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Weight loss and depression. 6 obstacles in a way to a slim figure of

you began weight loss process, keep to a diet, but weight reduction happens not really successfully? Most likely, there are obstacles, external and internal which prevent to carry out conceived. Whether it is possible to cope with them?

Obesity is not considered by

as a chronic state

to One of the most serious obstacles on the way to a slim figure the fact that very often excess weight and obesity connect only with deficiency of will power is, without considering it as a chronic state and especially a disease. For this reason for disposal of extra kilos people do not choose long-term strategy, preferring short-term methods - to keep to a diet, to arrange several fasting days, to hunger a little.

that the problem of excess weight demands system approach and forming of long-term strategy, unfortunately, nobody thinks. Besides people are sure of the majority that the most important in the solution of this problem - weight reduction, forgetting about its most difficult part, namely - about preservation of the achieved result. It is possible to keep the lost weight only in the presence of healthy eating habits. However we are often ready to pass through the first stage - reduction of body weight at the expense of temporary restrictions, but are not ready to realize need of deduction of optimum weight throughout all subsequent life.

Socially - the economic status

In the majority of the countries of the world obesity is most characteristic

of the people occupying the lowest steps on a social ladder. And the cause is not only modest income, but also low education level. The position of the person in society is lower, the less he knows about healthy food behavior and the more often it has no culture of healthy nutrition. And vice versa - the higher socially - the economic status, the less often meets the excess weight and obesity.

A here in Russia a picture a bit different. As showed the researches conducted in our country with increase of the social status excess weight occurs at women less often, but is more often - at men. In many respects it is connected with our mentality. The matter is that at many successful men impressive “dimensions“ are associated with the high social status. Not incidentally in Russian expression “to have weight“ means “to hold a high position in society“. And often people conform to this rule unconsciously. Besides, to a set of extra kilos conduct frequent meetings at restaurants and cafe.

So to do to people with the low level of the income? To increase the awareness in questions of healthy nutrition by means of such sources as, for example, my book, to enter the Internet - the communities devoted to a healthy lifestyle, etc. It does not demand serious financial investments.

Deficiency of time

As we already told


, the time resource plays one of key roles in the course of weight loss. Time is required for entries in the food diary, calculation of portions, the analysis and planning of a diet, for purchase of the correct products (it is for this purpose important to study attentively labels on what a lot of time), cooking, the choice of restaurants and cafe with healthy dishes goes to the menu etc.

As shows my experience if the person is not ready to devote all this at least half an hour in day, then it is possible not to wait for success. If he is ready to invest daily in himself from 30 minutes to an hour, then it is quite enough dolgosrochno to follow the program, gradually to get new eating habits and further successfully to keep the achieved result.

People are saboteurs

One more serious obstacle are a lack of support from people around. As we know, quite often friends, acquaintances and family members instead of helping growing thin to get useful habits, unconsciously try to return it to old food behavior. So-called people are saboteurs. And if the person does not manage to agree with friends and members of household, then it will be very difficult to follow the program to him.


Abuse of psychoactive agents

Extra kilos also many harmful addictions are fraught. So, for example, with alcohol of people receives the mass of additional calories. It is counted that only one glass of wine (250 ml) drunk every evening in a year can give an increase in weight almost in 9 kg. Attacks of an overeating and even a gluttony sweet are characteristic of the people who are regularly using marijuana or hashish. Those who take other forms of drugs very often have not only narcotic, but also food addiction. At last, abuse of diuretics and laxative preparations can be a symptom of violation of food behavior, namely bulimia.

Psychological obstacles

Many psychological and emotional frustration promote a set of weight or interfere with its effective decrease. I will stop shortly on the main.

the compulsive overeating - frustration which most often occurs at people with an excess weight belongs To violations of food behavior of , for example. From it 40% of people with heavy obesity suffer, women are slightly more often than men. The majority of them several times endured loss and a set of weight, especially if weight loss was fast.

it makes sense to think Of a compulsive overeating of p if you have gluttony attacks when you cannot stop and you feel that you lose control. Very much often such episodes occur against a stress, alarm, anger, irritation, disappointment or boredom. And after an overeating people often blame themselves for control loss.

four and more days a week are characteristic

Of of a syndrome of night food the admission of a breakfast, consumption more than a half of a day diet after 7 in the evening, than complexity with falling asleep or a sleep disorder four days a week and is more often.

Very often people with an excess weight, especially women, suffer from a depression . I will note that the depression is a state, from - for whom people in the western countries most often take the sick-list from the psychotherapist. It is shown by bad mood, increased fatigue, reduction of level of energy, reduction of pleasure from life and apathy, difficulties with concentration of attention, decrease of a self-assessment, sense of guilt, the pessimistic relation to the future, sleep disorders and consumption of food (there can be both a reduction, and increase in quantity of food), feeling of senselessness of life and unwillingness to live.

Many stout persons think that excess weight so influences their mood and a state, and seek consolation in food. If these symptoms describe at least partly your state, surely address the psychotherapist as for effective decrease and further deduction of weight at first it is necessary to cope with a depression.

Violence, improper treatment of parents and post-traumatic stress. Most of people with a compulsive overeating suffered in the childhood from this or that form of improper treatment from parents (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, emotional or physical neglect from the child). Excess weight (consciously or unconsciously) often serves as additional protection in these cases from endured.

the Same can be told

also about a post-traumatic syndrome when, on the one hand, the severe emotional injury is jammed, and with another - increase of weight serves as the barrier protecting from the outside world and giving big stability.

Certainly, all these states demand the help of the psychologist or the psychotherapist.

the Syndrome of deficiency of attention (or without it) before recent time reckoned with a hyperactivity in our country as exclusively children`s diagnosis though in all developed world it is put many years also the adult. The more your weight, the is higher probability of development of a syndrome: it occurs at 25% of people with obesity of the first degree and at 40% of people with obesity of the third degree.

In my clinic we for the first time in Russia began to reveal a syndrome of deficiency of attention at adult patients and to help them. Very often this frustration calls impulsive food when the person eats not consciously, and as if without noticing it. It is difficult to such people to resist temptation, even when they are full, but see something tasty. Of course, such people difficult are given weight loss. The help of the psychologist or psychotherapist considerably facilitates this process.

the depression which arises in the fall and from - for deficiency of a sunlight belongs in the winter To seasonal affective frustration (it involves decrease in level of serotonin, deterioration in mood and apathy). And one of symptoms of a depression is violation of food which can be shown both by reduction, and increase in consumption of food. And if you belong to that numerous category of people who eat more at bad mood, you have every chance of “winter increase in weight“. Of course, to such people difficult and to grow thin, and that the most important, to keep the achieved result.

the Broken perception of the body can be a barrier in weight reduction for several reasons. In - the first, it very often occurs at people with the broken food behavior and increases probability of this frustration. In - the second, people who do not love the body hesitate of it, will hardly go to take fitness, dancing classes or other types of physical activity as to them it is uncomfortable in sportswear. And, at last, if at the person the image of a body is broken, the probability that, having even reached desirable weight is high, it will remain is dissatisfied with the figure, the achievement will depreciate, and it will increase risk of the subsequent set of weight.

From the book “Healthy habits. Doctor Ionova`s diet“