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of Entertainment in St. Konstantin

From entertainments in St. Konstantin for the child (and we could have a good time only with it since to leave it there would be with whom rather it remained) - small park with a little ragged attractions.


pass - the train, as in Varna which we rode every single day on Ilya`s whim. As soon as Ilya saw this ill-fated train, he began to cry out “that is that“ and tried to jump out of a carriage. We honestly answered it or “it is not ours that is that, ours will be later“, or “that is that Bai - Bai therefore rolls nobody“ and promised to take for a drive him then.

Still there such prygunka for adults to 80 kg. I licked lips on them before arrival of the husband since Ilya did not release me. Unfortunately, there was nobody to photograph me (we just left the camera at home) so the fact of my acrobatic tricks in prygnka remained not documented. And it is a pity, I did a somersault back and even a double somersault. After 5 min. jumps crept out of prygunok like a drowned rat and with feeling that my lunch wants to see me again. So physical activity good. So every evening it is also possible to carry out mutual settlements with the eaten cakes in favor of a waist.

Sergey drove on a mechanical bull, 4 kept. 5 minutes, having fallen short half-minute of a stop of a bull and having set up a record, by words men which was at a bull.

In large numbers are cost by tents where children can paint plaster figures. Unfortunately our child did not estimate it, and we so would like that it it is silent - peacefully poraskrashivat figures while we drink wine - beer... Instead we chased it while he ran circles around cafe and nearby cafes too.

We hired such carts with pedals. I.e. such cart with a roof, places ahead for children, baggage, with 2 places with pedals, a brake and a call. Stand 5 lion for half an hour, 7 lion for an hour. Foolishly I for the first time took such cart even before Sergey`s arrival. And the district - that hilly... Generally, visited a skin of barge haulers on Volga. It when you try to roll this cart on the mountain, breakthroughs on meter, eventually forces come to an end, muscles are torn (all - such the cart hard in itself, and I one), and I get down from a seat and I push a telezha manually. But together - lovely business. Wind in a face, all family amicably twists pedals... well except for her smallest member who catches a high from fast driving on forward sitting.

could hire sports bicycles, 3 lion half an hour the 5th lion hour. But besides - there was no place to put Ilya.

Life support of small children snek - bars I already wrote


About any soups to the menu. In the same place it is possible to order rice with vegetables, salad, omelets with various stuffings, chicken or fish on a grill. Generally, children can pick up something. In shop a lot of Danon is on sale, and subkhjektivno it at Bulgarians is more tasty, than at us. Instead of kefir it is possible local “kiset mlyako“ - like our curdled milk. Local yogurts came across to me for some reason everything with additives - fragrances, stabilizers, dyes. so Danon is better. Rastovrimy porridges are on sale in a supermarket and in drugstores. In Varna at all not a problem - in a drugstore it is possible to buy both porridges, and jars. In particular jars Hipp and local some were noticed. At the prices I do not think that is much more expensive, than in Moscow. At least pampers in Varna are cheaper. Pampers too in a drugstore or a supermarket. And still if to go from the center for st. Doctor Piskyuliyev, on the left side there will be a market like our melkooptovka, there in general eyes run up from these pampers. I noticed not only banal Haggisa, Pampers, Nennisa and Molteksa, and also a set of unknown brands and even stylish diapers from Beneton, with cheerful pictures on all surface. And that is characteristic - pampers in Varna cheaper, than in Moscow.

Small troubles

Despite all my actions for inclusion of service of roaming in Bulgaria (I learned service inclusion conditions, put the necessary sum into the account, called several hours prior to flying away to be convinced that everything is all right), I could use phone only as the calculator. Thanks of the company Beeline. Answered all my attempts to make at least one call phone with an opposite melody “to paa - Pham - Pham“ and it was all it was capable of. However, I could phone. From the cell phone. Because with city there was a signal all the time is taken. The husband called Beeline to learn in what business, and unexpectedly became clear that the Bulgarian mobile operator refused to do roaming under Bee`s contract +. Remains a riddle why in Beeline do from this the state secret and do not inform subscribers who ask about this service in Bulgaria.

at me cut with

In Varna a beach bag and pulled out the bathing suit bought the other day. It was very offensive to find loss of a bathing suit the next morning, before an exit to the sea. And nakanuneya puzzled - that can be necessary in a transparent beach bag in which pampers, a napkin and a towel lie.

This point especially unpleasant, and indirectly follows from item 1. Dimcho in the bar has phone. ON which it is possible to call anywhere. Than we also used - the husband called on work, home. And on the eve of departure we decided to receive the account. The sum stood cool there. To remember precisely. It is good still that quite often in the afternoon of bars it was closed and we called from the payphone. So I warn - to call in Bulgaria the cheapest way from the payphone by a card. Because from the house, hotels it leaves time in 2. 5dorozhe.

the Conclusion

A generally to us in Bulgaria very much was pleasant to

. I do not know how would be, live we in hotel. But there and significantly more expensively (in the German hotel standing nearby the Aurora number on one costs $50 a day, for two $80) and we do not love crowd. We were lucky, on a country house we had a rest one - more vacationers were not, and all day work as Dimcho with a family. So a garden, the pool - all at our full order. We are also happy that we lived in the resort St. Konstantin - there is very green, the heat is not felt even at midday (if not on the beach), is cheaper there, than in Gold dust. Also there are a lot of pools with hot thermal water. As far as I know, in Gold dust there are pools with the mineral water but cold too. Besides - we went somehow to Gold dust. There of course the resort which was more untwisted, more civilized. On the first line closely there are hotels 4 *, it is more than attractions, shops, entertainments... But also the people respectively have more. In the evening on the embankment the human river flows. To someone maybe it is healthy. But we are happy with the such pastoral rest. On a country house at us it was in addition very silent. In the mornings - only lonely roosters yes occasionally bark of dogs. While I witnessed as in 10 h evening before Dolphin 4 hotel * the loud animation program which all participants were very happy was well under way. Here only lodgers of numbers which windows came to this platform continually sadly looked out of the numbers.

Only but - beaches in St. Konstantin less equipped, than in Gold dust. Also clean up slightly worse, bull-calves it is possible to find. And cabins for disguise meet less often. And with public toilets millet trouble. Either they are absent, or they are paid. And they non-European, if I may say so, urovnyaj I.e. something between a toilet in Heliopark, for example, and in institute (I have MEI in viduj)

Here on such sanitary note I finish the story. And so it seems knurled much. I hope, it was interesting or it is at least informative.