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Whether age restrictions are necessary in professional sport?

Before giving the answer, let`s ask other question: what by the definition represents and gives professional sport for the person? Force, beauty, the work exhausting physical forces and health, potential achievement of popularity, recognition, material independence?. Both that, and another, and the third, except health, especially for those who on age in 35-45 years left that as well as for those who else stay in the childhood, but already forever connected the life with sport.

I will not talk about intellectual sport, for example, chess if in general it is pertinent to tie him to that. It - an essence and a prerogative of intellectuals with uncommon abilities of efficiency and flexibility of thinking, abilities to the analysis and synthesis. The age here hardly has essential value. Occupations by such sport, developing cognitive abilities of the personality, are not reflected negatively in a condition of physical health at all. It is possible to give a set of examples when children show ingenious abilities in this sport, in 12 - 14 years becoming grand masters of a world class. Give - that to them god and further so highly to hold the banner.

To a great regret, intellectual, creative around the world for some unclear reason costs below physical, muscular, rough, mordoboyny, but watchable, mass, at the level of psychotic. Bright to that an example on the descending line: soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, any hand-to-hand types. Not therefore whether in the world there were so many professionals what sport when all imaginable records to thousand fractions of a second, to millimeters or grams in easy and heavy atletika are beaten long ago, from the category of physical culture turned into commerce for athletes and the totalizator for the audience? Whether for the same reason to achieve outstanding progress in this field, the organism which is not created in the physical and spiritual plan yet with the consent of “careful“ parents begins to exhaust itself physical activities, excessive even for the adult?

It is obvious that it is impossible to achieve any achievements in the ballet if not to begin occupation nearly with the early childhood, and it both professional sport, and art, beauty, plasticity and grace rolled into one. It also is clear, art demands high motivation and... victims. Yes, the child trains, perfects physical and scenic skill, but to be perceived by audience and the audience, having only been above this age however high was his technician of execution, he will not be.

By itself the question arises: whether restrictive age qualifications in sport are necessary? The answer has to be as an axiom. It is difficult to imagine 12 - 15 - the summer child acting on a ring even if its weight category is compatible to the adult athlete. Whether it is possible to assume that these “child prodigies“ unripe in every respect spoke at sprint or stayer distances in track and field athletics or skates, not to mention hand-to-hand single combats where they devoutly bang themselves legs on the heads and after what the friend.

Pay attention: athletes of such profile with an experience, at the level of obsession, suffer from strangenesses of behavior in the form of unmotivated euphoria, ultrahigh level of a self-assessment from the childhood, to tell is trivial - grandstanding. But and has to be, the quantity turns into quality over time. But why with such ease in big-time sports, on the big arena and, in particular, rhythmic, artistic gymnastics, figure skating are allowed 14 - 15 - summer young children?

Yes, elegance of their movements, technology of execution at them perfect and even inaccessible more mature, created by a body I will increase that, first of all, is reached at the expense of small (30 - 35 kg) weight, and in pair performances gives big advantages to the partner. But beauty of figure skating, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics also is in that that here, besides technology of execution and first of all, the esthetics, grace and beauty of a body is required. And what in this respect was told by ardent admirers of young children, children on these categories however their executive skill was high, by the viewer are not perceived.

To all other, having rejected any prejudices, it would be necessary to take care also of future state of health of these “unique persons“ who for the sake of display to public are capable to coil uzhy or to be tied in botsmansky knot. It is possible to tell with confidence, and it will confirm any vertebrolog (the specialist in backbone pathology) that this “talented“ by 35-40 years will damn that day when they managed to overwind so the backbone and all body.

And coming back to written above, having told: “That is permitted to Jupiter, not permitted to a bull“, we will address art. In 60 - x years of last century the whole world was subdued by the young singer Robertino Loretti. Crystal-clear treble, the highest level of bel canto, an image of the child prodigy from the first presentation entered the viewer into a condition of a blissful trance. I will not exaggerate if I tell that for all history there was no such precedent of popularity of the child. To it not to find examples and now. But even staying in such aura of glory, it was absolutely unsuitable for execution of opera roles. They, these roles, were perceived only performed by Enrico Caruso, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti. To similar and a row I give similar.