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Spring soups: with pumpkin, a cauliflower and fast - with lentil

Today for fans of cream soups - unexpected recipes. Pumpkin, a cauliflower and beet appear in new quality thanks to unusual additives. These dishes will estimate first of all those who avoid some meat. And for observing a post there is a vegetarian recipe of the Moroccan soup.

the Moroccan chick-pea soup

This recipe is based by

on the recipe of popular Moroccan Harira soup. Speak, devout Muslims eat it during Ramadan - it such nourishing that helps to maintain physical forces and courage from rising to a decline when it is forbidden not only is, but also to drink. We think, a secret here in a competent combination of cereals and bean. Anyway, nobody will refuse such powerful “power engineering specialist“!

to you it is required by

to p:

  • dry chick-pea 2/3 of the Art.
  • onions of 1 piece.
  • stalk of a celery of 2 pieces
  • sweet red pepper of 1 piece
  • olive oil of 2 tablespoons
  • of a zir ground 1 p. of l.
  • paprika ground 1 p. of l.
  • tinned tomatoes in own juice of 400 g
  • greens of parsley, a celery and cilantro on 2 tablespoons
  • basmati rice of 60 g
  • lentil of yellow or red 100 g
  • a dried peel and ½ juice; lemon
  • salt 2 of h l.
  • fresh ground ¼ black pepper; h l.
  • garlic 3 cloves
  1. Chick-pea we presoak
  2. for the night in a large amount of cold water. We boil it about 20 minutes in the morning (to semi-readiness) and we clear of skins. Small we cut onions, a celery and red pepper.
  3. we Warm oil in a big pan, we fry onions, a celery and pepper within 10 minutes to softness, constantly stirring slowly. We add a zira and a paprika and we fry a minute more. We shift contents of a pan in the blender, we add tinned tomatoes and a half of greens and we do mashed potatoes.
  4. we Shift everything back in a pan. We add of 1,5 - 2 l waters (or vegetable broth), chick-pea, rice and lentil, we cook everything about 20 minutes - to readiness. We pour in lemon juice and we leave on a plate for 5 minutes. We season with salt and pepper, we add a lemon dried peel, small chopped garlic and the cut greens. We give with unleavened cakes, for example with pita.
cauliflower Cream soup with trickled pastries and blue cheese

Cheese with a noble mold is good

not only on a cheese plate, in the company of a glass of wine - as the true aristocrat, it does better all touches. For example, taste of the simplest, daily dishes forces to reveal in a new way.

to you it is required by

to p:

  • cauliflower 1 small head of cabbage (about 500 g)
  • bay leaf of 2 pieces
  • salt 1 of h l.
  • butter of 30 g
  • average bulb of 1 piece
  • stalk of a celery of 3 pieces
  • potatoes average 2 pieces
  • of Dorblu or other grade of blue cheese (Roquefort cheese, gorgonzola and so forth) 100 g
  • fresh ground black pepper 2 pinches
  • parsley for giving 3 branches

For trickled pastries:

  • egg of 1 piece
  • milk of 150 ml
  • flour 1,5 of the Art.
  • baking powder of 1 h l.
  • butter of 2 tablespoons
  • ½ salt; h l.
the Cauliflower we divide
  1. into inflorescences, we put in a pan from 1,5 l of the boiling water, we add bay leaf and we salt, we cook 10 minutes.
  2. In a big deep frying pan we kindle butter, we put small cut onions, celery stalks, potatoes and we weary vegetables under a cover of 15 minutes. Then we spread a cauliflower in a frying pan and we pour broth, having removed bay leaf. We mix and prepare still of 5 - 10 minutes, so far all vegetables will not become soft.
  3. we Place contents in the blender and we force down to a uniform state. The turned-out dense soup is poured back in a pan, we put on slow fire, we add the crumbled Dorblu (or other blue cheese which to you to liking or just is in the refrigerator) and we mix until soup gets warm and cheese will not disperse. We season with black pepper. We add trickled pastries, we decorate with pieces of cheese and leaves of parsley.

How to prepare trickled pastries:

Egg slightly we shake up

with milk, we add the flour sifted with a baking powder, oil and salt. We mix to uniformity. In a pan we bring water to boiling and we spread a teaspoon dough there. We cook under a cover on slow fire about 5 minutes. Ready trickled pastries emerge on a surface. A skimmer we shift them in a colander and before putting them in soup, we grease still warm trickled pastries with butter.


pumpkin peanut “milk“ Cream soup

If in your storeroom laid up beautiful pumpkin “since fall“ to prepare something unusually tasty, then here one of worthy recipes. If you buy pumpkin, stop the choice on fruits with brightly - orange pulp (it is especially good muscat, or batternat).

to you it is required by

to p:

  1. Pumpkin we cut
  2. cubes with the party about 1,5 cm, we stack an even layer in a deep baking sheet, we sprinkle vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) we cover with a foil and we send to the oven warmed to 180 degrees to of 20 - 30 minutes.
  3. Carrots we rub
  4. on a small grater, we crush onions. We put a frying pan on moderate fire and we mix in it remained vegetable and butter. When oil begins to hiss, we lower in it onions and we brown until onions become soft and transparent. We add carrots and we prepare still approximately of 5 - 7 minutes. Then we pour curry powder, well we mix with vegetables and we hold on a plate still a couple of minutes. We switch off fire and we put aside a frying pan aside so far.
  5. we will prepare for
  6. peanut “milk“ Now. In a bowl of the blender we fill up roasted peanuts, we add 300 ml of warm water and we begin to shake up to uniformity. We pour the turned-out “milk“ in a favourite pan for soup. And in the blender or a bowl of the food processor we put pumpkin and contents of a frying pan. We force down to smoothness - and too we send to a pan.
  7. On small fire we bring soup to easy boiling, often stirring slowly. We try on salt and we hold on fire of 5 more minutes. Soup is ready! We give hot or warm, having strewed with fried pumpkin sunflower seeds or largely chopped roasted peanuts.

Summer beetroot soup on coconut milk

Not banal approach to habitual - but because not less darling - beet. Thanks to arrangement in Asian style at this cold beetroot soup not only bright color, but also unusually bright taste.

to you it is required by

to p:

If at you is not present an opportunity to buy tinned coconut milk, you can easily prepare it: for this purpose rub white pulp of a coco on a small grater, fill in with hot clear drinking water (two measures of water on one measure of a coco), let`s be drawn half an hour and wring out the received mix.
Onions small we cut
  1. , the root of ginger is cleared and we rub on a small grater, we crush garlic. In a pan with a thick bottom it is heated 1 tablespoon of oil, we put onions. We prepare, stirring slowly until onions become transparent, then we add ginger and garlic, we brown 5 more minutes.
  2. Then we put the beet which is previously peeled and cut in small cubes in a pan. Periodically stirring slowly, we prepare several minutes. Then we pour in vegetable broth, we bring to boiling and, having closed a cover, we prepare 15 more minutes on slow fire. After that preparation for soup can be removed from a plate. We add salt and fresh ground pepper - and we put a pan to be cooled, and then we clean in the refrigerator at least on hour
  3. we Crush leaves of a coriander and we mix them with small polished dried peel and yogurt, we salt a little. Gas station for soup is ready.
  4. by
  5. Before giving it is poured in the blender in cold coconut milk, we shake up its some time, then we add broth and vegetables and again we force down - to a uniform state. We spill on plates and we put in each spoon of yogurt gas station.

From the book “Vegetarianism. The best recipes“