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Weight loss history: a diet without hunger and fitness without gym of

Hello, dear ladies! I get acquainted with your methods of weight loss and I admire you! You are worthy respect! Each of you selects a diet - with the flavoring addictions, exercises - according to the life and opportunities. Only sadly happens that some after such “works“ on themselves come back to former weight, and even add twice.

Of course, the reason of it for all is known. As soon as we reach desirable effect, we afford superfluous. “And why is not present? - we speak to ourselves. - Now - that I am able to afford myself it! I well done! I reached what wished! And I should please myself...“ - also we please, we please, and the arrow of scales surely falls to the right. I know it not from stories, and from own experience, long and thorny.

How many by me was “passed“ diets, restrictions, and then the excess weight, excess folds again... As I was tired of it, was tired to fight. I understood that I do something not so that did not find any core, I miss something. Now all this in the past.

my history of weight loss originates in 2001 - 2002. From September to June I grew thin from 81 to 58 kg. However, it is healthy! And in a decade gained only 4 kg. I do not limit myself in anything - both cakes, and chocolates - everything is in my diet. And so, by a lucky chance Allen`s book Kara “An easy way to lose weight“ fell of me into hands. All also began with it!

the Book completely turned my relation to food. In this book the author does not give information on diets, on the necessary products - he brings our consciousness what and how many should be eaten. I will give several examples from this book.

the Woman fed with

a wild squirrel and gave it many nutlets. The squirrel ate a small amount, and began to hide, postpone the rest for the following meal. How the author comments on such behavior of a squirrel? Wild animals have no obesity, he says, unlike house, not because they have livelihoods less but because at them the self-preservation instinct is live. Unless a squirrel, “having eaten too much“, will be able to scramble on a tree and to take cover from the enemy? Or other example. If at the car a gasoline tank of 40 liters whether we will be able to fill in 42 liters of gasoline there? Then why we, reasonable beings, overeat, we eat too much?

Now before giving a hand in the direction of the second piece of cake, I began to ask myself a question: “And unless I want the second piece of cake?“ . But, having reduced quantity of the consumed food, I for some reason did not receive result which would please me. And I decided that I need the sparing diet, that which would not prevent my rhythm would not demand efforts with which I would not feel feeling of hunger.

By trial and error chose for itself a bezuglevodny diet. Is it is possible how many you want and when you want. It is possible vegetables - both crude, and boiled, did not fill salads with anything - it was first tasteless, but then tried out - it was pleasant, and still it is possible in any quantity boiled fish and any boiled meat (excepting pork). It is impossible grain, potatoes, bakery products, including macaroni, and fruit.

to me it was convenient to apply

in the diet. And on a visit it is possible “to nakidat“ on a plateau of vegetables and to put a meat piece, and nobody will ask “You that, on a diet?“ and when drank tea, said to herself and others that so well ate that there is a wish for nothing any more. Yes, and at restaurant it is always possible to order from this diet. And at work where a cup behind a cup of coffee, and with coffee always (on extremely measure, I) want to have a bite something, I ate bran: do not eat them much, and it is good both to satisfy with that quantity which I used hunger, and to help intestines.

I, of course, sport! But how with the child, with household chores and work to find time for fitness classes? And without sport it will be slowly, it will be inefficient - I so spoke to myself and decided to go on foot, always and everywhere on foot. Sometimes forced itself and here looked for “locomotives“ - engines - I save on transport, I breathe air and, of course, I grow thin!

ate nothing

In 4 hours prior to a dream, only drank - either water, or kefir. And always remembered about a squirrel from “An easy way to lose weight“ - did not overeat and when there was a wish “superfluous“, always asked itself a question: whether I want more? And always spoke: no! I do not want any more! I am full!

Of course, it is not such fast way, but he effectively laid down on my food allowance and habitat, I did not test inconvenience and hunger, I lived life, however, without chocolate, but now... I can all this! I wish also to you to achieve results and to hold them!

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