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Whether it is possible for pregnant women … Laptop, microwave and other household appliances of

Teapot, microwave, cell phone... As household appliances and electronics influence an organism of future mother and kid and how to be protected from harmful electromagnetic radiation?

to Leave “field“

Modern life cannot be presented to

without household appliances. Every day we use “equipment miracles“. We dry hair, we iron things, we boil water, we warm a quick lunch, we watch TV. We always in touch thanks to cell phones, and the Internet to us helps to stay in the know of events. What reverse of the medal at such mobile life? It, as we know, exists always.

our “friends and assistants“ radiate electromagnetic waves. Their influence on an organism of future mother and the kid is well studied. The Russian scientist Danilevsky established 115 years ago that the nervous system reacts to action of the electromagnetic field as the antenna at the radio receiver. Endocrine, reproductive and immune systems are suppressed. Children at all stages of the development, including pre-natal, are especially sensitive to waves of the “bad“ field.

Reference points Frequent interaction of future mother with pieces of equipment and electronics does to


it sluggish, irritable. Catarrhal diseases can become aggravated, be interrupted a sleep. And during expectation of the kid forces for two are so necessary. Do not refuse use of habitual things, be just vigilant and minimize “communication“ with phones and microwaves. Take for a WHO recommendation reference point: admissible level of force of the electromagnetic field is equal to 0,3 - 0,4 microteslas (mktl). Such “wave“ belongs to class 2B carcinogens - very concentrated field. But, for example, the iron will be wrong to be correlated to these data. And here it is impossible to walk with the small child near a power line even in park!

Detailed analysis

the Electric furnace works as

at energy of microwaves. This radiation the most undesirable to our organism. At distance of 30 cm she creates the field to 8 mktl. Choose devices with special protection in the form of an ekranirovka. Do not stand near the working microwave. The switched-on electric kettle can be dangerous already at arm`s length. So it is not necessary to be near it waiting for boiled water too. At modern vacuum cleaners very high radiation - 100 mktl. But it is compensated by hose length. It is anyway better to walk on a floor a damp broom or a rag, than the noisy cleaner once again.

At a plate maintain a distance in one step. At the same time radiation in all kitchen makes 0,1 - 0,15 mktl.

the Most dangerous to future mother and the kid the TV and the conditioner are considered as p as

. So during expectation of the child protect yourself from frequent viewing of transfers and do not abuse the air heater.

we Hold a distance
the Electric kettle - 25 cm
the Electric stove - 30 cm
the Microwave oven - 50 cm
the Vacuum cleaner - 60 cm
the Refrigerator - from 30 cm to 1,5 m (for no system - frost)
the Washing machine - from 60 cm to 1,5 m
the Conditioner - 1,5 m
the TV - from 1,5 m (at the screen more than 29 inches - from 2 m)
Computer waves

Many future mothers work with

at offices before a maternity leave, and someone continues to work at the computer of also house. Try to reduce its use to a minimum. The main sources of radiation - the monitor and the system unit. The screen choose liquid crystal. You watch that the distance to eyes made not less of 50 - 80 cm Blok whenever possible remove far away. Being at work, check whether there are no you in a zone of radiation of the next computers. Safe distance - of 1,5 - 2 m you Watch that the back part of the monitor of the colleague did not settle down too close. And surely do a break in work - a quarter of hour through each of 45 - 50 minutes.

the Laptop and the tablet, despite the compact sizes, radiate not less, than the computer. They have Wi - Fi the transmitter which creates the field of high intensity. Do not force the device to yourself to the knees. Do not put a laptop on a stomach! In houses habitual began to establish the Wi networks - Fi. In apartments it is possible to count up to fifty neighbour`s networks. The proximity with such “electromagnetic web“ is undesirable to small children too.

of WHO against communication

the Cell phone - the most harmful source of radiation from - for proximity to a brain. When the tube is located about an ear, the part of the radiated electromagnetic energy is absorbed by the head. Our brain perceives these signals in 30 seconds. WHO recommends to future mothers as well as to children till 18 years to refuse services of cellular communication. It does not mean that you should get carrier pigeons. But all - try to reduce as much as possible conversation time - no more 3 - 4 minutes by one call.

of the hands Device - free reduce harmful effects, and it is better to refuse the Bluetooth function. Do not use the mobile phone instead of an alarm clock, do not put near a pillow and you do not carry in a pocket. Upon purchase give preference to model with a smaller set of functions and smaller power. Choose a radio telephone with a small radius of action, it radiates more weakly. The safest models - stationary.

to Find a source

Turn on the ordinary radio receiver. Choose any average or long wave, without any station where there are no music and transfers. With this “detective“ you approach serially the working household appliances - the TV, a microwave, the vacuum cleaner, the refrigerator. The receiver will begin to react to the level of magnetic waves. If from the loudspeaker you hear strong noise, a crash - means, near it the “bad“ electric device. And on a waiting time of the child it is better for you to limit as much as possible its application in life.

Reasonable approach
  1. Having pressed the start button on the washing machine, go to other room.
  2. do not include several household appliances at once and do not force them to idle.
  3. do not use the TV as a background.
  4. you Watch that the sofa did not settle down at the same wall, as the refrigerator in kitchen. Maintain safe distance.
  5. Whenever possible dispose major appliances the back radiating surface to external and blank walls.
  6. you Watch that the microwave oven door - furnaces densely adjoined, and on glass there were no microcracks, otherwise microwaves can get to the room.
  7. do not buy for no apparent reason powerful electric devices.
  8. As seldom as possible use extenders. Wires should not be displaced in loops.

Expert: Oleg Grigoriev, Russian national committee on protection against not ionizing radiation