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How to be pleasant to the personnel officer: 9 mistakes by drawing up the summary

you are a professional, the slogger and just excellent person! From those whom any decent company dreams to see in the ranks of the employees. However your summary becomes dusty on the recruiting websites not one week, and headhunters for some reason do not hurry to call... Most likely, a problem that you incorrectly made the summary.

Mistake the first: the main information

Usually after a name and age we specify by

the birthplace and marital status. Sadly, but fact: today you should not focus attention that you were born in Moscow. Visitors who, as a rule, “support“ the often are engaged in selection of employees. In a special priority - fellow countrymen. The capital origin can play a dirty trick with the person: your summary simply will not reach the head. Why to you work if you have a mass of the privileges received only by the right of the birth, the personnel officer will think and will send you “to a basket“.

Should not specify in the second line disturbing “is not married“ - you do not want that the employer thought that it concerns you. Same treats children, is especially younger than three years. The boss does not learn that nurses are applied to them and grandmothers - business simply will not reach personal meeting.

Maria Perova, director of recruiting agency:

When we help our clients to look for employees, we follow their instructions. Proceeding from my practice, employers are not eager to see the following types of people in the companies: married women of childbearing age (suddenly will come and at once will give rise?) single mothers (will not be able to concentrate on work), students - diaries (let study better) and women for 40 on an “office-the manager“, “secretary“ or “administrator“ position (and what they in general were engaged earlier in?) . So if you well very much want to come to interview, but get to one of these categories, it is better to lower “objectionable“ points in the summary. You will tell about it already on interview. If you really are pleasant to the employer, already little will frighten off him.

Mistake the second: the additional equipment

Is about the skills and qualities of character which do not have a direct bearing on work in which you plan to be engaged. Of course, it is great that once you jumped with a parachute, you love night walks and annually you donate part of a salary for a cats shelter, but, believe, to you it will not add bonuses, and here the irritation can cause.

Specify by

only those achievements which can be useful in business. Maintain supply of material in the uniform tonality chosen initially, track that the block about work was not sad against the rollicking story about itself. It is interesting to you to work too?

Mistake the third: unsuccessful photos

What means “unsuccessful“? Let`s tell at once: in the curriculum vitae of the modern applicant of a photo to be obliged and to choose suitable quite really if to remember three rules. The first - in the photo there have to be only you, and at a neutral background, without wall-paper, curtains, the beach and not relating details, other to business. Let it will be a light wall (plus a clever look in a lens), cafe (you and a morning cup of coffee) or even a present workplace if the surroundings allows. The rule second - the person has to be well visible, so, we remove the headdresses, dark glasses and other things doing us beautiful. The third - clothes. It is welcomed as it is easy to guess, an official style and a minimum of a make-up.

Mistake the fourth: lovely “bows“

Ornaments, florid beating and other embellishments suggest to

the employer a different idea. Yes, in the fifth class of high school you would be given, certainly, the excellent for registration of “creative work“. But today you adult, applicant. Immediately clean pink frames and semifat italics!

Smilies, dots, exclamation marks and other sincere manifestations in the cover letter, apparently, have to position you as person simple, cheerful and modern. However opinion that the advanced headhunter will be delighted with similar familiarity, mistakenly. At best he will begin to be perplexed, in the worst - will remember “the fervent summary“ for a long time and will automatically delete it in the subsequent attempts “to reach heaven“.

Oksana Mitryukhina, HR - the manager:

Mistake the fifth: told lies according to the announcement

there is an opinion that as the main objective of the summary - to force the headhunter to invite you to interview, in it it is not forbidden to exaggerate own advantages and even to write frank lie - for effect. Yes, which - that can be embellished (in the same way the employer will tell with inspiration about opportunities of career development and free donuts for employees). But it is frank and on - large you should never lie. Deception will emerge very quickly, the it is more that it is always possible to inquire about you at ex-employers. Ugly it will turn out. Is better at once admit that your English - not fluent. At the successful result of interview you will go to courses at the expense of the company.

the Most popular personal qualities of applicants

Quality Popularity
Customer focus of 0,2%
Ability to convince of 0,5%
Sense of humour of 0,8%
Leadership skills of 0,8%
Honesty of 2,1%
Diligence of 2,5%
Ability to work with large volume of information of 2,8%
Creativity of 4,2%
Organizing abilities of 4,2%
Ability to work in team of 4,6%
Analytical mentality of 6%
according to the research Superjob. ru

Mistake the sixth: Rosenthal`s oblivion

Grammatical mistakes and annoying slips which we often make in cover letters are capable to deliver to

on your career a fat cross. Attentively check written. If to you the answer came, remember as call the interlocutor, and do not name Irina by Elena. Correctly and completely write the name of the company where you plan to settle, a surname of the potential head and so forth

Philip ZORIN, the head of department of text advertizing of the international company:

Most of my subordinates - people creative, belongs to their duties copywriter work, writing and editing texts. I first of all pay attention to the cover letter from the point of view of literary style. I do not love the phrase - stamps, all these “skills to communicate“ and “resistance to stress“. Write the same, but in other words! And in general I have a feeling that when the person makes the summary, he just copies phrases from opuses of others.

Mistake the seventh: there is no cover letter

Well written cover letter - pledge of the fact that the summary will be read at least. You are not lazy to write them, distributing information on itself on the companies. By drawing up be guided by rules about which we already spoke: state thoughts accurately, briefly, without excess emotions and inappropriate humour. - six offers it is desirable to specify your main activity, the real or last place of work and the reason on which you consider yourself as the worthy candidate in five. And any lyrics!

Mistake the eighth: the wrong structure

of Research is shown that the employer spends for reading of one summary no more than 30 seconds. Moreover, if the text of the reader did not interest, it will switch to another in 10 seconds. What does it mean? And the fact that the first part of your professional history has to be the most informative. The chronology is begun with the last place of work, about it it is told most in detail, with the indication of all duties and progress. In registration business - milestones we observe uniformity (the company - duties - achievements).

Mistake the ninth:

Remember a lot of text, the summary has to be located on one leaf. If it interests the personnel officer, then he will unpack it and will put on a table to the head. It is inconvenient to fasten several sheets, besides part them it can be lost on the way to an office of the boss.

Victor Sergeyev, head of the large company:

Search of the good employee - always a big problem. I have no time for monitoring of the personnel market, and I charge this task to personnel officers. Who to me is only not offered! The distribution manager is necessary, for example, and bring the curriculum vitae of the driver who “is ready to carry goods“. Personnel officers often not absolutely understand what person is necessary in team, and careless applicants always have chance to deceive them and to spend thus and my time. Once the girl came to a position of the secretary, was able, even coffee to make nothing, but asked whether the firm provides free apartments for employees...