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What prevents to grow thin? Whether 12 reasons of obesity and the excess weight of

It is possible to operate the weight? Yes, doctor Ionova, the author of a popular diet claims. But before doing obvious - to change food and to increase physical activity, it is worth dealing with other reasons which led to excess weight, - and they, as a rule, do not lie on a surface. What there is a speech about?

Genetic predisposition

Scientists find

all new genes which are responsible for development of obesity from year to year. However all “obesity genes“ known today are involved only in four cases from hundred. Other 96% are caused by other reasons.

Nevertheless, heredity plays not the last role in development of an illness. It is proved that if both parents have obesity, then the frequency of developing of this disease at children reaches 66%. In other words, if in a family three kids, then two of them for certain have an obesity. If one of parents does not differ in symmetry, obesity threatens 50% of offsprings, that is one of two. And here if parents harmonous, then the probability of developing of this illness at children makes only 9%.

However, our genes over the last 50 years did not change in any way, and obesity nevertheless assumed a scale of global epidemic. It means that some other factors, but not genetics win first place among the reasons of development of obesity. What? Let`s understand further.

Endocrine violations

most often occur Among the endocrine diseases connected with excess weight a hypothyroidism and a syndrome of Kushinga.

the Hypothyroidism is the disease causing decrease in function of a thyroid gland (unlike a gipertireoz when function of a thyroid gland is increased). The hypothyroidism is and there is that “a slow metabolism“ for which write off all difficulties in weight loss most of people with an excess weight. Besides a moderate set of weight this state is shown by bad shipping of cold (the person constantly freezes), dryness of skin, a hair loss, locks, muscular weakness, the fatigue, difficulties with concentration of attention, bad memory lowered by mood up to development of a depression.

In a condition of a hypothyroidism body temperature becomes slightly - slightly lower, heart fights slightly - slightly more rare, breath is slightly slowed down. Due to all these changes of people spends less calories for activity maintenance (in medicine it is called “the main exchange“). From - for it slowly but surely weight can also increase. If you followed my advice and passed inspection, then the level of tireotropny hormone (TTG) will show whether you have a hypothyroidism. But, of course, that finally to be convinced of it, to consult with the endocrinologist better.

Sindrom Kushinga - the disease, one of symptoms of which also is excess weight. The congestion of fatty tissue in the central part of a body - in a stomach and buttocks is characteristic of a syndrome of Kushinga. Many symptoms of this disease are peculiar also to heavy obesity, for example, the increased arterial pressure, the raised pilosis, violation of a menstrual cycle, increase of level of sugar of blood. But unlike obesity at a syndrome of Kushinga there are crimson extensions on skin, an atrophy of integuments, the lowered potassium level in blood.

If you have at least slightest suspicions, surely address the endocrinologist to exclude this diagnosis!

the Way of life

the Way of life includes a set of aspects: where and in what environment we live and we work (that is who our relatives, friends and colleagues) what at us with them the relations that where when and how many we eat what clothes we prefer to wear what transport we use what hobbies at us etc.

lifestyle exerts

From all factors the greatest influence on risk of development of excess weight. Epidemic of obesity which captured the world is a consequence of a modern way of life. Unlike our ancestors who were doing generally manual work and eating natural homemade food we live in a century of computers and fast food. Thanks to technical progress, the share of physical work for the last 100 years decreased from 95 to 5%. Today people seldom eat from - for hunger, and in most cases do it under the influence of external factors. It can be food for the company, food as a habit (for example, a lunch break at work) or a way to get rid of internal discomfort.

Eating habits

Eating habits play one of leading roles in development of excess weight and obesity. The majority of eating habits passes from father to son. Children who got used to eat rolls and fast food, to chew in front of the TV and to drink sweet aerated water, will transfer these “traditions“ to the future families, dooming thereby to extra kilos already the descendants.

Many harmful eating habits peculiar to residents of big cities are caused by a so-called western way of life. When rate of life grows and grows, the schedule of work very dense, haste and a stress become norm of life - people miss a breakfast or a lunch, snatch a meal or driving and relax behind a plentiful dinner before going to bed.

Unsatisfied requirements

Unsatisfied requirements increase thirst for food which acts as a such universal remedy “from everything“. Very often the requirements which do not have the slightest relation to food, are satisfied by means of food. For example, the food for the company is no other than an indicator of belonging to a certain group. To identify itself with the family, friends or to colleagues, the person eats together with them, even when he is not hungry, or chooses the same products and dishes which are preferred by this group.

Other example - satisfaction of need for safety. When we feel some external threat (for this purpose enough to look at a news), it is much simpler to us to eat and feel imaginary safety, than to look for and the more so to eliminate a threat source. Thus, the conditioned reflex is formed over time, and the person begins to act automatically, without thinking of true motives.


by means of food any requirements can be satisfied. So, the need for novelty of people satisfies, trying new dishes, need for the high social status - visit of expensive restaurants etc.

the Stress

Very many people eat in response to a stress and tension. Strategy of fight against this not palatable state happen active and passive. Active assume identification of the reason of a stress and its elimination. At passive all forces are thrown on “mitigation of consequences“, but not on a stress. The food is just one of ways of a passive sovladaniye with a stress.


It is proved that at a stress cortisol level - hormone which promotes accumulation of excess fatty tissue and development of abdominal obesity (when fat accumulates in an abdominal cavity around internals) that, in turn, increases risk of development of diabetes of the second type, an arterial hypertension and other diseases increases.

As are shown by numerous researches, people with an excess weight for fight against a stress most often use food, unlike slender people who choose other strategy. There are data that at women with the central obesity (that is in a stomach) abdominal fat collects as manifestation of a dissatisfaction with life.

Why it occurs? The solar plexus is considered the center of accumulation of vital energy, therefore, formation of a fatty pillow in this area - it is a peculiar way of protection against world around. And the discontent with life is stronger, the fatty layer is thicker.

the Unsatisfactory dream and fatigue

Excess weight very often is followed by sleep disorders to which the person can not pay attention even. Very often people with an excess weight suffer night apnoe - violation of breath during a dream that results in deficiency of the oxygen coming to an organism. As result - feeling of weakness and fatigue during the day. And it is, as a rule, jammed. As a result weight grows that, in turn, leads to even more serious violations of a dream. The vicious circle becomes isolated.

Deficiency of a dream is also connected by

with the increased level of cortisol and other hormones which are responsible for development of obesity. Also one curious research showed that stout persons are perceived surrounding as the idlers suffering from lack of will power. To resist to unflattering public opinion, they begin to work more and longer, endowing hours of a dream. Lack of the normal mode of a dream and rest turns into accumulation of fatigue which again - is jammed. At the same time the person stays in illusion that the “strengthened“ food will give him strength and will help to resist to fatigue. And all this leads to a bigger increase in weight. Again the vicious circle turns out.

Impossibility to distinguish a physical and emotional state

People with an excess weight often jam emotional splashes. In other words, living some emotion, they interpret it as hunger. For example, the person feels disappointment, collapse of hopes, and it seems to it that it is hungry.

It is frequent as feeling of hunger the boredom, irritation, grief are perceived. According to the researches conducted in my clinic especially women are subject to it. Such symptom as an aleksitimiya - inability to distinguish and describe emotions is characteristic of people with an excess weight. They not really understand, than the alarm differs from fear, and grief for anger. Instead of accommodation of emotions such people just jam them. The inability to distinguish emotions very much complicates identification of the reasons of excess weight and consequently, and their elimination.

Sexual problems

Sexual life is important part of physical and emotional health of the person. At physical contacts of various degree of proximity: during massage, sexual excitement and an orgasm - hormone oxytocin, “tranquility hormone“ is produced. We are obliged to it by sexual satisfaction. It is also allocated when the person eats greasy food. Therefore quite often sexual dissatisfaction is compensated by consumption of high-fatty products.

Unfortunately, in our country people very often are exposed to sexual violence, and in most cases it is kept in secret. Happens that the person who endured sexual violence absolutely unconsciously gains weight to hide the sexuality and to exclude risk of repetition of a similar situation. Researches show that it is more difficult to victims of sexual violence to lose weight, than that who was not exposed to violence.

If last sexual experience was connected by

with feeling of alarm, fear or other unpleasant feelings, the person can gain unconsciously weight “to disguise“ the belonging to the defined sex and thus to avoid the unpleasant relations.

the Social environment

is One more reason of excess weight

aspiration of the person to meet expectations of the social group. Consumption of food - process social. The joint meal pulls together people. Traditions and rituals of any culture are connected with food:“ to break bread“ means to make friends, - salt it is accepted to welcome with bread at us dear visitors and the groom with the bride.

the Food is important part of communicative process, some kind of cement which fastens the relations. In each group (in a family, the company of girlfriends, working collective) there are “gastronomic“ traditions. And if one of participants decides to recede from them, then by all means will encounter resistance of all others. If someone one changes the food behavior, other members of group should correct anyway it too that obviously does not include in their plans. This resistance of people around can complicate process of weight reduction or in general stop it.

Low physical activity

the Western way of life is a sedentary life. We sit at work, we sit in the car, we sit in front of the TV. I will not open for you anything new if I tell that to be physically active - it is good. If people even with an excess weight support the normal level of physical activity, their health can be much better, than at harmonous, but leading an inactive life. What is normal physical activity? It is 30 - 60 minutes of exercises in day the greatest possible number of times per week.

Now when we in detail sorted all main reasons for excess weight, make the list of factors which lead to increase in your weight or prevent to lower it to norm. This list will help you to concentrate on the reasons, important for you, and to decide what you can make for their elimination.

From the book “Healthy habits. Doctor Ionova`s diet“