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Nurseries summer camp: 6 councils how not to make the wrong choice of

Many parents are endured, releasing the child of one somewhere, and it is not vain - if it is about camp. There is a wish that the child returned with new impressions, emotions, knowledge and just well well rested. And it comes back - only impressions and emotions not always happen joyful. What the parents sending the child to camp for the first time have to pay attention to?

what the parents sending the child to camp for the first time have to pay attention to?

  1. Let`s say you found camp in the Internet. Of course, first of all, you see responses - what opinion at the children and their parents who had a rest there. As a rule, good nurseries of camp do not delete bad responses therefore it is possible to receive more or less objective assessment.
  2. needs to pay Further attention to the main criteria of camp which are important directly for the parent: accommodation conditions, food, safety, arrangement of camp and price. But often camp, being in one price range, on these points not strongly differ from each other. Here it is necessary to pay attention to other things.
  3. Practically on all websites the section “Photo gallery“ is. Of course, it is pleasant when in photos the smiling children, but surely have to be photos of cases, numbers, it is desirable even bathrooms in advance to see conditions in which there will live children. Example.
  4. be not too lazy to go to office of the company which sells the permit in camp. To many parents laziness to go for paperwork to children somewhere, it is much easier for them to sign the contract on the Internet and to pay for the clearing settlement. But how it is possible, without seeing people to whom you trust the most expensive, without having found out anything about camp, to send there children?
  5. Surely ask questions to the staff of office where you make out the permit! If though on one question receive the answer “I do not know“ or the unconvincing, inexact and uncertain answer, then it is a disturbing signal.
  6. At registration of the permit should pay attention to the contract. If the contract is made competently, then it contains: arrival terms, the list of necessary documents, the location of camp as to reach it, the exact address, contact phones, permit terms of return - all important information.

A what is important for the child who for the first time goes to camp?

Of course, camp leisure - scope of change, a variety of actions, a saturation of every day. If the child loves horses, then why not to choose horse camp with riding ? If the child is fond of soccer - please, is many of football camps . Interest robots? Welcome to nano - camp ! And if the baby active it is also necessary to splash out the energy which collected during the winter, then it needs to camp of active recreation .

Experts advise

: if your child very silent and timid, then, sending his first time to camp, take care of that he went there together with those with whom he communicated within a year - schoolmates, brothers / sisters, just friends from the yard. It will be simpler to it to adapt in camp if together with it there are already acquaintances and the checked people. It then when the child already accustoms to a situation unfamiliar to it, he will learn to strike up new acquaintances, and departure with ease where - or without parents will not be for it a stress.


the scope of change, all actions, circles and the master - classes Also has to be accurately prescribed

. The firm can long spread a nightingale that they have “a creative camp, there take place many actions, children will be happy“, but if there is no reality - it is bad.

Therefore that to the child it was really interesting and comfortable - find out everything the moments interesting you on the organization of leisure of your child.

Contact parents who left comments on the website, it is easy to find them in social networks as the advanced camps have groups both in Contact and in Facebook. For example, the KID children`s camp - club, camp of active recreation “Contact“, language camp EnglishFun, “League of the Extreme“ and many others camp have group on a social network and it is very easy to track all their activities for photos from each change, to news announcements of every day and responses of parents.

One of the most known camps comprising all above-mentioned - the KID children`s camp - club. It not only pleases with variety of programs in Russia and abroad, but also exists in the market 12 years and is one of the largest organizers of children`s rest. Sending children in camp of Moscow area, Bulgaria, Mexico, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and for training in the best schools of England and America, you can be sure that your child will receive the first-class rest and will arrive home only with positive emotions.

B than difference of KID - club from other camps?

In - the first, a variety of programs and camps - you can pick up camp for any budget, with any subject - beginning from sports centers (soccer, riding, surfing) and finishing with extreme programs. Also are available also traditional camp of active recreation, one of which - Kontakt camp - is recognized by the best camp of Association of children`s camps of Russia.

In - the second, professional teaching staff - KID - club have the school of the leader.

B - the third, you are sure of safety of the child: at any time it is possible to call it, to Skype, to watch it on a web - to chambers and to watch news and photos in social networks and on Twitter.

I, of course, actions of each change - archery, game in a paintball, rock-climbing, courses of DJs, video blogging, hip - hop, a photocircle, a karaoke, the pool, drawing by sand, ATVs, fitness, fencing, single combats and they are will not leave your child indifferent.

Address: Moscow, Staropimenovsky Lane St., 11 / 6, 2 floor.
Phone: (495) 966 - 78 - 56
the Website: www. kid - club. ru