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Toys bothered? The developing grants - by the hands of

A year ago we in a family had happiness - our precious daughter appeared. In process of its growth I understood that it is necessary to think out soon something besides standard toys. And here that time when bags with toys were written off by my daughter for a warehouse came. I began to rummage information on how to make something developing, bright, interesting that though somehow to carry away the baby and to release to itself a little time. Found. Made. And here what at me left.

“Magic box“ . Any box of the average sizes (in my case a box from - under the filter for water purification). In the center we cut out an opening - it that the child`s handle freely could pass there. We paste over a box with bright color paper from all directions. Further we cut out any images of people, animals, vegetables, flowers etc. We paste them, and from above we fit everything an adhesive tape. Inside we put any objects which are at home, but not so small that the child could swallow them, of course. The kid with pleasure will pull out objects and to consider them. To give a box only as required. More often to change box contents.

“Tian - we will pull“ . To build a similar box, only the smaller sizes. Also we paste over with bright paper, we glue pictures and we fit an adhesive tape for durability. Further colourful children`s nasal kerchiefs will be necessary. They need to be sewed one corner - the chain will turn out. Scarfs to put and put in a box, and in an opening to leave a scarf corner that the child could grasp it. The child with pleasure will extend kerchiefs until they end. It is pleasant to children.

“Logical box“ . Take an average box from - under footwear. It is possible to paste over it also beautifully, but I did not become, and so rather bright. Further it is necessary to collect more bottles from - under juice, drinking yogurt, packages from - under milk - with covers, it is desirable the different sizes and flowers. It is good to wash out and dry up. To cut off the top part with a neck from bottles and packages. Further under each neck in the top part of a box to cut through a suitable opening and to fix there necks, it is possible by means of an adhesive tape. To attach laces to the lower part of a box and to suspend on them covers from bottles. The plain design turns out. The child has to find the corresponding neck for a cover. It is the most favourite toy of the daughter - very much it is pleasant though for the present does not cope completely.

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