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11 kg in a month with Dyukan`s diet. Incentive - a trip at the sea

Before pregnancy never came to my mind that such day when I think of a diet will sometime come! The kindergarten called me “Thumbelina“, in the senior classes of school teased “little one“. I was a thin girl of low growth and however many ate, my figure remained invariable. At that time I desperately dreamed to recover!

at the age of 24 years I was registered on pregnancy weighing 44 kg. For all pregnancy recovered on only 8 kg. After the delivery nursed the child till 1,5 years and became even more harmonous, than was before childbirth. My husband, the physician by training, the entire period of pregnancy and feeding by a breast watched closely what I eat. Nothing fat was allowed me and harmful, at least sweet - only useful and healthy nutrition. And I all this time dreamed of chips and chocolate!

But here that fine day when the child was separated from a breast came, and I arranged myself “a stomach holiday“. I did not refuse to myself anything - sandwiches and cakes for breakfast, soups and salads with a huge number of mayonnaise for lunch and, of course, the adored chips with beer late at night. As I at that time was in a child care leave, I indulged house and myself at the same time tasty pastries 2 - 3 time in a week (pies, buns and different cookies). And once... ceased to get into habitual clothes. For me it was shock! When I saw myself in a mirror in a bathing suit (into which it was hardly pushed), with cellulitis almost to knees (!) - I understood that with it it is necessary to do something, and is urgent because to a trip at the sea there was only a month.

Should tell

that the trip at the sea played a crucial role in all this enterprise under the name “I Grow Thin!“ . The matter is that I am an owner of such character and mentality that without incentive to get moving forward me and to force something to do very difficult. So, one of important components of a diet is an incentive! And time incentive is, time I solved something, I undertake it thoroughly.

Ya rummaged all Internet in search of a suitable diet. And there found rejected a half of everything - to sit on kefir and there are no I cannot, I have a sore stomach. Then I chose Pierre Ducan`s diet and never regretted about it! One of pluses of this diet is in what is is possible so much how many there is a wish, but... only proteinaceous food.

Three days I ate with

only boiled chicken, eggs, skim cheese and 0% yogurts. It was very easy! I never felt hungry and never caught myself on thought that I want something sweet. For these three days I grew thin almost for 3 kg!

Further I started the second stage of a diet - began to alternate proteinaceous days with days when it is possible to eat except proteinaceous food also any vegetables (except starch of the containing products). And by the end of month dumped the remained 8 kg.

Pierre Ducan`s diet has two more stages - fixing and stabilization. At a stage of fixing of 6 days in a week it is allowed to eat vegetables and proteins, and once a week purely proteinaceous day. Plus at this stage of times a week is allowed suit a feast (there is everything what is wanted but reasonably). There is still a stabilization stage at which you are gradually restored to normal life. The purpose of this phase - to fix already dumped kilograms. There are still some subtleties and nuances about which I will not write, at desire it is possible to find the mass of details and responses in the Internet.

I Will only tell

that after this diet the dumped kilograms do not come back, and still it is the only diet known to me at which cellulitis leaves! But I consider that for successful weight loss have to be three making - incentive, a diet and physical activities! First I began to twist hulakhup, but whether a hoop at me wrong, whether I too was zealous - but after couple of days of occupations I found awful bruises on all waist. Then I took a jump rope and began to jump. Result - beautiful and brought up the priest and any cellulitis! Also I refused the elevator and included daily hour walks in the schedule.

as a result I went

to the sea beautiful and thin. And still I drew for myself a conclusion that to eat well - it is good, but “the stomach holiday“ is not the main thing, main that in soul there was always a holiday!

Nastyusha`s mother