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Clothes for pregnant women: jeans. 5 most convenient models

Jeans - probably, the most practical subject of both man`s, and female clothes. And if vital dress - the code allows, and there is no wish to get out of them. Pregnancy in this sense - not exclusive time. Therefore one of the first purchases which is done by almost any future mother are jeans. But not simple, but special.

What the cut


my friend of month to the sixth wore the simplest jeans with low landing, assuring that nothing disturbs a stomach. But its case - it is rather an exception to the rules: even when term still very small, belts of skirts and trousers become as though are small. For this reason at jeans for future mothers a top cut - special, the growing tummy allowing to adapt under. Denim, even with effect streych, not really - that is elastic and can cause discomfort, especially when it is necessary to sit down or bend.

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How to choose the “correct“ jeans

the Aesthetics and convenience

Several recommendations are useful to

not only to those who choose “pregnant jeans“ - they are applicable to any models of jeans clothes.

Wide trouser-legs. Or, at least, classical or slightly flared models. The matter is that the “skinn“ fitting a leg can break blood circulation in legs, it will be difficult to put on compression tights under “the second skin“. And still tight jeans are contraindicated to girls whose parameters though on differ from model a few. Very wide trouser-legs now in fashion, they cast thoughts of sea style and go all. Also flared trouser-legs are good, they visually extend legs. And here breed like “bananas“ on the contrary, makes look fat.

Accuracy. One business if future mother can safely carry herself to “creative bohemia“. Then on her jeans clothes both klepk, and attritions, and even fashionable “rags“ will be pertinent. But generally jeans - working clothes, in most cases - not status that can be important for the woman who is forced to work to the decree at office or to direct business. Therefore the most optimal variant will be classical black or it is dark - blue, with direct trouser-legs of the correct length, without elaborate details, excessive attritions and other chrezmernost like a gold embroidery on a bottom. Dark classical jeans are good also the fact that they slim, it is the admitted fact.

Quality. At good jeans seams equal, lateral seams do not move down anywhere (neither forward, nor back). Inside at qualitative jeans - a big label where the information about the producer and rules of leaving is supplied. The name of brand is written not only on labels, but also on rivets, and on buttons.

When washing jeans clasp all buttons and lightnings and turn trousers inside out: so the probability is less that seams obtrepltsya. It is impossible to use the bleaches and powders containing similar additives. But it is possible to rub jeans a brush with a simple laundry soap: from it they will become not only are purer, but also will get a noble attrition.