of teachers we introduced four-stage system of selection and testing: after verification of the documents confirming education the test in a subject is sent, then interview, test occupations - we train the tutor in opportunities of our software, we explain specifics of teaching online. Also there is a trial period: we look through each occupation of the new tutor, we give advice how to improve occupations.


Verkhovskaya Sofya Albertovna, the teacher of Russian and literature is, “The remote tutor“

When we leave in business trips, we never cancel lessons, and simply we transfer. I, for example, in Perm led a lesson in the hotel hall - because there the Internet was caught better. It after the working day was, in the evening - and I sat and quite loudly broadcast to the pupil about Taras Bulbu. The colleague told how she from the iPhone in the subway led once a lesson. Delivered it replacement, and she saw not at once and was late in school - it was necessary to call - everything was ok!

Dudakova Natalya, the teacher of Russian and literature, “The remote tutor“

I teach

A children from all Russia, sitting at home in the Saratov village. I go via the modem on-line, on a roof the husband built a very tall mast that communication was. And she often is capricious, and classes should be given “blindly“, without video. And nothing - all are engaged.

Not Skype uniform

Efficiency online - training depends, first of all, on the choice of convenient communications. By recognition of experts, Skype - the most known way of communication in the mode - online, but it was not created for training, though has some appendices. The websites of distance learning try to use the special software: “The remote tutor“ has a virtual office helping the teacher to lead an active lesson, but not to be just talking head. The pupil together with the teacher and other pupils works at a board, solves examples, fills in admissions in presentation slides, performs interactive tasks, moving objects on a board, can go to virtual laboratory, appear in the 3D world.

In tutoronline. ru is also such similar interactive environment, the called “cool room“, the billing simplifying mutual settlements between pupils and tutors, and Skype is not used at all.

of Yuli Pilov, 24 years, teach private lessons from 19 years. Graduated filfak from MSU, English and Spanish teaches online, learns Greek on Skype.

Earlier I was engaged in

more personally, and - passed training to online after the child`s birth: he was 2 months old when I returned to teaching activity. Now to the son year, and I am engaged on Skype, late at night - usually the husband comes to 9 - 10 - when and accepts at me watch.

For me is present

practically no differences from real-life communication. I am not a doctor, I do not need to feel to the person pulse therefore in this case new technologies are huge plus. Besides, I also study Greek on Skype. In - the first, it is madly convenient, it is not necessary to go anywhere, study in the comfortable environment, without standing idle in the exhausting traffic jams. You do not spend a heap of paper and ink for printing. It is much easier for teacher to answer an unexpected question.

U me the standard price of a lesson for pupils whom I find itself - 1000 rubles in 1,5 hours. The girl who is engaged with me Greek does it for the same money. The websites take percent from tutors, it is normal practice - and for online - lessons, and for usual. Now from the tutorial website the schoolgirl from Irkutsk - and I cannot take from me from her the Moscow money so it turns out 500 - 600 rubles in hour

I Know that there is a prejudice against distance learning: that, say, on that end of a wire there will be a terrible charlatan. Though, by and large, nothing prevents the same charlatan to arrive to you home... We have a friend of the family, he left Russia now - and at him many pupils right there were eliminated - because they did not want to be engaged on Skype. And this with the fact that credibility at it huge: people study at it for years, the whole families. To me it is unclear why people do not want to be engaged on Skype - especially so far as concerns children. It is not necessary to wait for anybody, to accept at home - simply to put the child in front of his favourite computer - and to show it that there it is possible not only to play shooter games.

it is invaluable

For adults - it is possible to study in any region, any breaks for holiday. To be engaged staying at home, with tea and a dinner, in a quiet situation - dream of the sociopath. Whether such situation not too weakens? Cervantes in prison wrote “Don Quixote“. If the person wants to study, he will be learned in any conditions. In the big city behind such format, certainly, the future. If the speech about additional education, then it absolutely precisely can be only such, remote.