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To bring up - not only a positive example of

my Ded, having 2 classes of education, was a competent person, read much, and still could with ease on a contour map call a set of the states and their capitals, even knew names of presidents of many countries, well understood policy that very much raised his authority in my opinion. And very much did not love when use cunning, deceive. But his life was not easy, and he had to use cunning and deceive. Always with a big regret he told us, grandsons, two histories from the life. I told these stories to the daughter, nephews long ago, I want to tell them and to you, dear readers.

how the grandfather began to smoke. During war it, as well as other 16 - summer guys, worked at peat bogs, especially my grandfather of low growth and thin dug trenches, and it very hard physically. Were tired strongly. And so they work, dig, through certain time the senior speaks:“ Break. Smokers on a smoke break“. Those children who smoked - went on a smoke break, and non-smoking dug further without interruption. So several weeks proceeded, and became non-smoking less and less...

my Ded thought, thought and decided. To smoke very much did not want to begin, but hard such work, and here though small, but rest. Here in one of such smoke breaks my grandfather became a smoker. It is a shame speaks was, timidly. Thought, a little bit will smoke, and then will throw. But did not leave. Smoked all life, till 80 years 1 - 2 packs of “Belomor“ in day. Tried to throw, but it is useless. Even with his will power could not throw at all. How many times he abused himself for the weakness, but, alas, this addiction remained with him for the rest of life.

the Second story about how he deceived the person and not just the person, and the ailing old man moreover and his old woman. After war they with group of soldiers went by train from Ashgabat. And at that time soap was big deficiency. Cost much and to buy was a problem. Among companions of my grandfather were such who thought up to earn from it. They cut wooden bars, covered them with soap and when it dried, the bar was similar to a piece of soap. And at stations at which the train stopped someone from soldiers sold these bars under the guise of soap.

Came turn and my grandfather. It went with these bars, and there people already meet the tell-tale, probably, soldiers sold the real soap before. There is my grandfather, sells, and most it is a shame, to people cannot look in the face, but also without money it is awkward to come back to the car. There was the last piece, and here to it, as ill-luck would have it, the old man one approaches and begs to sell it this piece of soap. Says that his old woman did not wash long ago, very much it wants to be washed by the real soap.

the old man Was delighted to

, as it got soap, at parting told that it will go quicker the old woman will please yes will rub it a back soap. It became so ashamed for the grandfather, wanted to call to the old man and to admit, but could not. Only presented what will be if the old man rubs this soap a back to the wife.

the Grandfather told that he into thin air was ready to vanish at this moment with shame for the deception. With an aching heart he came back to the car, gave money, but told friends what never in life such soap will go to sell any more, anything will do, but only not it.

the Grandfather never said

to us that it is necessary to live correctly, not to deceive, but his stories were so instructive that we without wasting words understood that it is good and that it is bad how it is necessary to arrive and as is not present. Thanks to it and low bow for education, character formation.

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