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How to lift efficiency of thinking by means of rules of human language?

Any thinking are a forming in itself certain phrases in human language. Respectively, governed, true for human (for example, Russian) language, are true also for human thinking. So, analyzing thinking from the point of view of language, it is possible to define an optimum way of thinking. we Will begin

with the fact that we think words. Means, we should understand what types of words exist.

From the point of view of language, words are divided into nouns, verbs, adjectives and other parts of speech. What part of speech is most important? Certainly, it is nouns.

It is very easy to prove it. Let`s take the floor “grows“ (verb). In itself it means nothing, is unclear that grows. Let`s take the floor “beautiful“ (adjective). Again it is unclear that exactly here such beautiful? And now we will take the floor “tree“ (noun) - and the sense appears at once. There is a tree, it it is possible to look, touch, climb on it. And it can grow and be beautiful. That is the noun gives sense to verbs and adjectives!

What it means to our thinking? And it means that in order that the thinking was intelligent (so, and effective), it has to be filled with nouns. Verbs and adjectives can be a little, but nouns - have to be, and in a large number.

We will continue the analysis. Nouns happen abstract and concrete. That is there is “tree“, there is “plant“, there is “life“, there is “matter“ and there is “object“. The more abstractly, the, obviously, more unclear, about what the speech. So, the effective thinking has to be concrete. It has to be about concrete objects.

Respectively, any thinking has to begin with definition of concrete objects, and already then it is necessary to think of what these objects do and what properties possess.

It would seem, of course, we already everything so think, but it is incorrect. Our thinking if attentively to look narrowly at it, obryvochno, chaotically and irregularly. And, if specially not to train him, it it also will remain.

But if to watch how we think, and to try to think in a more distinct way as it is offered in this article, the thinking will become much more effective. It will stop being confused and scrappy. Instead it will become clear, effective and productive.

In general, the most part of errors of our thinking is connected with the fact that we think, violating elementary rules of human language. If we wrote and spoke the same as we think, we would look very silly - our thinking is so far from perfect. Therefore, by the way, many people think more effectively when they speak or write - because the speech and the letter will - bondage discipline their thinking.

But we cannot keep thinking aloud and on the letter - it is not always possible, inconvenient and just slowly. Therefore we have to learn to think distinctly always. And for this purpose it is necessary all the time to try to conform to the rules of human language. People not for nothing formulated these rules, and not for nothing taught us to them at school.

Think clear. Think by rules of human language. Think about concrete objects. Then your thinking will become the most effective. And after it - and all the rest.