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Allocations at women: an effective solution of the problem of

Intimate life of the woman in many respects defines her mood, influences the general health and a self-assessment. At the moments when something goes not so, it is difficult to enjoy life or to think of career. What problems can spoil mood? Most often emergence of allocations and the related unpleasant smell creates an uncomfortable situation.

But does not need to panic. Let`s try to understand a question: what have to be the “correct“ and “wrong“ allocations from a vagina and what to do if there are fears concerning health.


If everything is all right


Even at the healthiest woman from a vagina it is allocated in days approximately of 1 - 2 ml a secret of transparent or whitish color.“ Medical“ structure of these allocations such:

As you see

, as a part of such allocations there is a normal microflora, there is no pus or other impurity. For this reason the unpleasant smell at physiological allocations is absent. They do not soil linen and do not irritate mucous.

Microbes “good and bad“

However not always everything happens smoothly. The condition of vaginal flora is affected by a set of the factors capable to cause its change for the worse:

From - for all this instead of Doderleyn`s sticks in a vagina the various plentiful kokkovy and anaerobic flora appears (atopobium, mobilunkus and gardnerella) and there is a bacterial vaginosis (disbioz). The look and players of vaginal allocations is changed: they become plentiful, muddy, yellowish or grayish color and get a smell of stale fish. There can be an itch and unpleasant feelings at sexual contact. Sometimes there are painful cracks on mucous genitals. Here it is necessary to pay immediately attention to the health, but...

to itself the gynecologist

For some reason many women, despite so expressed symptomatology, without having understood a question essence, make themselves the diagnosis, as a rule, including that it is the milkwoman. And at the milkwoman other symptomatology is observed absolutely. Allocations in this case too plentiful, but white and curdled (from here the name of an illness also went) and rotten fish do not smell. As a result of the woman to themselves appoint treatment and long struggle with a nonexistent illness, at the same time the vaginal environment even more worsens and amplifies disbioz which, progressing, can cause unpleasant consequences:

What to do?

Not each woman owing to the load and other causes can visit the gynecologist, but before to itself to appoint any medicine, it is necessary to understand a problem at least. To find out what happened, it is possible, having passed a simple test by which result it is already possible to understand the reason of the “female“ problem of net/test. html. If following the results of the test it became clear that, perhaps, you are sick with some disease of a female genital, it is necessary to see a doctor for specification of the diagnosis and to hand over dabs on flora. Only after analyses will be ready, it will be possible to judge finally the diagnosis.

Sometimes even simple capture of dabs does not yield result and it is necessary to resort to carrying out PTsR (DNA - diagnostics) allowing to reveal even a small amount of the activator. If the doctor appointed such procedure, surely pass it. Having revealed the activator, it is possible to cure a disease as fast as possible.

How not to allow a vaginosis

However should remembering

that even such remarkable means will not replace visit of the doctor and reception of the medicines prescribed them. If you had still questions, set them to the expert through the contact net/faq form. html. Answers to all questions can be received absolutely free of charge here.