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Salmon, seabass, turbot: 3 refined recipes. Only fish and vegetables

Sometimes so there is a wish to prepare fish - but you do not know how it is better to manage with her. In today`s recipes and still a little known at us turbots treat a salmon, a seabass very simply - fry or bake. And here vegetables and sauce for fish dishes are cooked especially carefully.

of Fillet of a seabass with konf vegetables

of Fillet of a seabass (180 g) to salt and pepper to taste. To oil fillet olive, to lay out on slightly the warmed frying pan skin down. To fry on average fire of 7 - 8 minutes, without overturning fish. Then to remove fillet from a frying pan, to turn it skin up, to lay out on parchment and to place in an oven for 2 minutes at 180 degrees.

Garnish. to bake Fresh paprika of yellow color in an oven 7 - 10 minutes at 180 degrees. To clear of skin and seeds, to cut straws.

Fennel of 1 piece to cut

in half, to salt, pepper, add garlick oil, lemon juice, a thyme, sugar to taste. To wrap fennel in a foil and to bake in an oven 7 - 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

the Asparagus to clear

of skin, to scald to semi-readiness in the boiling water, to cool in ice. To cut an asparagus lengthways and in half.

to cut Tsukini`s

(30 g) half rings not thinly, to cut red onions (10 g) rings. In a stewpan to pour 25 g of olive oil, to add a sugar pinch, to put zucchini and red onions and to weary on weak fire 2 - 3 minutes. Then to add the prepared asparagus (1 piece) the ready baked fennel (30 g) ready the baked paprika (30 g) to salt to taste. To add lemon juice. To extinguish 1 more minute, constantly stirring slowly, then to remove from fire.

Laying. to lay out the Garnish in the center of a plate, from above - fillet of a seabass skin up. To decorate with a fresh basil and pink bell pepper.

the Fried salmon in the Stake sauce

Sauce. a Half of red apple to grate, crush a half of a bulb and 1 garlic glove. To add soy sauce (100 g), sugar to taste, lemon juice (20 g), orange juice (20 g). To mix all ingredients, to enter 20 g to Saca (or white wine), 20 g of sauce a gelding, 10 g of rice vinegar and to sustain 3 hours at the room temperature. To filter sauce.

Garnish. Fennel (1 piece) to clear, add salt and pepper to taste, to fry on a frying pan on vegetable oil to readiness. An asparagus (2 pieces) to clear, boil to readiness.

of Fillet of a salmon (120 g) to roast

on vegetable oil. To add sauce, the prepared vegetables, to slightly evaporate sauce and to add 10 g of butter. (Thereby we tighten sauce.)

Laying. we Spread 2 slices of fennel, on it we spread 2 asparaguses and from above - fillet of a salmon. We decorate with a lemon and green onions.

of Turbot, stuffed with vegetables

For a stuffing onions (1 piece), paprika (1/2 piece), eggplants (40 g) and zucchini (3 - 4 circles) small to chop and fry in olive oil (2,5 tablespoons). To add the crushed tomatoes (100 g in own juice), capers (1 h l.) and grapes (30 g) cut by circles and olives with olives (100 g, without stones). To pour in ready fish broth (70 g), to salt, pepper, to mix and extinguish well several minutes.

For sauce to mix 1,5 tablespoons of white dry wine, 1,5 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1,5 tablespoons of cream. It is good to mix with the crushed garlic (2 cloves) small cut by fennel (1 tablespoon) and a thyme (1 h l.) .

to Prepare fish - turbot (600 g): to cut off fins and bones from a carcass. To connect mixed vegetables to sauce and to stuff fish. To salt (1 h l. sea salt) to pepper (1 h l. white pepper) to sprinkle a lemon and to bake at 200 ° Since 15 minutes.

of Turbot - valuable fish, differs in a peculiar fresh taste and aroma. At Black Sea turbot is present distinct smack of iodine and ooze. And fresh Atlantic and Mediterranean smells of a svezherazrezanny cucumber. At the choice of turbot it is necessary to pay attention to that eyes were convex, with an internal luminescence, and gills light-red color. Also fresh fish has to be elastic and have a light iodide sea smell.
the Garnish has to be neutral. In this role stewed spinach, baked tomatoes, an asparagus, grilled vegetables, boiled potatoes, sheet salads can act. Heavy sauces are not necessary too - they have to be easy, almost transparent. Best of all sauces on the basis of dry white wine approach turbot. In a preparation time it is better for
not to undress and prepare fish entirely, so it keeps all the tastes.