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How to prepare a man`s international dish? We fry potatoes “in Russian“

Potatoes made thus - the dish capable to satisfy hunger practically at any man of any nationality. Moreover - already only one type of potatoes, golden from the correct subfrying, cut by straws causes exclusively positive emotions in men. “Is not present

to war!“ - always with good mood you impose to yourself more potatoes “in Russian“ in a plate. “Where salt?“ - the second that comes to mind when you begin to eat. “M - mm as it is tasty!“ - steadily you eat up everything that was in a plate, and you think of one portion.

The regular use of this product does men kinder, ustupchivy, is more sincere and more attentive to people. Men change in the eyes - become still masterovity and hozyaystvenny, aim to do without reminders everything on the house, for example. Also earn more. And all money home bears, the dear women are given. In vain wives so seldom feed (or do not feed at all) such russko - the fried potato - the happiness miss the husbands.

Miracles and only, are created by this remarkable dish! If during difficult negotiations of the man ate potatoes “in Russian“, then for certain would agree about everything. Full rich men went and would offer all the wealth, and poor people need nothing, except potato there is a lot of: “Tubers you will extend on light - here both a breakfast, and a lunch“. Rich men would not lag behind: “Where potato is not respected, there the income reduces“. And then all together: “A fir-tree yes a birch - than not firewood, salt yes potato - than not food? “

Long since in Russia to the man to work wonders with the hands - a usual thing. Including to prepare this dish - “Fried potatoes in Russian“. There is a lot of recipes - is more fancy than one another, but the most true and a way clear to all - in “The big explanatory dictionary for lonely men“.

Well, we thumb through the dictionary, we read and we remember …

the KITCHEN is a room for cooking, warming up already ready, the place for easy communication and discussion of business matters. If in old times of function of kitchen the oven (“woman`s“) corner of a log hut, then modern kitchen - a successful combination of visual appeal of an interior to multifunctionality of office of the cook carried out. For gourmets kitchen - the secret room of gastronomic secrets.

POTATOES - a perennial grassy tuberiferous plant of the sort Solatium of the section Tuberarium of family solanaceous. Potatoes fruits - small green berries with very small seeds. Berries, ripening, grow white, but it is strictly forbidden to eat them. Tubers of potatoes are it is possible and it is necessary.

The KNIFE - the cutting tool in the form of a metal plate with one sharp party - an edge. As a rule, good knives are made entirely of high carbon steel or with a navarny edge from the same steel. Anyway, the man in the house has to have sharp knives and have to be stored in the certain place, remote for children.

ONION is a major vegetable culture. Both bulbs, and leaves of a fruit use as pryano - a vitamin and flavoring supplement to various dishes. More often the onions are eaten crude or fried on vegetable oil or fat till golden color. Onions in it zolotisto - a fried look are applied to preparation of potatoes “in Russian“.

GARLIC - too very important vegetable culture. And also used as pryano - a vitamin and flavoring supplement to various dishes. Narus garlic appeared in epic times, approximately in the 9th century. And not from the West, and from the South - from Byzantium. And quickly extended: “With garlic all is tasty - do not chew, do not swallow, only raise eyebrows!“ That says it all, probably.

BUTTER - has to be a concentrate of milk fat which needs to be made of the real cream which underwent knocking down. And fat content of such natural butter has to be not less than 82,5%.

VEGETABLE OIL is the product taken from vegetable raw materials (from seeds, from pulp of fruits). This sunflower oil, soy, rape, linen, palm-oil, coconut and others.

The FRYING PAN - the most widespread device for frying of food. As a rule, has the round form. Also it is, as a rule, made with the handle. It is sometimes supplied with a cover, sometimes - a grid for preventing to spraying of oil or fat.

After general information about components of our dish we start directly preparation .

1. Accurately and economically we clean potatoes a sharp knife and we cut on longitudinal plates about 0,5 - 1 cm thick. Then we cut each plate on the thin pieces reminding straws. Remember ready French fries, and to you similar will be easier to make something.

2. We presoak for 5 - 10 minutes the cut potatoes in cold water (that there was a starch) then we dry, spreading on a paper towel.

3. A half of a bulb we cut in thin layers and we fry on butter to readiness - before emergence of a zolotistost. Then onions are put away from a frying pan in a separate cup.

4. We add sunflower oil to a frying pan and we put potatoes in half-frying pans. Mixing, we fry on fast fire about 3 minutes. We clean potatoes in separate ware.

5. We repeat it with the remained half of potatoes.

6. Now we put all potatoes and the fried onions in a frying pan, we salt and, mixing each 2 - 3 minutes, we fry on slow fire to readiness. Readiness is defined on taste.

7. If it is ready, we add 2 - 3 cloves of the peeled and thinly cut garlic to potatoes, we close a cover and we remove from fire. Let potatoes pine a little while you set the table.

Bon appetit! It is not obligatory to impose potatoes in a plate - eat directly from a frying pan. So more tasty. “No to war!“ are you, having cleaned a cover, admired result. You look around at salt on a habit, and approving long “M - the mm“ means: “M - mm as it is tasty!“


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