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Food of the child about one year: we protect health from the youth of

Still Hippocrates spoke:“ Yes your food your medicine will be“. Therefore in recent years demand for products with additional useful properties for an organism everywhere grows. This tendency in baby food is especially actual.

Pediatricians unanimously declare that many diseases at kids it is much easier to warn, than then to treat. Especially it concerns so-called alimentarno - dependent diseases which develop against deficiency in food of the major vitamins and minerals. For example, statistically, Russia given by the Union of pediatricians and scientific research institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, prevalence of insufficiency of iron at children of early age reaches of 30 - 60%, deficiencies of such major substances as iodine, calcium, vitamins C are also very actual for children`s age, And (and a beta - carotene).

Deficiency of these substances on the first year of life of the child the most adverse effects for health have


For example, iodine is called “an intelligence element“. It is very important for harmonious development of the kid, his mental and physical health. Iodine participates in creation of the hormones of a thyroid gland which are actively influencing all processes of a metabolism. Deficiency of iodine at early age is the reason of development of an endemichesky craw, low-tallness, a delay of intellectual development and bad progress at school.


needs Iron for formation of hemoglobin - the main carrier of oxygen from lungs to all body tissues. The lack of intake of iron with food is the main reason of development of the latent and obvious forms of anemia in the kid.

Deficiency of iron is shown by decrease in immunity, frequent infectious diseases, fast fatigue and weakness of the child, lag in physical development.

the Shortcoming the beta - carotene (the predecessor of vitamin A) in food leads

to decrease in “skin“ immunity - such children often have pustulous diseases and stomatitises, also they break formation of elements of a retina of an eye and sight worsens.

also deficiency of food fibers which leads to development of dysbacteriosis, intestinal infections, obesity is Very considerable

in a diet of Russians (including children).

But it can be avoided if regularly to include necessary amount of these biologically active agents in the menu of the child.


For kids of early age just also created a unique line of nurseries of the Spelyonok juice which is in addition enriched with various useful substances - juice with iron, with iodine, with a beta - carotene, with pectin, with calcium.

the Enriched Spelyonok juice not only is tasty

, but also possesses the additional useful properties which are positively influencing health of children.

For example, in “Apple - Cherry, Enriched with Iron“ juice, iron is added in number of 3 mg / 100 gr (that corresponds to 30% of norm of consumption by the child of the first year of life), in the form of a bivalent (II) gluconate which possesses high bioavailability for an organism. And to “Apple - Plum, Enriched with Iodine“ juice, iodine it is added in the form of iodide potassium - it is specially recommended food form of iodine which is perfectly acquired and does not change taste of the product in any way. Juice enrichment by iodine in number of 16 mkg / 100 gr a product corresponds to 35% of norm of consumption in a microcell by the child of the first year of life.

the Enriched Spelyonok juice is prepared for


on the basis of juice from green grades of the apples which are grown up in farms of the Gardens of the Don Region company. Green apples, as we know, help to reduce risk of allergic reactions. it is important to p to note

that this juice is intended for consumption as a product of a feeding up both for healthy children of early age, and for the children needing prevention of the diseases connected with deficiency in a diet of the corresponding substances. There are no contraindications to the use of this juice any unless the general recommendations which are usually made to mothers by pediatricians at purpose of a feeding up to avoid development of individual allergic reactions.

More detailed information on the range and properties of the enriched Spelyonok juice can be learned on the website www. spelenok. com.