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What to occupy the child with? 13 games on a sheet of paper: Often happens to words and pictures of

that we with children appear somewhere in the boring place, and, as ill luck would have it, there is nothing to be engaged: there is neither book, nor a ball, nor toys. But there are a notebook and pencils or an ordinary ball pen. And maybe, it is enough for games?

So what can be thought up with a sheet of paper?

From paper can put samoletik and to start them - even sitting in turn in policlinic! And even in the train car! (Agree, it is far better, than to utikhomirivat fights and whims and to listen to continuous moaning.)

A still can put ships and to play them. For example, to place ships on a table and to blow by them. It is possible to put a sheet of paper an accordion and to make a fan - many children like to put accurately paper and to paint the self-made fans.

Still can put paper several times - and to cut out an openwork snowflake. From dense paper excellent funnels for oversleeping of sand or grain turn out and if to roll a leaf and to stick together from it a pipe, then it is possible to make a telescope and even the field-glass for game.

A what it is possible to play on a sheet of paper?

of the Half. Each player conceives the picture, but draws it not all but only a half. Then players exchange sheets and finish drawing. Sometimes very ridiculous pictures turn out, for example, one wanted to draw points, and on its leaf there were two circles, and from them cherries or wheels of the car were created.

of Dorisovki. Everyone draws some flourish on a leaf, then all change leaflets and in other color finish drawing the picture so that something intelligent turned out.

Searches of a treasure in the map of the apartment. For this game to you needs to draw the plan or the map of the apartment or yard. After that it is possible to start the game. Let`s designate on the card the place where the treasure is hidden, and that place where we stand, - and it is possible to start searches! Similar games very much carry away children!

Searches of a treasure in a series of notes. And for those who only learn to read can arrange searches of a treasure - for example, beautifully wrapped up nutlets or highlights - on notes. In notes it can be written:“ on a table “, “ in kitchen on a stool “, “ at mother in a boot “, “ in a carriage at a doll“.

Framework. Tell the child that earlier people wrote down not all letters of the word but only concordants, and still are languages in which consonants write, and vowels sometimes write from above, and sometimes - at all pass. Try to think up in how many ways it would be possible to read the word BR if in Russian wrote only concordants too. (Pine forest, drill, bar, attire, storm, sconce, Borya, bureau.) And then try to take any other framework - and think out in turn different words where these concordants meet in such sequence.

Can add

to a letter framework in front, behind, in the middle.

For example, a framework - SL:

the Framework can consist also of vowels, for example Ltd company:

Typesetter. can play this game all family, with friends, in a class. We choose the long word, we write it from above on each leaflet, and then we make short words of letters of this word. It is more convenient to write out words columns - from 4 letters, from 5 letters, from 6 letters, from 7 and more. As a rule, play for a while - 10 or 15 minutes. After game everyone reads the list of the turned-out words.

several options of counting of points Are. It is possible to delete all words which occurred more, than at one. And it is possible to consider more cunning: if the word was written to the lists by all players, all this word is deleted if the word occurred at all, except one, - an index 1 if at all, except two, - an index 2, and number of letters multiply then by an index at the word - and receive the sums. Thus also those who think out few rare words, and those who write many frequent words are considered.

For example, we will take the floor “Camomile“.

we will Write out, as well as in other verbal games, only nouns in the Nominative case, in singular and we will agree that a letter we do not take the word in 2 - 3 (in an example not all words are written out, certainly, - it is rather just a model of convenient record of game).


3 4 5 6 - 7
the SPHERE of Cancer
of MaSh of KROSh
the Frame
the Penalty

Crosses - zeroes. Classical game which, however, is known now any more not by all. The simplest crosses - zeroes - on the square field three on three. And here more difficult option - on a big leaf in a section where it is necessary to deliver 5 crosses or 5 zeroes in a row, down, to a horizontal or diagonal. If the opponent put three crosses in a row, then it is already time “to close“ this row the zero from any party.

of the City. This game is good also without paper, aurally: one is told by “Moscow“, the second thinks out the city or the country whose name begins on the last letter of the previous word. For example, Moscow - Ashgabat - Denmark - Japan - Jamaica... It is similarly possible to play and just words, and not just the cities. At the same time it will be easier for children to remember spelling of words - especially if you laugh at such funny things much:

- Listen to

attentively on what letter the word “window“ comes to an end?
- On a letter “O“! Now I will think up.“ Odmeral“!
- Borechka, “admiral“!
- Well, then “okodemek“!

Sea battle. This game helps children to deal with coordinates down and across, and also accustoms to think and argue logically. I think, parents still remember rules also! It is possible to play on a paper leaflet, and it is possible to buy a box with plastic small suitcases and counters - ships - to many children it is so simpler, than to accurately write down everything on a leaflet.

the Ciphered letters and surprising fairy tales. When children are already able to write and read, they are pleasant to decipher confidential notes where for each letter there is the designation - for example, figure or the small picture.

A can be spoken to

on a secret language - for example as Tofsla and Vifsla in the fairy tale about Mumi - the troll. I am a sla went - a sla to the magician - Zine - a sl. Soon - a sla I will come - a sla!

A can add “a confidential syllable“ after each syllable, and not just at the end of the word: Tya - a pas - tya - a pas, Tya - a pas - tya - a pas, on - a pas - shi - a pas se - a pas - ti - a pas at - pases - they are a pas - Russian cabbage soup - a pas - whether - a pas of measures - a pas - a tva - a pas - tsa - a pas!“

was Guessed?

try to guess

A now what the fairy tale is: “According to De Re. You re bo - prebo. Hundred re from ze tya. Tya - potya - you not mo. According to De Ba. Ba for, for Re, tya - potya - you not mo!“ you in the same style will be able to tell

A the fairy tale about Ryabu`s Chicken?

Scrappy blanket. we Draw on paper in a section the field for game 4 on 5 cages (the party of each cage of 1 cm). For one course each player has to shade one section in the color. It is necessary to try that sections of one color were as it is possible further from each other. During game under the game field draw so many sticks how many it is shaded with this pencil of the next sections. The sections having the general party or located obliquely from each other are considered next. That who has at the end of the game less sticks wins.

Bridges. during game each of players tries to build the bridge from one coast on another. At Red - red coast and crosses as stones, at Green - green coast and zeroes. Game can be begun in any point of the field. For one course the player can connect two next stones the vertical or horizontal bridge. Red and green bridges should not be crossed. The one who will build the continuous bridge from one coast on another wins.

Erudite. the Known game called also “skrabl“ when it is necessary to make words of separate letters and to expose them in the field by certain rules. Many children with pleasure play similar games already at younger school!

From the book “Games for the Beginning Mothers“